Being in a relationship with narcissist manga

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being in a relationship with narcissist manga

The typical profile of a psychopath is of someone who is incapable of love. with an avoidant attachment style, being unable to form close intimate relationships. It's possible to have a relationship with a narcissist, but it's incredibly draining. A relationships with a narcissist is never going to be easy. See a list of the 10 strangest shojo manga love stories, including the odd Mitsuru is an extreme masochist who swoons at the thought of being hurt by someone else. Meanwhile, Natsuhiko is an extreme narcissist who can lose himself in.

You are here for me. You are here to protect my interests and to serve my needs. He even jokes about it.

being in a relationship with narcissist manga

Not to give you a big head, but I kinda missed you. Well isn't that a coincidence. I kinda missed me too! Literature The mentioned-but-never-seen Professor of Applied Anthropics of the Unseen University has put forth the Very Strong Anthropic Principle, which holds that the entire point of the universe is to give rise to the Unseen University so that it may house a Professor of Applied Anthropics Footnotes comment that virtually everyone secretly believes this, with minor variations of a fill-in-name-here nature.

Later in the book in which this is mentioned, one of the wizards mentions the principle, and comments that it's jolly decent of the Professor to share the universe with everyone else.

Gilderoy Lockhart, from Harry Potter. He's so ridiculously stuck-up, it's Played for Laughs. But then he gets what he deserves when Harry and Ron pwn him and force him to accompany them to the Chamber of Secrets. Then, he accidentally loses his memory, which conveniently erases all his smug self-importance and turns him into a cheerful Manchild.

Also clearly the inspiration behind Narcissa Malfoy. But then, she is subject to major Character Development when it is shown that all she really wants is to be with her family, to the point that she spares Harry out of gratitude for reassuring her that her son is alive.

Cormac McLaggen is convinced he could play everyone else's position on the Quidditch team better than them.

being in a relationship with narcissist manga

Harry makes it clear that McLaggen's ego wouldn't be worth putting up with if he was world-class. They're all overshadowed by Voldemort in this department! A number of characters in the series can be put in this category. Then again, they tend to be sociopathic serial killers.

Clearly, characters in those categories probably would love no one but themselves. Narcissism Revisited, Sam Vaknin studies the mindscape of malignant narcissists from the psychodynamic point of view. Redwall 's Emperor Ublaz Mad Eyes is self-obsessed to the point that he thinks it's perfectly reasonable to put all his manpower or beastpower into attacking a small and unimportant tribe several thousand miles away so he can have their family heirloom of six pink pearls.

Just because he thinks they'd make a pretty crown for him, not because they're magical or anything. Jaime and his twin sister Cersei from A Song of Ice and Fire are both this, and it is implied that this is the underlying cause of their relationship because they look so much alike, particularly when they were younger.

Jaime to a far lesser degree - he seems to feel some genuine romantic attraction to his sister, and is able to admit some of his mistakes and is also rediscovering his former morals. Morgoth from The Silmarillionbeing as he is, based on Satanthe original narcissist. Joe from Robots Have No Tails is nicknamed Narcissus by his inventor because he'd rather gaze at his own reflection than do anything.

being in a relationship with narcissist manga

The god Apollo from The Heroes of Olympus is extremely arrogant and self-centered even for a god. He thinks he is perfect and is several times manipulated by flattery yet is willing to bully or murder demigods on a whim if he thinks it will benefit him in someway and can only really think in terms of how a situation is affecting him. His sister Artemis is the only one he shows any type of respect or concern for. This is even more blatantly obvious in " The Trials of Apollo " where for a while, all he does is whine about how unfair his punishment is and how much it sucks to be human.

Although he does get better by the end of the book and even shows genuine guilt at the problems he's caused and concern for others, especially Meg and his children. Jaume of The Dinosaur Lords is incredibly, annoyingly self-absorbed. While he cares for his lovers, he doesn't care for their feelings and what they might think about him having other flings, and always expects people to have opinions and thoughts that would suit his agenda best. He likes to surround himself with beautiful things, is a hedonist and only his care for his mounts and country keeps him likeable.

Ikurei Conphas is a beautiful genius and prince of the Nansur Empire. He frequently thinks of himself as being like a god. In one sequence, he recalls as a child being unable to comprehend how others were moved by the invisible strings of emotions and empathy. Clip in the Malazan Book of the Fallen. He ticks off an impressive number of symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

He has an inflated sense of his own abilities, achievements, talents and prowess, and has a strong sense of entitlement to the positions of Mortal Sword of the Black-Winged Lord and later the Herald of Mother Dark, which he claims are righteously his.


