Sena kashiwazaki relationship goals

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sena kashiwazaki relationship goals

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai -Sena Kashiwazaki Anime Girl Wallpaper - Sena Kashiwazaki by Lelitaa on DeviantArt Things Couples DoCouple ThingsWatch CartoonsCat CosplayRelationship GoalsPerfect RelationshipLife Goals If the relationship was serious though, they would add watch anime to the list. they are soon joined by Sena and the rest, whom have simlar goals. to be " normal" towards others, and how they treat relationships they all. 『Sena Kashiwazaki』 柏崎 星奈. As her goal is the same in all 3 versions ( except only a little bit in the anime) is to get ahold of the Ultra beast that she wants.

I found the plot in the second season to be substantially more solid relative to the first season.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Love, Hatred, and Perverted Stuff - Jourdan Bul-lalayao

This last episode, while leaving a few loose ends, nonetheless successfully reinforces what viewers have known since the end of season one: However, at the same time, there are too many unknowns concerning Sena and Yozora; this could have easily been a episode anime, and likely would have maintained all the glitz and humour of its current incarnation.

Kodaka is asked by Pegasus to spend the night, where he expresses his worries that Sena might be getting bullied, to which Kodaka replies that he will protect her. After an accident with fireworks in the first season, she cuts her hair short and is immediately recognised by Kodaka. I imagine that a love triangle between Yozora, Sena and Kodaka will soon form: Extending on elements from the previous season, Kobato expresses extreme trepidation at the mere thought of being with Sena.

If the first season set the stage for all the characters through its delivery of individual growth, the second season will hopefully Like Kodaka, I also suck at fighting games. Season two brings back, with gusto, everything that made season one amusing and perhaps takes things to the next level with its presentation of the comedic material. For a worst case, that is arguably better than the best case for what some shows out there have to offer, and that is a remarkable feat.

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Kodaka decides to lighten the mood and says that they all are now friends, which puzzles both Yozora and Sena, who fiercely deny the possibility of having a friendship between them.

They start ridiculing each other's appearances. Yet again, Kodaka takes the role of a Peacemaker and tries to calm the heated fight by changing the topic: She even comes up with the idea of joining with the condition of Yozora resigning her membership, which the latter fiercely refuses to do with the reason of "owning" the club itself.

Ignoring Yozora's comments, Sena shifts her attention to Kodaka, addressing him as "delinquent", and tells Kodaka to call her by her first name, "Sena" Kodaka was referring to her as Kashiwazaki before this.

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Surprised, Kodaka asks her why, on which she replies that he calls "that weasel girl" Yozoraby her first name while calling Sena by her last name, which means that she is ranked below Yozora, a fact which can't be accepted. Kodaka agrees, and calls her "Sena" for the first time in the series. The Hunt Edit The next day after her introduction to the Neighbor's club, Sena is seen with Kodaka and Yozora drinking tea from a tea set that she has brought in the club earlier that day.

Suddenly Yozora says that club needs to play games. Sena and Kodaka are both puzzled.

sena kashiwazaki relationship goals

After explaining that modern high schoolers don't play on Super Famicon and Omega Drive, she intentionally slams the table with her fists which in turn shakes the teacup in Sena's hands and makes her spill it. Sena complains, but Yozora continues her speech and tells them that yesterday she saw high school kids playing Monster Kariudo Monster Hunter in a family restaurant.

She adds that playing online handheld games is popular among their peers these days ignoring Sena's question along the way and Monster Hunter is the most popular one amongst these games, bringing a PSP Play Stati Portable out of her bag. After seeing the game, Sena recalls that she also saw girls in her class playing it.

After hearing that she needs to bring a PSP with MonHun short for Monster Hunter next Monday these discussions happen on FridaySena arrogantly states that although the whole existence of Yozora irritates her, she will play with Yozora, on which the latter pretends that she heard a mosquito Sena and smacks her nose.

Sena says that she can take one from any guy in her class. She boasts that she has no problem with playing games made for kids.

After that whole gang turns on their PSPs, Sena asks who will be the host player who accepts missions and can invite other players. They decide the person with the highest level will be the host; it turns out that Sena has the 5th and highest possible level while Yozora has 3rd, and Kodaka 1stwhich surprises everyone. She then starts to show off saying that she is a genius without limits and the game is too simple for her, which angers Yozora who calls her "raw meat girl".

