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mgs3 the pain quotes relationship

Phantom Pain Newbie Guide MGS subreddit on Twitter! . I actually would like that NOT to happen, I feel like the relationship between Big. For Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on the PlayStation 2, Game Script (The Pain, The End, and The Fury are also in the helicopter) Pain: We . Call it a modest gentleman's agreement to ensure our continued relationship. Plot Summary: Operation Snake Eater - Prolouge - Ocelot and his Revolver - The Pain in the Dark - Into the When Snake asks him about the relationship The Sorrow had with Like his quote suggests, Sigint is the guy to call if you're curious about your weapons and equipment.

I do whatever I have to do to get the job done. I don't think about politics. That's not the same thing. Sooner or later, your conscience is going to bother you. In the end, you have to choose whether you're going to live as a soldier, or just another man with a gun.

There's a saying in the Orient; "Loyalty to the end. It means devoting yourself to your country. I follow the President and the top brass. I'm ready to die for them if necessary. The President and the top brass won't be there forever.

Once their terms are up, others will take their place. I follow the will of the leader, no matter who's in charge. People aren't the ones who dictate the missions. People's values change over time. And so do the leaders of a country. So there's no such thing as an enemy in absolute terms. The enemies we fight are only in relative terms, constantly changing with the times.

As long as we have "loyalty to the end," there's no point in believing in anything And that's the way a soldier is supposed to think? The only thing we can believe in with absolute certainty is the mission, Jack. But do me a favor. Oh, right, your codename is Snake. It suits you well. As long as you've got a legendary hero backing you up, you'll be fine. Isn't that right, Snake? Yeah, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have with me.

Oh, and one more thing, Boss It's good to hear your voice again. After all, who knows if either of us will make it out alive Snake, you were always best at urban warfare and infiltrating buildings.

But this is the jungle. Survival is going to be key. Those CQC techniques I taught you are sure to come in handy. CQC - close quarters combat, huh. I've been in the Green Berets for the past few years. I'm probably pretty rusty. I'll be here to help you remember. After all, this is your first actual survival mission.

I'll be supporting you over the radio. Where are you, Boss? Next to the Major? The Boss is communicating with us by radio from aboard a Permit-class submarine in the Artic Ocean. Call me if you need my advice on battle technique.

The 15 best Revolver Ocelot quotes

Your mission is to retrieve Dr. Sokolov is being held in an abandoned factory located to the north of your current position.

Avoid heavy combat and don't let anyone see you. Don't forget that this is a stealth mission. Snake stands up and draws his gun and knife Boss: Snake, try to remember some of the basics of CQC. Major, I've spotted two enemy soldiers.

They're probably KGB troops sent to guard Sokolov. Tom calls Snake on the radio Tom: Snake, your presence in Soviet territory is already a violation of international law.

Contact with the enemy is strictly prohibited. Don't engage them in battle either. The Major is right. The point of this mission is to sneak through the jungle without being seen. The success of the mission depends on how well you use your camouflage. Choosing camouflage that blends in with your surroundings will help you conceal yourself more effectively. Also, don't forget that anything that moves will stand out in the jungle. If you just stand up and run around like an idiot, you're bound to be spotted.

But if you crawl instead, you should be able to sneak by without being noticed. You can see how effective your camouflage is by looking at the Camo Index. The Camo Index shows how well your current camouflage blends in with the surrounding area. The higher the value, the harder you are to spot, and vice versa. The key is to make yourself one with nature. Keep that in mind as you go along, OK? Major, I've reached the abandoned factory where Sokolov is supposedly being held.

This place is a dump. I can't see Sokolov from here The security here is pretty tight. There are sentries posted around the perimeter I wonder how many are inside. Tom calls Snake Tom: Your objective - Sokolov - is inside the factory Your mission is to bring Sokolov back alive. He must not be exposed to any kind of danger. Do not approach Sokolov while in the alert phase. Oh, and one more thing, Snake.

You mean there's more? Beginning my approach to the target. You must be Sokolov. Are you one of Volgin's men? I'm a CIA agent. I've come to escort you back to the other side of the Iron Curtain. I was sent by Major Zero, the man who got you out two years ago.