He thinks nothing of using others and lacks the ability to consider them as more than his pawns, to be used as he sees fit. Only his own opinion has any value to Clip. Kedeviss insinuates that Clip may be envious of Nimander and his kin, as they have actually met Anomander Rake while he hasn't, and Skintick suspects that Clip is occupied by fantasies of his fated meeting with Anomander Rake, in which the latter has to step down when faced with Clip's fury.

The first thing Eve does in Paradise Lost after being created is look in awe at her own beautiful reflection. God calls her to look away from herself and towards Adam, but Satan uses the first woman's vanity to eternal consequence.

Tracy Jordan on the same show also appears narcissistic at times, but this is just one of a whole host of psychological problems that render him more of a Cloudcuckoolander.

Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. He remains pretty self-absorbed throughout the series. Gina Linetti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is convinced that she's the absolute center of the universe and that everyone else on the planet exists solely for her benefit and to cheer her on with whatever she aims to do. Putting a mirror in front of her distracts her in the same way it would a cockatiel, she considers almost everything and everyone around her beneath her and displays a boundless contempt for them, has limited concern for the feelings and problems of others, demands to be the center of all attention at all times, and consider this line of dialogue when the squad is attempting to persuade Sgt.

Jeffords not to accept a cushy job with a private security contractor: I'm trying to do what's best for my family. It's not just about me. It's about me, and how you're abandoning me to these squares! Angel is viewed as narcissistic in the show and his spin-off show turns that into a Running Gag. On the DVD Commentary for "Billy", the writers admit they enjoy writing scenes showcasing Angel's "narcissism," although Angel's willingness to be self-sacrificing shows he cannot be a Narcissist in terms of the disorder.

He has empathy, and is anything but self-centered. The Running Gag in series 2 builds to the finale arc where he finds himself in an alternate dimension. While the gang discusses their plight, Angel can be seen in the background utterly distracted by his reflection— which in our dimension he as a vampire cannot see. Once the gang has recovered from the shock of seeing him being able to reflect at all, Lorne has to forcibly drag him away from the mirror. Come on, Gorgeous, you can stare at yourself in my grandmother's glass eye.

Angelus possesses all of Angel's narcissistic inclinations with none of the compassion to off-set it. He cannot shut up and is one of the cockiest, most dangerous and sociopathic characters in the entire show. In a warped way, Spike loves Drusilla and Buffy.

However, it doesn't stop him from causing pain for everyone around him. A particularly egregious example of Spike hurting Buffy causes Spike to feel guilty enough to go through trials to regain his soul, so he will not be so hurtful again. However, he still retains his edge and in the Angel spin-off, Angel's Running Gag is expanded to include him as well, culminating in them competing for everything from their place in world-shaking prophecies to trying to "save" Buffy from her latest boyfriend simply because they feel inadequate against his prowess among women.

Glory is one to an utterly ludicrous degree. She even forces her minions to constantly come up with new ways of praising her. I'm not a demon, little girl. I am something that you can't even conceive. Beyond sin, beyond death. I am the thing the darkness fears. You'll never see me, but I am everywhere.

Every being, every thought, every drop of hate Not only is the set shaped around his name C-shaped desk and allhe's also convinced, among other things, that the "gay agenda" is to make him, personally, gay. Jeff Winger on Communityalthough his experiences at Greendale improve him eventually.

being in a relationship with narcissist manga

You're a textbook narcissist. I'm an exceptional narcissist. The Master is completely obsessed with his own brilliance and considers the Doctor his only equal; few of his evil plots have a clear long-term goal besides getting his arch-enemy's attention.

He takes it to the absolute extreme in "The End of Time" when he converts the entire population of Earth into duplicates of himself Clara Oswald has been called a "needy, game-playing control freak," and once fragmented herself into countless duplicates across time who lived all the lives she had ever wanted in fairness, she had a good reason for doing that.

The TARDIS also once used the holographic interface to talk to her using an image of Clara herself, claiming it was the image Clara would react best to. Like many real life high-functioning sociopaths and sadists, Ramsay shows several narcissistic traits. He's overly confident in his abilities, his relations are shallow and only for the sake of his own pleasure, and his inflated ego is easily wounded by his father's pragmatic remarks. While a brilliant statesman and a highly skilled military strategist, Tywin is also extremely vain, insensitive, and self-absorbed.

He equates his ambition with that of his House and the Kingdom and so, expects nothing less than total obedience from those around him. Cersei, much like her father, has a pronounced sense of self-worth. She is also practically a textbook case.

