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cinema « Dominic Ambrose Blogblot Dulha Mil Gaya: Shah, rukh Khan, Fardeen Khan, Sushmita Sen, Ishita Sharma, Mohit Chada, Johny Lever, Suchitra Pillai, Tara Sharma, Mudassar Aziz: Movies & TV. Shimmer, a diva from the world of glamour, for whom love and relationships aren t quite half .. Quality Used Products · Whole Foods Market. Has Master Mudassar found love on DID 4? 1 épingle . Sharing an amazing chemistry with show host Ishita Sharma, Master Mudassar seems to be on. Aaji and Nani has got Saanchi marriage fixed to a to a man who is Taking a cue from Ishita and Master Mudassar, Jay did not seem to miss his . Bihar and Jharkhand, with specially created programming for the market.

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There is a large enough share of Western audiences who love Broadway and West End type musicals who could easily buy into this type of film.

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The problem, to me seems to be in the culture of the scripts. Certain script conventions are more or less acceptable to the present day Bollywood audience, but are a major turn-off for North American and Western European viewers. If Bollywood wants to truly break into this market, it will have to tailor its stories more closely to the expectations of Westerners. This could be done by creating two versions of films: If done as a matter of course, it could work very effectively.

And it may even help to improve the home audience versions. Bollywood traffics in fantasy. Everything is exaggerated in the world of these films.

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Fortunately, Western audiences will have a high threshold for fantasy when viewing these films, as they understands that this is a fantasy world, and an exotic one that they view as outsiders.

The most important thing that Bollywood filmmakers could do to make their films palatable to Western audiences is to edit out the most egregious affronts to common sense in the stories. As simple as that. The films are already overly long for Western theaters — no movie house wants to show films that are two and a half hours long to audiences that only half fill the hall.

If studios could cut out an hour of the most off-putting silliness, they would often have a product that would be eminently presentable in the most demanding markets.

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I mean the attitudes that are anathema and the breakdowns in logic that are simply lazy scriptwriting. In the following films I can give a few examples of what I mean. Dostana Dostana Directed by Tarun Mansukhani. With its flashy setting, incredibly good looking and talented stars this film has already enjoyed immense success in the Bollywood market. It would be potentially a big hit in Western markets, if it could work out some simple problems. The story is a simple one: Sam played by superstar Abhishek Bachchan and Kunal played by sex symbol John Abraham manage to share an apartment with the beautiful Neha Priyanka Chopra by convincing her that they are gay.

The attitude toward homosexuality of the characters is somewhat problematic. He does it with such infectious good humor that it works. Furthermore, his flirtation with homosexual feelings elsewhere in the script brings him the sympathy of the viewers and makes it palatable.

Gay audiences will forgive him these excesses, considering the eye candy that he and John Abraham provide from beginning to end. This type of mental abuse of a small child would be shocking to Western audiences far more than anything else in the film. After the great success of this film, a sequel is being developed but has reportedly run into script delays. I Found a Groom. It would need a lot of work to be successful outside of the traditional market. And those changes would help it do a lot better in the Bollywood market as well.

Bollywood audiences may be getting tired of these things, and Western audiences would simply not accept them.

Shah Rukh Khan Breakdown in logic: There are numerous occasions where the improbable becomes insulting to the common sense of the viewer. Shah Rukh Khan jumps overboard and retrieves it effortlessly from the ocean.

Besides being physically impossible it is so improbable that he could find a tiny trinket in the Atlantic Ocean that it is laughable and brings the viewer completely out of the fantasy.

It is also totally unnecessary. Some intelligent editing could rid the film of this scene and the few minor repercussions it causes later in the film. Their wastefulness is difficult to take. In fact, all of the extravagant affluence would be considered in extreme bad taste by Westerners and people everywhere with a social conscience. It would be impossible to eradicate this from the story.

Therefore, there should be extreme caution to make sure that the characters are sympathetic in other ways to neutralize the effects of this on the viewer. The snobbishness of the Shimmer is unpleasant and works against her acceptance by Western audiences.

Her attitude toward Samarpreet played by Ishita Sharma on the airplane would not be considered acceptable. This scene would have to be rewritten in a way which makes her less insulting to the modest girl. In fact, she should be less offensive to everyone.

He does develop in the story but not nearly enough to make him acceptable.