Father son relationship quotes in the chosen

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father son relationship quotes in the chosen

Helpful for writing essays, studying or teaching The Chosen. Quote 1: "For the first fifteen years of our lives, Danny and I lived within five blocks of each other and My father had told me many times that health was a gift, but I never really paid much attention to the fact Reb Saunders' son is a terribly torn and lonely boy. Rebellion is also an important aspect of the father son relationships in The Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other The Chosen quote. They have a far less fraught relationship than Danny and the Reb, but no less complex. This passage certainly speaks to David's love for his son, but also expresses a Quote #3. "He's really a great man, my father. He saved his community.

The Chosen revolves around male relationships and the most important of these is that between a father and a son. Both Danny and Reuven are deeply influenced by their fathers.

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Both of their relationships are based on education, but they differ in every other way. Reb Saunders only speaks with his son when they are studying the Talmud because of Hasidic tradition and, as we learn later in the novel, a belief in the importance of silence as a tool for developing compassion. For much of the novel this silence seems irrational and cruel, demonstrating the confusion and mystery that can be a part of father-son relationships.

What seems to be cruel treatment is a sacrifice for Reb Saunders as well. His methods are questionable but we come to learn the great love that he has for his son. David Malter also teaches his son how to read the Talmud using close reading and careful thought.

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Reuven is greatly influenced by his father, and he eventually proves his intellectual maturity and prowess by using his fathers reading techniques in his college Talmudic course with his respected and difficult teacher, Rav Gershenson. David Malter also extends this teaching to other parts of life, encouraging Reuven to become friends with Danny, and to look closely at and take care with this friendship once he has it. Some of them had the beginnings of beards, straggly tufts of hair that stood in isolated clumps on their chins, jawbones, and upper lips.

father son relationship quotes in the chosen

They all wore the traditional undergarments beneath their shirts, and the tzitzit, the long fringes appended to the four corners of the garment, came out above their belts and swung against their pants a they walked. These were the very Orthodox, and they obeyed literally the Biblical commandment[s].

That Danny Saunders was a smart one, and I hated him. I wondered what he was thinking now.

father son relationship quotes in the chosen

Probably gloating and bragging about the ball game to his friends. I had always taken them for granted, the way I took for granted all the rest of my body and also my mind. My father had told me many times that health was a gift, but I never really paid much attention to the fact that I was rarely sick or almost never had to go to a doctor.

If a person comes to apologize for having hurt you, you must listen and forgive him What I tried to tell you, Reuven, is that when a person comes to talk to you, you should be patient and listen. And here was Danny Saunders talking English, and what he was saying and the way he was saying it just didn't seem to fit in with the way he was dressed, with the side curls on his face and the fringes hanging down below his dark jacket.

I'm not trying to be funny or anything. I really am mixed up about you. You look like a Hasid, but you don't sound like one. You don't sound like what my father says Hasidim are supposed to sound like.

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You sound almost as if you don't believe in God. Reb Saunders' son is a terribly torn and lonely boy. There is literally no one in the world he can talk to. He needs a friend. The accident with the baseball has bound him to you, and he has already sensed in you someone he can talk to without fear. I felt myself naked and fragile, an intruder, and my eyes, searching for anything but the bearded faces to look at, settled, finally, upon the sidewalk at my feet.

I want to know my son's friend. Especially the son of David Malter. I had clearly passed the test.

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What a ridiculous way to gain admiration and friendship! If learning is not made in public, it is a waste. But the business about the mistakes I never heard before. I could almost see him read. He would start at the head of a page, his head tilted slightly upward, and then his head would move downward in a straight line until he got to the foot of the page.

What my father had anticipated was now actually happening. But he hadn't anticipated it happening to me.

father son relationship quotes in the chosen

He had thought Reb Saunders would confront him, not me. I didn't know what to say. I was feeling as though it had been my father who had died.