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The Sims 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. disappear when the relationship between my Sims hasn't decayed?[edit]. This is by design. The game works on a “momentum” system when it comes to social You can tell what stage you're on by the description of the chat. It took less than a month for the 6-year-old Sims FreePlay start .. Within each event, the relationship between energy and time Comparing rewards of two Sims in the same household at different career stages feels frankly. She argued, "Perhaps one could sim— ply say that erotica is about sexuality but Given the power relations involved in everyday heterosexuality, they ask, "Can emotional and social stage for the continuation of that relationship, politically.

Please see our page on Save Errors 12 and 16 for details. What can I do? This is a bug, so just be sure to take your baby back before kicking them out of the house. You can also do the resetSim cheat code. The Sim in question, regardless of age, will be teleported to his or her home lot with mood meters reset.

There is currently no workaround for this short of avoiding marriage entirely. This applies for all options, of course, not just aging. This is by design. Why are my bills going up? One that is being reported is that all objects on your lot work against your bills, so if a friend parks their car in your driveway, it works against your bills. This, naturally, seems to be a bug. More commonly, it seems your bills are partly based on how much money you have in your bank account, so if you suddenly get a quick influx of money—say, from a promotion—your bills may jump a little more quickly than you realize.

Which I suppose does accurately mimic real-life, huh? That can include deeds to businesses as well.

The Sims Mobile - Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

Before switching families, be sure to empty all inventories into the house, even if you have to make a little one-off room. If your teen or children are hit with the bug, you could wait until they hit the next age, and the traits may correct themselves. You can only do this once you hit adulthood of course. Then, type the cheat A pie menu will come up with two options: The thing is, this is actually by design.

The lifespan of a Sim, set in the options menu, is a minimum, rather than a hard number. By default, the lifespan of a Sim is 90 days; that means the Sim will live a minimum of 90 days provided no disasters befall him of course.

When you come back into the neighborhood, the game will have updated the interface correctly.

You have to command them to do a couple low-level romantic interactions, such as flirting or shy kisses, first. If you do four Make Out commands, then change it up and do a friendly-category Gossip command, the Make Out option usually disappears until you do some more low-level romantic interactions again.

You need to simply keep doing romance constantly until you fulfill your probably naughty objective. The colored background will also appear in the background of the Sim's tiny portrait in the bottom bar, allowing you to monitor every Sim's emotional state at a glance so you can take control and intervene if there's a problem.

Sims in your family who are not at work but not at the current lot will be shown with a white background; for all intents and purposes, they will be emotionless unless you switch control to them. The best side effect of emotions is that they will increase skill gain rates, created art quality, or other things that will significantly help your Sims.

It's best to learn how to force an emotion to be triggered, especially because all Careers prefer your Sim to affected by a certain emotion when they go to work. Some objects create an emotional aura, and some of those auras are incredibly powerful. The most powerful emotional auras can be enabled and disabled at will. For example, the most common object to have a large aura is the VIP Bucket, which you can buy or earn as a reward for a gold-rated date.

When enabled, all nearby Sims tend to be Flirty. It's great for dates, but less so if you're trying to do some non-romantic thing in the same room. Below is a list all the emotions a Sim can experience, how to trigger them, and their effects. Note that some Traits may force Sims to experience emotions in other ways that are not covered below; check out the Traits page for more details.

Angry[ edit ] Angry is indicated with a deep red background, and is generally triggered when a Sim suffers a direct negative social interaction. Angry Sims are more prone to fight or do other mean social interactions, and may break objects with which they interact.

"Let's Be Friends" Quest

Anger can be reduced by talking it out to other Sims or mirrors. It is only active while a Sim is asleep, and will immediately cancel itself when the Sim wakes up.

This is guaranteed to override all other emotions while active. However, if a Sim is grossly Uncomfortablesuch as if they need to pee in the middle of the night, the Sim will automatically wake up and draw the Uncomfortable emotion instead. Because the Bladder need decays much faster during sleep than in previous iterations in the franchise, it's recommended for all Sims to use the toilet as their last action before going to bed.

Bored[ edit ] Bored is indicated with a gray background. Boredom is most often triggered when a different Sim uses the same social interaction on the subject too many times in a row. It's rare to trigger since AI-controlled Sims tend not to repeat the same social interactions. Boredom is offset simply by doing something else, like forcing other social interactions or breaking off to do something the Sim considers fun based on their Traits.

Confident[ edit ] Confident is indicated by a light blue background. Confident Sims can access higher level social interactions than usual relative to their relationship score with their target, and all their social interactions have a slightly better chance at being accepted.

Confidence cannot be forced to cancel, but it brings no downsides. However, it can be overwritten by most negative emotions. Dazed[ edit ] Dazed is indicated with a bluish purple background.

It's only triggered if a Sim loses a fight, gets electrocuted or gets sick. If triggered by electrocution, the Sim will often die if electrocuted again until it's canceled; otherwise, dazed Sims tend not to show any outward signs of the effect. Dazed goes away on its own after a short time. It's triggered when a Sim fails a romantic-type social interaction, or when they are either party to a Sim walking in on another Sim bathing or using the toilet. Note spouses or partners can see each other in the bath or on the toilet without triggering the Embarrassed state.

Embarrassment generally doesn't last long, but it significantly lowers the chance any social interaction will pass; it's the opposite of Confident. Sims can cancel embarrassment by hiding in a bed, making self-deprecating jokes, or apologizing.

Energized[ edit ] Energized is indicated with a lime green background. Energized is triggered with brisk showers or watching sports on television. Sims who are energized gain the Fitness Skill faster, and can workout a little longer than normal.

Sims may be able to exercise on the floor despite a low Fitness level if they're energized, too. Being energized can't be directly canceled, but will be easily overwritten by other emotions. Fine[ edit ] A Sim is Fine when they are not under the effect of any particular emotion. It's rather difficult to trigger this emotion since almost everything will cause at least one emotion.

Flirty[ edit ] Flirty is indicated by a pink background. Sims who are under the effect of Flirty will almost always succeed with romantic-type interactions, or allow romantic-type interactions. If both the subject and the target are under the Flirty emotion, all romantic-type interactions are near-guaranteed to succeed. Flirty is often triggered by romantic actions or a steamy shower, though it's easier to trigger if two Sims are on a date. Flirty can be canceled with a cold shower, and it's overwritten by several other emotions.

It tends to be triggered by doing a logic-based activity for several straight hours. The Focused emotion can't be canceled and doesn't bring downsides, but it is often overridden by other emotions.

Happy[ edit ] Happy is indicated with a green background, and is triggered when the Sim does anything pleasurable.