In a relationship with my cousin

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in a relationship with my cousin

On 7/12/ at PM, Serendipity said: My cousin DID marry someone If I were you I would try to have a relationship with my cousin, but I. Sure, why not. Loving and even marrying a cousin does not have any specific health risks. You only share about 6% (1 in 16) of your genes. It could be a. I've never lusted after my cousins, and I'm confident the feeling is mutual But as points out, unlike with other relationships.

As if being in a cousin relationship isn't already difficult enough, being in a long distance relationship makes things even more difficult.

in a relationship with my cousin

You are more prone to become lonely and yearn for the company of the other person a lot more, causing a lot of heartache and stress if you aren't emotionally strong enough to handle a relationship like this. If you both are willing and ready, then Skype or other video chatting services and your phones would be your best friends.

Also, depending on your living situations, making efforts to see each other would also be a good idea. If the two of you are still living with family, it might also be a good idea to get your lives settled before pursuing the relationship seriously. Just take your relationship slowly and get to know each other, as daughterofeve said.

  • A relationship with my cousin

Make sure the two of you are both emotionally mature enough to handle a steady relationship and be prepared for a long emotional battle with the family, if necessary depending on your cultural background. Also, be sure you both are seriously committed to each other before telling the family anything.

It really is OK to fancy your cousin

As for your situation with Nicholas, it is up to you whether or not you would like to keep him around. It really depends on which option you pick. If you choose the first option, do you think you could learn to love Nicholas the way he loves you if you choose to pursue a relationship with him? I don't think it would be quite fair to him if you used him as a means to get over your cousin, even if your intentions in the end will grow to be good.

My Cousin And I Shared An Intimate Relationship, Now He Treats Me Like His Slave

If you would like to pursue a relationship with Nicholas in the event that your cousin rejects, I would suggest waiting until you are fully over your feelings for your cousin first. It wouldn't be fair to him if he was just the rebound. I cried a lot but never complained. I left my town for my higher education and started living in a hostel in another city.

He again broke up with his girlfriend this time, and to fill up his void, he talked to me daily. Share this quote Advertisement I used to think that he would never ditch me. He cared about me and would never think of doing anything wrong to me.

But I was all wrong.

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Every relationship has a bad phase. The same thing happened to ours. We had fights and trust issues just like every other relationship but I still believed that he would never leave me. I had even shared my nude photos and allowed him to do everything. I trusted him to be a good soul as I knew him so closely.

in a relationship with my cousin

But sometimes, they prove you wrong. Share this quote Due to the fights, he blocked me from everywhere. I tried every way to convince him but I couldn't. In fact, I am still trying. I want him back in my life.

Not as my boyfriend or lover but I miss my best friend more.

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I want to clear out everything with him and solve every fight we had. I want my best friend back. But he still treats me like his slave. He will talk only when he wants to.