Database entity relationship diagram definition kids

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database entity relationship diagram definition kids

Translates readily to relational schema for database design. But more abstract E.g. Stockholm, Helsinki, are examples of instances of the entity City. ➜ Relationships: . Every instance of a child entity is also an instance of the parent entity. Database Tutorial 1: Entity Relationship Diagrams solution will be shown here, with a short explanation of the motivation for the presented. Objectives • Define terms related to entity relationship modeling, including entity, ERD is widely used in database design • ERD is a graphical must be taught by at least one Teacher – Every mother have at least a Child; 8.

ERDs can be developed at three separate levels of a design process. First is conceptual design, which defines the scope of a project and identifies the data entities, and it's a first pass at the relationships to be included in the database.

The conceptual ERD provides the foundation for the logical design phase of a project. Second is logical design. More detailed than a conceptual ERD, a logical ERD includes more information about the data entities and their relationships.

However, a logical design ERD is independent of any technology on which its design could be implemented. Last is physical design, which depicts the elements and characteristics of a database relative to the technology on which it is to be implemented. This typically includes the specification of entity keys, attribute characteristics, and finite relationship and foreign key definitions.

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Entities and Tables In an ERD, entities are represented as tables that typically include only the attribute names at the conceptual level. In this ERD, for example, each entity - such as students, classes, buildings, and books - is defined as a table, and each entry - such as a student, a class, or a book - occupies a row in the table.

An entity definition in an ERD Also, each of the attributes, or fields, of the entity creates a column in the table, and all of the rows have the same attributes.

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Another important term to cover here is instance, which is what each row of a table represents. For example, when a student's data is entered into the student table, an instance of the student table is created.

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The collection of all songs in a database is an entity set. The proved relationship between Andrew Wiles and Fermat's last theorem is a single relationship.

database entity relationship diagram definition kids

The set of all such mathematician-theorem relationships in a database is a relationship set. Lines are drawn between entity sets and the relationship sets they are involved in. If all entities in an entity set must participate in a relation in the relationship set, a thick line is drawn. This is called a participation constraint.

database entity relationship diagram definition kids

If each entity of the entity set can participate in at most one relationship in the relationship set, an arrow is drawn from the entity set to the relationship set. This is called a key constraint.

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To indicate that each entity in the entity set is involved in exactly one relationship, a thick arrow is drawn. A weak entity set is indicated by a bold rectangle the entity connected by a bold arrow to a bold diamond the relationship.

Sometimes two entities are more specific subtypes of a more general type of entity. For example, programmers and marketers might both be types of employees at a software company. To indicate this, a triangle with "ISA" on the inside is drawn.