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Cersei sees herself as far more intelligent and powerful than she actually is. Her love for her brother Jaime is because she sees him as a reflection of herself if she were a man which is also why she is notably distraught over his missing hand rather than any impact that it could ever have on his life.

She loves her children, but moreso as extensions of herself than as human beings. She takes any perceived real or not slight extremely seriously and will often come up with forms of Disproportionate Retribution for it, even when she has absolutely nothing to gain by doing so. She also often tends to devalue and ruthlessly criticize and tear down those who come into contact with her.

So, truly, due to the way Cersei's mind works, she is almost fundamentally incapable of not thinking everything is about her and ties back to her. So even on a more general level, Cersei is truly incapable of placing anyone's interest before her own.

In Hannibalthe title character is the personification of this. His murders are motivated by his God complex and disdain for people he feels are wasting their lives. Hannibal demonstrates his superiority by degrading them and either leaving them on display or turning them into lavish meals. Realizing that both are suffering due to his past sins, Ishida sets out on a path of redemption by trying to reconnect Nishimiya with their old classmates that Nishimiya never had the chance to befriend back then, including Ishida's former comrade, Naoka Ueno, who holds a grudge against Nishimiya for "causing" Ishida's isolation; Miki Kawai, their narcissistic former class president; and Miyoko Sahara, a kind girl who was the only one attempting to befriend Nishimiya years before.

They also make new friends in Tomohiro Nagatsuka, a similarly friendless fat boy who owes Ishida when his bike was stolen; and Satoshi Mashiba, Kawai's crush.

The seven begin to work together when Nagatsuka's plan to create a film for a competition, which he plans to only include Ishida and himself, attracts the attention of Ueno, Kawai, Sahara, and Mashiba, with Ishida, additionally inviting Nishimiya to join the project. Throughout the filming, the seven face their personal challenges and conflicts.

They also have a falling out when Ishida tries to isolate himself again by insulting the crew, leading to Nishimiya's attempted suicide as she feels that all of the problems are caused by her.

Ishida's successful action to prevent the suicide gravely injures him; this impacts the other six as they start to resolve their problems while suspending the project until he awakens.

Once he recovers, Ishida reconciles with his film crew and finally completes the film, which, while a failure, has greatly helped him and his friends. Years after their high school graduation and their subsequent parting ways, the seven reunite for the Coming of Age Day.

By then, Ishida has stopped ignoring the people around him and now has a lot of friends. He bullied Nishimiya in elementary school and when she transferred away was ostracized and bullied by his former friends.

Ishida started to ignore those around him imagining them with a large X across their face and was driven to the point of suicide; however, he changes his mind after he apologizes to Nishimiya and begins to spend time with her. He learns sign language specifically so he could apologize to Nishimiya and is shown to be very talented in it. Ishida feels like he has not been punished enough for bullying Nishimiya and often wishes he could kill his younger self.

He seems resigned to the fact that he will never be able to have friends again. Eventually he thinks he is an unreliable narrator since he fabricated most of his memories of other people bullying Nishimiya as well to make him feel better and think he was not the only one in the wrong, however, others actually did bully Nishimiya; they turned Ishida into a scapegoat so they would not have to take responsibility for bullying Nishimiya. As the series progresses, Ishida helps Nishimiya reconnect with their classmates that Nishimiya never had the chance to befriend before, in the process making amends with them and moving on from his ignorance of having friends.

At the end of the series, Ishida reunites with Nishimiya, who has been studying in Tokyo after high school graduation, during the Coming of Age Dayhaving made a lot of friends since then.


Her father left because his parents pressured him to file for a divorce after they learned Nishimiya was deaf. Years later, Ishida searches for her to apologize.

Although Nishimiya held a bit of resentment towards him, she accepts his apology and starts to spend time with him. She is shown to almost never get angry with her attackers; in fact, she often smiles at her attackers. Others, however, in particular Ueno, think she only fakes them and calls her out to stop doing them, as they only make her seem weak.

Nishimiya holds some form of self-loathing about her deafness and is suicidal, at one point attempting to commit suicide when she learns that Ishida lost his friends due to her, though Ishida manages to save her almost with the cost of his life. After this incident, Nishimiya realizes how selfish she is, and resolves to do herself better for Ishida. She is in love with Ishida and tries to declare this, but due to her speech impediment, he fails to understand her and remains oblivious of her feelings.

At the end of the series, after having studied in Tokyo for a while, Nishimiya returns to her hometown and reunites with Ishida for the Coming of Age Day.