Kodaka wonders what did she do to advance to this level in such a short amount of time. Sena blushes and says that she didn't play much, but both Kodaka and Yozora are already suspicious. While calling her "Meat" her first nicknameYozora snatches Sena's PSP from her hands, and takes a peek at her playing time, which is revealed to be 53 hours.

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Stunned, Yozora also looks at her inventory and sees that it's filled with rare items that can't be acquired without many hours of playing. Yozora then throws Sena's PSP back to its owner; Sena tries to catch it but fails and her legs hit the table. In tears, she takes her console from the floor but suddenly Yozora starts to rub Sena's face with a handkerchief, messing up Sena's make up to reveal the bags under her eyes. Under pressure of Yozora's accusations of playing nonstop for 2 days, Sena can only mumble that even lions don't hold back when it hunts, and changes the topic saying that she will be the host, and suggests a level 3 mission for a "warm up".

The game starts; Sena is playing with a character that is almost identical to herself, equipped with expensive armor under the same name as the original - "Sena". Seeing Kodaka's character Takashe joins Yozora and the latter mocking his appearance.

sena kashiwazaki relationship goals

After Yozora's declaration of a start, Sena mercilessly stabs Yozora's character Night back with a broadsword, killing her off. She then pretends that it was an accident, but gets hit by 3 arrows that Night "accidentally" shot in her way, however "Sena" doesn't die. Amidst the fight between them, a pack of in-game wolves attacks the group and "Sena" rushes towards them, killing everyone except one and just as she walks to the last one, she is killed by Night who again, uses her arrows and shoots them in "Sena's" head.

After re-spawning at the rally point "Sena" kills Night and the mission failed.

sena kashiwazaki relationship goals

As Kodaka suggests to work together, both Sena and Yozora quickly agree and right after this, they started to fight between each other again, with Night using poisoned arrows and traps and Sena ruthlessly raging towards her ignoring everything.

The game ends, Sena fails, since her points are lower than Yozora's.

Sena Kashiwazaki

She starts to complain about wasting her time and agrees with Yozora about the uselessness of co-op in handheld games. V and PS3 and puts it in the corner of the club room. Answering Kodaka and Yozora's question about her intentions, she says that in contrast to that crappy game MonHunshe brought a game that can truly assist them in their goal of acquiring friends.

While whining about Yozora's total apathy to her words, she takes out a new game "Tokimeite memoriideisu 7" TokiMemowith an anime style looking girl on the cover of box. She then explains that TokiMemo is a so-called galge galgamewhere one must win over the hearts of various girls within the game. After hearing Kodaka's question as to why didn't she bring a game where you conquer males instead, Sena is puzzled and asks why she should get along with guys.

Then when she insults Kodaka and Yozora and pissing off the latter, Sena barely escapes the destruction of the disk by telling her that she hasn't even played it yet, which is proved by its safe original packaging.

Edit Sena seems to like Kobato a lot main reason being her cuteness and always tries to get on Kobato's good side. However, this feeling is not mutual and Kobato would often cry and hide behind Kodaka, seeking protection, and reject Sena's offers and suggestions.

Sena however, doesn't seem to be bothered by Kobato's cold attitude and even has been shown to be delighted at Kobato's insults. As the series progresses, Sena's obsession with Kobato begins to grow to extremely creepy levels, from wanting to bath with Kobato to even more immoral things like trying to lick Kobato and saying how she wants to legally molest her which made Kodaka feel uneasy. Sena was soon under the delusion that Kobato is her younger sister much to Kodaka and Kobato's annoyance.

Edit Sena and Rika are on reasonably good terms with each other and as some of their interests happen to intersect galgesthey share tips on playing dating Sims and discuss games in general, especially at times when Yozora starts to show her ignorance in these topics. However, at times, Rika changes sides, and joins Yozora in her pranks and bullying of Sena due to being jealous of Sena's beauty or simply because Sena is way too naive in some matters.

Edit Yukimura and Sena do not interact with each other often but Sena does seem to treat Yukimura more or less normally Even when she thought that Yukimura was a boy. However, when Sena was shown to be quite good at being a maid, Yukimura was slightly jealous and became very angry when Sena flaunted her buxom body.

When she revealed herself to be Kodaka's girlfriend, Sena took it as a challenge in competing for Kodaka's affection. Though she may have only done this only for the sake of the club or to get back at playing with her video games Student Council members.