I have a message from him.

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He said to tell you "sorry for being so late. What does it mean? It means he's a man of his word. But we've got no time for this. You have to get me out of here before they arrive. Colonel Volgin of GRU. You in the West know him as Thunderbolt. Never heard of him.

He's a member of the army's extremist faction. A man who seeks to seize control of the motherland. Ever since the Cuban Missile Crisis two years ago, Khrushchev has been pursuing a policy of peaceful coexistence with the West. Despite resistance and criticism from hawks in the army, and the provincial authorities, Khrushchev has managed to suppress the opposition so far. But the failure of his agricultural policies has put him in a precarious position.

And on top of that In a sense, Khrushchev has lost his biggest partner, and his power base is rapidly crumbling away. A certain group is plotting to use this opportunity to seize power by rallying the anti-government forces, overthrowing Khrushchev, and installing Brezhnev and Kosygin in his place. He has control over another secret weapons research facility much like this one - OKB, known as the Granin Design Bureau - and is using it to further his plans.

But that is not enough to satisfy him. Now he is plotting to seize the secret weapon I have been developing here and use it as leverage in his bid for power. The intelligence says that they are going to make their move during the test.

Then the soldiers outside They wouldn't need that many men just to keep me inside. Their orders were to prevent Colonel Volgin from capturing me. Even if it meant killing me in the process, or so it would seem.

Volgin will come, I'm sure of it. You must get me out of here before then. Leave it to me. By the way, your Russian is superb. Where did you learn to speak it? America is truly a frightening country. I have no love for this place. Snake calls Tom Snake: Major, this is Snake. Sokolov is safe with me. Now hurry up and get Sokolov to the recovery point!

We'll rendezvous with you there. What about the sentries? If you killed the guards: I had to kill them But no one will know we were involved. If you were in Alert mode: I managed to get past them. If you reached Sokolov undetected: No one spotted me. What about The Boss? We lost contact with The Boss some time ago. It's probably just a weak signal. Just hurry and get Sokolov out of there.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - Plot Analysis

Snake and Sokolov begin to sneak out of the building. However, they are being watched by several enemy soldiers Soldier: The two are surrounded. Then, a young Major Ocelot walks up, twirling a Makarov pistol in his hand Ocelot: So this is the legendary Boss? We meet at last. You're from the Ocelot unit of Spetsnaz! What's a GRU soldier doing here?

He's the Ocelot commander! That's Major Ocelot to you. And don't you forget it. Now get out of here. An ocelot never lets his prey escape. Ocelot proceeds to shoot all of the soldiers with some fancy gunplay.

One soldier hiding on the roof tries to take cover, but Ocelot fires and ricochets a bullet off a beam to hit the soldier. Ocelot then kills another soldier writhing on the ground and retrieves his beret from underneath the corpse.

I can't say it feels good to kill a comrade, even if it is for the GRU. You're not The Boss, are you? Ocelot makes some sort of wild cat noise and several soldiers clad in black arrive and surround Snake. They are part of the Ocelot unit Sokolov: What is that stance? Ocelot starts laughing and the others join in Ocelot: If you're not The Boss, then die!

Ocelot tries to shoot Snake but his gun jams. Snake grabs Ocelot and throws him to the ground. Sokolov screams and runs off GRU Soldier: Shoot the other one! Snake uses his CQC techniques to defeat all of the other soldiers. Ocelot recovers his gun and tries to attack but Snake throws him to the ground again, causing Ocelot to lose his gun.

The gun hits the ground and the jammed round is ejected Ocelot: You ejected the first bullet by hand, didn't you? I see what you were trying to do. But testing a technique you only heard about in the middle of battle wasn't very smart. You were asking to have your gun jam on you. Besides, I don't think you're cut out for an automatic in the first place.

You tend to twist your elbow to absorb the recoil. That's more of a revolver technique. You filthy American dog! Ocelot draws a knife and attacks but Snake floors him again Snake: But that was some fancy shooting Major, do you read me? Snake, are you alright?