Ishida remembers her bossing him about and also being his main helper in bullying Nishimiya. After having separated from him since middle school graduation, Ueno runs into Ishida years later, herself now working in a meow-meow shop. It is revealed that Ueno is in love with Ishida and originally picked on Nishimiya to impress him, however when she learned that Nishimiya was cleaning the offensive words off Ishida's desk before he could see them she convinced herself that Nishimiya also loved Ishida and was using her disability to get his attention, leading her to grow jealous and resentful towards Nishimiya.

However, unlike Ishida, Ueno never learns her lesson and continues to hate and bully Nishimiya once she reconnects with her through Kawai and Sahara whom she remained friends with. Ueno watched Ishida suffer through middle school - still being bullied for what he did to Nishimiya - and feels bad herself for being unable to do anything.

She claims that their sadness, from her having to cut off contact with Ishida to him hating everyone, including her, has all been because of Nishimiya.

In truth, however, Ueno is irritated because Nishimiya never defends herself whenever she is bullied, thinking her as a weak person because of this.

Despite being within the group of friends, Ishida still imagines Ueno with an X over her face,showing his distrust for her, Ueno expresses jealousy at how close Ishida and Nishimiya have gotten and confesses she could never see her as a true friend but is willing to compromise for Ishida's sake as she still has strong feelings for him. Ishida is still untrusting of Ueno until after his release from hospital, after which Ueno is dragged by Sahara to become her assistant as a model with her mean attitude somewhat diminished but still remaining.

She is popular and normally takes charge of situations and is shown to be kind to everyone, however all her actions seem to have her academic reputation in mind.

Kawai is also a narcissist who believes that everyone should love her, as well as wanting to be the victim in every problem she faces. Ishida paid little attention to her in elementary school and thought she bullied Nishimiya too. Though she never actually insulted Nishimiya, Kawai did nothing to intervene and even laughed alongside her friends, making her also responsible for Nishimiya's transferring. Kawai's accusation of Ishida being a bully is a catalyst to his isolation among his classmates.

Kawai becomes Ishida's classmate again in high school and takes part in Nagatsuka's film shooting, bringing Mashiba, whom she has a crush on, in tow. It is revealed that Kawai has always been scared of Ishida and accuses him of not wanting to face the truth, again a catalyst to his falling out among his film crew.

Later, when she tells the class that they will make paper cranes as a wish of recovery for Ishida, who is hospitalized after saving Nishimiya, her classmates are disgusted and secretly bully her. Having experienced getting bullied for the first time, Kawai resolves to become more empathetic with others. At the end of the series, Kawai presents Ishida with the paper cranes made by their classmates and follows Mashiba to study to become a teacher.

She was the only person willing to make an effort to learn sign language and befriend Nishimiya, however, this singled her out for bullying too and started to take all her classes in the nurse's office. Ishida finds Sahara several years later so she can reconnect with Nishimiya and she becomes her friend again.

She was always and is still bullied by Ueno for her unorthodox sense of fashion, however the two remain close even after they separated and Sahara boldly claims they are now best friends. Sahara has grown very tall during the time-skip and due to her high heel boots appears even taller. After Ishida, Sahara spends the most time with the Nishimiya family; however, their relationship is briefly strained when Ishida decides to cut off all ties with his friends by insulting them, claiming that Sahara is always the first to run away from a problem.

Sahara later texts Ishida asking how she could prove that she has grown up. Fed up of Ueno always blaming Nishimiya for everything, she chooses to take Nishimiya's side and defends her from being attacked by Ueno during Ishida's hospitalization.

After graduating from high school, Sahara goes to Tokyo to become a runway model, bringing an unwilling Ueno with her. She cut her hair short so their mother would not cut Nishimiya's and has kept it that way ever since; due to this, she is often mistaken for a boy, with Ishida even thinking that she is Nishimiya's boyfriend at first.

Yuzuru is extremely protective of her big sister and has a deep hatred of all the people who ever bullied her, in particular Ishida - however, upon learning that Ishida has changed, she mellows down, accepts, and even encourages him to go out with her sister, though she is frustrated of their reluctance to do anything about their feelings and never moving past their relationship as friends.

Yuzuru often bunks off school to take photos of dead animals and insects, which causes her and her mother to not get along. It is later revealed that she only took these photos so that when her sister saw them she would see how horrible death is and not try to kill herself. This is proven to be a futile effort, however, as Nishimiya attempts to commit suicide anyway, though she is rescued by Ishida in the last minute.