Great southwestern track meet mobile

Great American Conference

great southwestern track meet mobile

Great Southwest Classic. May 31, Jun 2, University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM. Timing/Results Finished Results · Official Meet Website. Welcome to my blog site, "Thomas Dodge's Great Southwest," where I'm inviting you to .. The vehicle allowed him to be mobile and get into the mountains to paint. .. where eventually he would begin his teaching career and meet Carole. .. In several places I lost complete track of the cairns, though Ray could spot them. The Friends University track and field team traveled to Southwestern College KS), and Katherine Flores-Bailey all had great opening meets.

A corollary to this rule Thanks Erica! Just make sure you click through from their site before your purchase and earn points on your purchases. Pay with your Southwest credit card and stack the points.

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Know the Boarding Process This isn't a huge money saving tip but one that will improve your enjoyment of Southwest! Southwest has a unique boarding position process.

great southwestern track meet mobile

It's open seating no assigned seats but you board in groups, A B and C. Each has 1 — 60 spots, with the first 15 of A saved for Business Select passengers. The Southwest boarding position is assigned based on when you check-in. You can check in within 24 hours of your flight time.

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Even if you check in immediately, you may find yourself with a later letter because some passengers have automatic checkin, may be connecting, or you're just on a super busy flight. Also, family boarding is between the A and B groups. Usually, if you're better than B30 you can get an aisle or window seat.

Once you get into the later Bs and Cs, you are relegated to middle seats. If you want to board earlier, the key is checking in as soon as it opens — 24 hours ahead of your flight. Early Bird Check-in doesn't guarantee you a boarding position but you'll usually get a good one. Early Bird for Big Groups?

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Split the Itinerary When you book multiple individuals on one itinerary, getting Early Bird will cost you. Every one on the itinerary will have to pay for Early Bird. Our friend Seth ASImhoff suggests an alternative: If you are traveling with a child six years and younger, you can board during the Family Boarding phase between A and B groups. You will usually be able to find good seats together without Early Bird.

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Periodically, they run promotions where you get Rapid Rewards points for signing up AND you get points for paying your electricity bill 2 points per dollar, 3 points if you're a cardholder.

Right now they are offering 5, Rapid Rewards points for signing up and, if you're a Southwest Rapid Rewards cardholder, you get an additional 2, points. There's no contract or commitment and no extra fees. For more information, here's the partner page for Energy Plus on the Southwest website. Sign up through this link or call and tell them offer code SWA You'll need your Rapid Rewards number and recent electricity bill. Just keep your eye on the bill once it gets to a variable rate, you need to call and renegotiate the rate see how I learned this the hard way at that point or you may overpay for electricity.

Join RocketMiles RocketMiles is a hotel search engine acquired by Priceline in that rewards you in miles when you complete a stay through them. It's like using Expedia or Kayak, except you can get Southwest Rapid Reward points for your stay instead of getting, well, nothing. Rocketmiles search works a little differently than other hotel searches because you have the added filter of the travel rewards program.

When you do a search, you pick your rewards program and Rocketmiles only shows you hotels where you'd earn points for a stay. Kayak had every hotel in the area, Rocketmiles didn't — they only had the ones in Washington D.

The Southwest RR filter took away all the local hotels they're available via other travel programs though. The price was the same as directly booking with the hotel. So you aren't paying any more than directly. I signed up and will now just do a quick search on Rocketmiles before I book any hotels.

Join with my referral link and get 1, bonus points on your first stay. Check the Promotions Page Sometimes Southwest will email you when they have a promotion and sometimes they won't. I don't know the rhyme or reason but you can always check the active promotions by visiting their Promotions page.

Recheck Your Flight's Price During Sales Southwest runs sales all the time, usually on a Tuesday, and they don't charge you anything extra to cancel or change flights. So don't wait until an announced sale to book — just book it and check prices when a sale happens.

If the price goes down, you get a credit for the difference. Sell Your Drink Coupons Did you know those drink coupons are worth cash? How AGL's customer chief crafts experience leadership Southwest celebrates its stories of great customer and staff experience via video content on YouTube and its own in-cabin entertainment system, and through its monthly magazine.

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As a low-cost carrier, Southwest lacks the bells and whistles afforded to passengers of some of its bigger rivals, such as multi-class cabins.

A key difference is its open seating policy, which allows passengers to choose where they sit. This creates an additional complication for cabin staff, however, in that they are unable to identify loyal customers based on their seat number.

So Figallo said Southwest has come up with a simple solution. The desire to stay at the top of its game is leading Southwest to consider how it might improve elements of the travel experience that are not in its direct control. You can get disconnected and lose that empathy.

So now we are really starting to concentrate on those kinds of things. Figallo said improvements can often flow from simple tweaks, such as ensuring greater visibility for staff across the whole traveller experience.

great southwestern track meet mobile

One of the things we tested in Dallas recently was video cameras.