The relationship between mainland china and taiwan meeting

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the relationship between mainland china and taiwan meeting

trust across the Taiwan Strait and consolidate development of cross-strait relations and. For most of their history since , relations between China and Taiwan1 Taiwan could declare independence, but mainland China strongly. Between mainland calls for reunification and military displays on the island, stark contrast to the atmospherics around a high-profile meeting in Beijing just with China and the island was left with the Taiwan Relations Act.

Xi and Ma sat next to each other at a round table to avoid having someone sitting in the host position at the head of a rectangular table. You can help by adding to it. November During an international news conference prior to the meeting, President Ma said that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait should continue to mitigate their animosity, avoid deviating from the right path and expand exchanges and cooperation. He asserted that the meeting was not for his legacy or for improving the popularity of the Kuomintang, but for the good of the next generation.

New Power Party NPP Chairman Huang Kuo-chang accused Ma of attempting to burnish his legacy at the expense of changing the direction of national security policy, and trampling on Taiwan's democracy and sovereignty by bypassing the Legislative Yuan. He argued that Ma's trip would violate his promises in which Ma said that he would not meet with Chinese leaders if re-elected. Social Democratic Party chairman Fan Yun said "Ma doesn't have any mandate for surprising us with this meeting — ever since last year's Sunflower Movementit has been clear that the handling of cross-strait relations by the governing party is not trusted by the people.

Lee further stated that calling a meeting about 70 days before the general elections, made it "obvious that China wants to use this to interfere with Taiwan's elections. Some scholars also asked for the intervention of the legislative body and the Constitutional Court to prevent Ma from attending the meeting. As a close and longstanding friend of both Mainland China and Taiwan, Singapore was happy to facilitate and be the venue for their direct dialogue.

the relationship between mainland china and taiwan meeting

But the Taiwanese cannot be very reassured by what they see happening today in Hong Kong, which was promised the same thing before its return to China in State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau stated that the U. President Barack Obama 's " pivot to Asia. Please improve the article by adding information on neglected viewpoints, or discuss the issue on the talk page. That dynamic has continued to operate in the past few decades.

Cross-Strait relations

But there is no chance that the party would step back from its commitment to pluralist democracy, and no reorientation towards the mainland that could allow a compromise on such an issue not least since any reunification would probably have to be settled by a referendum — people would be unlikely to vote to lessen their democratic rights. The Kuomintang appeals to an older demographic and younger Taiwanese increasingly identify with the independence-leaning DPP and the idea of Taiwan as a separate society.

Another foreign policy intellectual assured said Taiwan would certainly have much more autonomy than even Hong Kong. Yet the Hong Kong comparison worries many on Taiwan more than it did a decade ago. And the aftermath of the Occupy protests was perceived in Taiwan as a sign that, when confronted, Beijing would stress order over liberal values and democratic voices in government or the media would be pressured into staying silent.

Xi-Ma Meeting is First Step towards Normalization of Meetings between Mainland

Hong Kong no longer provides as attractive a showcase for the wooing of Taiwan. The Hong Kong model also fails to answer a crucial question to which I have rarely received any kind of detailed answer: However, the incorporation of a lively, fully democratic polity of some 23 million people, which would send its own representatives to Beijing, would surely provide a challenge to a system in the mainland which is self-declaredly becoming less, not more liberal. There would always be a large proportion of the population which would continue to advocate a separate status from the mainland.

In Hong Kong, moves are under way to make it illegal to declare independence, based on provisions in the Basic Law. But in Taiwan, it is hard to imagine a fully democratic government being able to persuade its people to support any such constraint on freedom of speech. What would happen if a reunified Taiwan chose freely to elect a leader who advocated more distance, or even separation, from China?

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The Chinese government would have to do something that is essentially unprecedented: The question is not just about how Beijing would affect Taiwan, but how a reunified Taiwan would change Beijing. Use of force bad for optics There is, of course, the alternative scenario of the reunification of Taiwan by force, which the mainland has never ruled out.

the relationship between mainland china and taiwan meeting

But again, the effects of a military occupation are hard to imagine. Many analysts would suggest that if it wanted to, the mainland could retake the island by force. But what would happen the day, month or year after?

the relationship between mainland china and taiwan meeting

It is easier to occupy an island than a territory with land borders. But even then, forcible control of an island whose inhabitants have decades of experience of a free, liberal society would be costly, and possibly bloody, to maintain. A forcible reunification would also do immense damage to the slow progress China has made in improving its image in the region. China would argue that Taiwan is a special case and that reunifying the island by force is in a different category from an assault on a separate country.

the relationship between mainland china and taiwan meeting