Client agency relationship in advertising definition

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client agency relationship in advertising definition

ASSIGNMENT. ON Client Agency Relationship. Submitted by:) CONTENTS 1. 1. INTRODUCTION 3 junkgenie.infog 4 junkgenie.infotions 5 junkgenie.infos Contributing to. The relationship marketers have with their advertising, media and digital agencies is key. 'The best way for agencies to serve clients is by working together'. Meaning 4 3. Definitions 5 4. Factors Contributing to Effective 6 Client Agency Relationship junkgenie.infoising Process 8 junkgenie.infoments9 7. Sources.

Here are some essential tips for getting the most out of your agency relationship.

client agency relationship in advertising definition

Keep your agency informed, from sales to goal planning and company strategies. Agencies need to know all the successes as well as the missteps. We serve as an extension of your marketing department and you need to trust that your agency has your best interest in mind, whether in branding or budgetary recommendations.

Time is your friend: Great things come to those who are patient. When your agency asks for more time, grant them the ability to work through a proper solution. Remember knee-jerk, band-aid solutions are just that, temporary and not intended to correct the issue long-term. Great agencies, in general, thrive by thinking outside the norm.

Defining the Client & Agency Relationship

Truly great advertising that stands out has to be different. Successful client and agency relationships are built on trust and calculated risk — knowing full well not every outing to the plate will be a home run.

client agency relationship in advertising definition

Stand behind the work and fire up the troops: The journey and collaboration of weeks and months of strategic planning leads to the launch and execution of the work. Agencies love to pitch their work, so have them pitch the work to your key staff members before you roll it out company-wide.

Client agency relationships in advertising: 4 Problems

Then stand by the work, responding to, not reacting to, questions or complaints. Believe in the campaign and champion it. Agencies and clients who apply these basic proactive rules of engagement not only receive better creative, but also have the most profitable and successful relationships. During my career, I have had the privilege of working with what I thought were some of the best marketing and advertising teams around, both agency and client side.

Unfortunately, I have also worked with some of the worst. The teams that worked well together delivered great work, had a laugh whilst doing it and bandied together when the going got tough, usually ending the day at the pub or sitting in the corner of the agency boardroom swapping war stories and nursing a beer.

Tempers flared, accusations flew and relationships that were put to the test often failed to survive the campaign.

client agency relationship in advertising definition

In the highly creative, energetic and volatile industry that is advertising, strong relationships built on trust, respect and honesty are vital in helping brands and agencies work together and grow. People do their best work when they are are standing on a solid foundation because they can take on anything that is thrown their way. When cracks appear in the foundations however, things can start to get a bit shaky pretty quickly.

Client Agency Relationship

So, when relationships between agencies and clients break down, what causes the trust to disappear in the first place and what can be done about it? Unviable foundations In any negotiation, there is always one party who walks away with a slightly better deal, starting the commercial relationship off standing on a stronger footing.

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This lopsidedness is not always apparent from the start, but as time goes on and goal posts shift on both sides the imbalance will start to surface and resentment from the weaker negotiator will rise to the top. Whichever way the balance of power ends up changing, one side of the relationship will be disgruntled and resentful of the situation they have got themselves into. The result — frustration, resentment and a breakdown in trust.

Lack of transparency Both clients and agencies are guilty of not being transparent.

Agency Relationships

For some reason, both sides feel that by holding some of their business cards close to their chests, they are being clever or in control of some imaginary power game. A lack of transparency will rot any business relationship, particularly when it impacts on expected deliverables. Agencies are also guilty of it.

Hierarchy There is no such thing as a completely flat team structure.