I've run into a few snags. These guys were after Sokolov, too. Apparently, they were taking orders from a GRU colonel named Volgin. Part of an internal Soviet power struggle, according to Sokolov.

mgs3 the pain quotes relationship

Snake, it sounds like this could be even hotter than Cuba. I don't like it. Something about this whole thing stinks. Sokolov ran off by himself, but I'll catch up to him. We're counting on you.

Those men were from the Ocelot unit. The best GRU has to offer. They're coming for me. I'll get you out of here. And we've got some of the best backup we could ask for. A cannon shell fires Sokolov: Snake looks up to a cliff to see a large tank Snake: That's what they were making you build? It can launch nuclear missiles from that kind of terrain? And without support from friendly units. A nuclear-equipped tank capable of operating solo. Is that thing finished?

This is only the end of Phase 1. It won't be truly finished until we complete Phase 2. The weapon's true form. If it is completed and the colonel gets his hands on it, it will mean the end of the Cold War.

The end of the Cold War? And then the age of fear will truly begin I had no choice but to cooperate! I didn't want to die. I wanted to see my wife and child again in America Please, take me to America quickly. They cannot complete it without my help. Snake and Sokolov begin to cross the bridge. However, a woman comes from the other side, carrying two large cases Snake: The Boss drops the cases, causing the bridge to go unstable Boss: What are you doing here?

Sokolov comes with me. A swarm of hornets then appears Snake: In the confusion, The Fear descends down, grabs Sokolov, and pulls him up to a helicopter Boss: I have waited long for this day. We will fight with you once more. Now that the five of us are together, it's time we go to the depths of hell itself It begins raining Boss: Colonel Volgin walks up and joins The Boss Volgin: What a joyful scene.

Welcome to my country I'm defecting to the Soviet Union. Sokolov is a little gift for my new hosts. Volgin picks up the two cases Volgin: This can't be happening! Another one of your disciples? Are we taking him with us? This is one is still just a child.

Too pure for us Cobras. He has not yet found an emotion to carry into battle. Think you can pull the trigger? The Boss grabs Snake's gun and dismantles it with her bare hands. Snake tries to attack but The Boss grabs him and breaks his arm Volgin: He's seen my face. We can't let him live. If Khrushchev finds out about this, we're finished.

mgs3 the pain quotes relationship

I'll take care of him. Jack, you can't come with us. She holds out her hand. Snake takes it and The Boss rams her elbow into his ribs. Snake grabs hold of her bandana as The Boss throws him off the bridge into the river below Pain: The new blood has been rejected Are we done here?

My place is with them now. He receives a call from Tom Tom: Can you hear me? Snake, listen to me! You need emergency medical treatment. You've got to get those wounds treated. All right, let's get you fixed up Just relax and it'll all be over before you know it. I've seen people in worse shape before. Think you can handle it? We'll talk about that later. First we've got to get you patched up.

OK, here we go! If you select "CURE" you can start the treatment. Healing is divided into treatment using the medicine with the Item Window Button and surgical treatment using the Weapon Window Button. Your injuries include a fractured left elbow and rib bone, and lacerations on your upper arms, right elbow, and abdomen.

They need to be fixed using surgical treatment. Move the healing cursor with the left analog stick to the affected part of your body. Once you've selected the affected area, hold the Weapon Window Button and use the left analog stick to select the medical item, and then press the Enter button. With this method, you can use items to help your recovery process.

To treat a bone fracture, first secure the affected area with a fastener and then wrap it in bandages. That should do it.

For lacerations, you'll need disinfectant to clean the wound, sutures to stitch it up, styptic to slow the flow of blood, and bandages to wrap the wound. If you do everything I mentioned, the wound should heal completely. Go into the Survival Viewer and treat those wounds! Snake treats his wounds and snaps his broken bone back into place Para-Medic: We're coming to get you now. Just stay where you are Can you set it up?

