Reignite passion in your relationship

Reignite Passion and Deeper Intimacy in Your Relationship - Nakia Austin

reignite passion in your relationship

Read Men's Health and get tips on how to reignite and revive your you think, but you first have to identify why your relationship is off course. Bring back the passion from the early days of your relationship with these expert tips. Reignite your spark. reignite-your-spark. Getty Images. There are lots of. When your relationship has reached the 'ever after' stage of your once inseparable, giddy, can't-live-without-you love, maintaining the passion.

Have dinner, share a bottle of wine, and take a bath together," she says. While sex may or may not eventuate, it's important to spend time away from your screens checking emails and social media.

Understand why you want to have sex Everyone has different reasons to have sex, and spontaneous sexual desire is just one. But there might be other good reasons that can act as your motivator," Ms Spierings says. This might include wanting to fall pregnant, feeling alive and happy after the experience, feeling closer to your partner, or simply enjoying the health benefits of an active sex life.

As well as understanding why you want to have sex, it's important to consider the thoughts and beliefs you have about sex — and what it means for you and your partner to have sex.

She said by understanding each other's motivations, you can negotiate the level of sex you and you partner would like to have, and work towards that shared goal. The six-second kiss "Give each other a six-second kiss hello and a six-second kiss goodbye whenever you're coming and going," Ms Koens says. The simple practice of being more "present" when kissing your partner and kissing them for longer can boost feelings of connectedness, she says.

reignite passion in your relationship

It could just be a lingering, lip-biting kiss. It could be grabbing the other person's bottom. It could be gently nibbling all the way up to their ear and back again.

Reignite Passion and Deeper Intimacy in Your Relationship

You need to say what it is that you might like. And if you're not sure, then some experimenting together might be useful. Love yourself It's hardly rocket science, but if you don't feel good about yourself in terms of your physical and mental health, then you probably won't feel good about yourself sexually.

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Censoring yourself or 'spectatoring' during sex is not useful. Enjoy what your body can do for you," Ms Koens says. Ms Spierings says you're more likely to feel sexy if you pay attention to your general wellbeing, as well your physical appearance. Enjoying your own body is important Have fun Sex can be intimate or erotic, but don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

reignite passion in your relationship

If it is neither of those things, remember it can always be playful. If you get a tick from both partners, you put it in the suggestions box for times that you're feeling adventurous," Ms Koens says. By experiencing new activities together, you can reconnect and form an even stronger bond.

Build Mystery The element of surprise can make a relationship feel new and exciting again. It can also kick up your adrenaline and in turn your arousal.

6 Simple Ways to Reignite Your Relationship

To fuel passion and intimacy in a relationship, surprise your partner or do something to create mystery. Examples include surprising your wife at work with flowers, sending your husband an envelope filled with sexy photographs, whisking your girlfriend away for an afternoon at the spa, or simply giving your partner a heart-felt letter.

reignite passion in your relationship

Careers, housework, and parenting duties can get in the way of passion and intimacy. A small but effective way to make a major change in your relationship is by spending more time together at home and out of the house. Lack of communication is one of the most common problems among couples and can lead to resentment, misunderstanding, and diminished passion and intimacy.

Getting all of your feelings out there on the table will not only make you feel better but can help you and your partner know exactly what your issues are so that you can start to fix them. Many couples let themselves go after marriage or a long-term commitment.

Not because they want to, but they feel secure in their relationship and get busy with life.

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Get Away Sometimes it takes time away from home to gain perspective on your life. If possible, take your partner on a vacation to simply get out of the house and away from the chaos of daily life.

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If you have children, try to find a babysitter. You two need alone time. Go to the beach and sport sexy swimwear, explore a new city together, or have an adventure and make new memories. Feel like your relationship may be in peril?