Meet the parents jay z decoded case study

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meet the parents jay z decoded case study

The campaign “Decoded” Jay Z Case Study was launched in Carter would help to reach the age group in the realm of years old. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Jay-Z. Decoded / Jay-Z. p. cm. For Marcy kids, Manhattan is where your parents went to work, if they were lucky, .. Biggie's words made an even more desperate case for some kind of change. This is another place where the art of rap and the art of the hustler meet. Brooklyn, meet your once and future king. In “Decoded,” Jay-Z writes that “rap is built to handle contradictions,” and Hova, as he is nicknamed.

Besides his academic life, Pat gets very involved with the school. He is about to be a 4 year member of the Blue band which is the Penn State marching band.

He has never been much into playing sports but he loves playing his music in the atmosphere of them!

Bing - Decode Jay-Z Case Study

Pat and I talked a lot about our differences in activities. It was neat to learn about his hobbies considering mine are completely different.

I am very into sports and played many throughout high school and plan to play club in college. Other activities he involves himself include the Penn State Pokemon society, and the urban gaming club. He loved video games, he says he can play them all day long! He also loves to listen to all different types of music except rap. Me on the other hand loves all types of music, especially rap. He loves working there and says that is where he met some of his closest friends.

Now on a more personal note, I got the chance to have a nice discussion with Patrick about race and stereotypes. He is known as an Asian back home, but weirdly enough he is viewed too different ways.

meet the parents jay z decoded case study

For me, I am definitely not the math wizard, so it was pretty cool to get his feedback on that. None of the stereotypes bother Pat because he is proud of the culture and ethnic group that he comes from. His favorite part about his culture is easily the food. I have to agree with him on that since food is always the greatest thing possible!

meet the parents jay z decoded case study

Overall, this interview with Patrick Harper was an amazing experience. This campaign was going to be a worldwide event with clear goals being set. Bing needed to generate enough hype to make internet users think that they could compete or surpass other major search engines.

Jay-Z Decoded Case Study

The content of this book would be used to attract the demographic of the year olds. Through the use of old school billboards, new school media, and mobile apps to reach everyone interested. The campaign was time consuming, complex, and seemingly impossible to pull off but the results were worth it. A bronze plaque of pages 2 and 3 was installed on the outside of a building describing his childhood.

Jay-Z went into detail and explained how housing projects could seem like labyrinths to outsiders, but living there you had to find your way around in order to survive.

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Then Bing and Droga5 dropped a bomb and announced that one person who decoded all the clues using Bing Maps could win The Lifetime Jay-Z Concert Pass, useable at any Jay-Z concert, anywhere in the world, for the rest of their life. The average engagement time per player on Bings website was 11 minutes. After the campaign was done the total amount of global impressions on the site was over 1. Even their mapping software gained millions of users.

Not only Bing and Jay-Z saw an increase of publicity, but Droga5 was awarded many awards in the advertising industry.