He looks up and sees several helicopters airlifting the Shagohod. The Boss is on board one of the helicopters as it passes over the riverbank. She holds out her hand and Snake returns the gesture. On another helicopter, we see Volgin, Ocelot, and a young woman.

mgs3 the pain quotes relationship

Volgin opens the two cases to reveal a small nuclear missile and what appears to be a cannon Volgin: A great success, thanks to The Boss and her Cobras. I have both Sokolov and the Shagohod. Ocelot stands up and suspiciously eyes the woman Ocelot: What are we going to with the girl? Apparently she's Sokolov's woman. Volgin approaches and looks into her face Volgin: She's a nice catch.

The woman beings to reach for something in her pocket. Volgin snatches away what she was trying to get; a tube of lipstick Volgin: Not so fast, my dear.

We might be able to use her. Shall we take her back to the base? Volgin picks up the cannon, called a Davy Crockett, loaded with a nuclear missile Volgin: I think it's time I gave this marvelous new toy a try. Even if they are our enemies, they're still our countrymen! But it won't be me that pulled the trigger. It will be our friend, the American defector. You're going to nuke your fellow Russians!? Volgin fires the Davy Crockett and the missile streaks towards the facility.

A blinding white light ensues. We first see the intro movie accompanied with the Snake Eater theme. Then cut to a shot of a futuristic-looking plane flying through the night sky One week later: Currently flying over the Arctic Ocean. Arriving at the designated drone launch point. Drone oil pressure and voltage are nominal.

Payload oxygen supply is nominal. Power supply to payload antifreeze system shows no problems. All systems go for drone detachment. Snake, we can't risk a HALO jump this time around. Airspace Security has gotten tighter since we were last here. We can't get as close to the ground as we did during the Virtuous mission.

So instead we'll be using one of our newest weapons. Snake, you're being given an honor on par with Alan Shepard. If you fail, you'll be back in a hospital bed again waiting for the firing squad. The scene switches to a briefing section Zero: So, how does it feel to be a patient in one of the most advanced ICUs in the world? Would you do me a favor and tell the suits about visiting hours? I'll never get better with them assaulting me day and night with their questions.

Must be part of the top brass' inquiry. More like an interrogation. According to them, I'm a traitor and an accomplice to The Boss' defection. They're just looking for a scapegoat.

mgs3 the pain quotes relationship

Does that mean they're after you too? Let's just say neither one of us is going to be made a national hero out of this.

Does this mean FOX is going to die? This fox is still one step ahead of the hounds. The reason I came to see you today Jack, it's time for FOX to clear its name. What are you talking about?

The situation has changed. We've still got a chance to come out of this one alive. What kind of chance? Don't get too excited. Here, have a cigar This morning I had a meeting with the CIA. They decided when they're going to execute us? Yesterday, the White House received an unexpected call. Yes, I hear you Mr. It was a hotline call from Khrushchev to President Johnson. From the head of the Soviet Union? A few days ago one of our country's main Design Bureaus, OKB, was destroyed in a nuclear explosion.

At about the same time our anti-aircraft radar picked up a signature that appeared to come from one of your military aircraft. Does any of this sound familiar to you? In retaliation, I have placed our armed forces on secondary alert. Depending on your response, I may be left with no choice but to order the military to maximum alert and unleash Armageddon. With the help of your predecessor I was able to survive the Cuban incident.

But my power is not as great as it once was. Let me linger in this world just a little longer. I have already slept enough for one lifetime Enough for an eternity. You have my thanks. I have to thank you, for waking me, if you hadn't shown up, my sleep would have been eternal Do you hear me, Snake? I am The End. I am here to bring you to your ultimate fate. You will make a fine quarry for my final hunt.

The flames of my rage will incinerate you! I came back from space, and as I returned, I had one vision The world set ablaze! And do you know what I saw there? A great and terrible fury at being alive! Now you too will feel the scorching heat of that horrible blackness! A host of sorrows And you are one of them. I am The Sorrow. Like you, I, too, am filled with sadness.

This world is one of sadness But make no mistake Now you will know the sorrow of those whose lives you have ended. But the conflict between the Philosophers - has torn it in two. We will use the Legacy to heal that rift and make the world whole again.

To do this, we need strength. An unstoppable trump card with enough power to bring order to the world! You're not a snake, and I'm not an ocelot. We're men, with names. My name is Adamska. But I won't forget it.