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Problems in the Study of Magic, Part II, Or,

franz bardon meet up group in new york

FranzBardonMagi London meetup #1 about a New York get together, a small band of us – FranzBardonMagi group members in London – decided to take the. In this post the Rosicrucian origins of Franz Bardon's method is uncovered along These works are unique in writing a new system of magic and mysticism for There, you will find tales of leaders, orders and groups discovering hidden This also sets the scene for the environment that Franz grew up in. This is a group for anyone interested in learning about and practicing Hermeticism, spirituality, universal Start a new group . Primarily we will be working with Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics text, pore breathing, abilities, and to have your spirit awakened so you will never be distracted from your spiritual path.

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For discussion by Satanists, Luciferians, etc. There is my great grandfather who helped design and invent the liberty engine that helped win World War II for the allies. There is my nephew whose computer program is involved in the production of every Ford automobile that comes off the assembly line around the world. These individuals are not magicians.

They are productive making new things that change and enrich the world. They do this not just for themselves or for those who believe as they do but for untold millions around the world. The Tibetan lamas like to explore the inner world. Engineers change the outer world. Two of the above engineers were Baptists in the fundamentalist Protestant religion. This is a religion almost void of any spiritual practice. That is, there is nothing Baptists do that is a purely spiritual activity that continues for more than a half hour.

That is, they do not meditate. They do not contemplate. And they do not have the faintest clue as to how to focus away from the outer world toward some sort of inner feeling, sensation, perception, or awareness. And by gum, this seems to have worked for them. This is a perfect religion for an extrovert or for those who wish to discipline themselves by exerting the mental and emotional focus required to accomplish things through hard work and ingenuity.

There is little or no social ethic. There is little or no empathy for others and there is a clear demarcation between those who belong to their spiritual community and those who do not. The Voyager space probe required about 14, man hours by a vast array of scientists and engineers to launch a vehicle that even now is on its way to the edge of our solar system.

Kalu Rinpoche, on the other hand, spent about 14, man hours working on his own consciousness. One set of activities is external and the other internal. Some trucks have eight gears. We can think of the seven main chakras in the human body as gears with the eighth gear being the whole aura at once. But in the examples above, the individuals, whether spiritual or material, are only working with a few gears, a few of their chakras. No, they did not. Did they explain the rise of the modern, industrial state and how ideologies tend to consolidate power in a dictatorship?

If you ignore issues pertaining to survival you end up like the Tibetans or the Taliban who lose their entire countries. But it is the same human brain and the same human consciousness that is involved in both inner and outer world activities. Some cultures and masters of East and West simply do not have the gears, the gearshift, or the transmission that enables them to redirect their focus precisely at that moment in time when they have to think differently in order to survive or simply to proceed toward their stated goals.

Gear Shift and Transmission or Moving Between the Inner and Outer Worlds The first problem, then, is that in the study of magic an individual needs all the gears, the entire gearshift, and a working transmission. Magic moves freely and equally through the inner and outer worlds. It is both masculine and feminine equally. It is right brain and left brain equally. And it is the outer brain—the frontal cortex--and the inner or lower brain.

Such a level of integration of consciousness simply does not exist in any religion. It does not exist in any culture. There is no tradition that currently supports this kind of practice. Certain parts of the brain become hyperactive and other parts under utilized when an individual obsesses on certain thoughts or feelings. The individual then compulsively reacts with a ritualized or repetitive form of behavior. The behavior, no matter how arbitrary, weird, or irrational, acts to regain a sense of lost well-being and ward off feelings of anxiety and dread.

He refers to the impartial spectator and mindfulness—being aware of your own feelings and sensations as you experience them.

Franz Bardon’s Hermetics – An Interview with Ray del Sole

Schwartz is the one who uses the metaphor of sticky or broken gears. India has vast problems in this area. But these disciples all decline to take the class preferring to practice their mantras and yidams. It is not there. What kind of mindfulness are these sweet disciples totally oblivious too? They are like the executives of the Big Three auto makers in Detroit in It includes being mindful of the surrounding environment in which you are functioning.

If you miss the suffering of those around you, you are not being mindful. Both the executives and the monks are equally stuck in certain mental ruts and back and forth their thoughts go oblivious to the needs of the world surrounding them. It is fine to sit for five hours a day meditating or rigorously analyzing project design and costs but get either group to take an interest in the needs of the communities surrounding them—this they cannot do.

The gears are missing. On the other hand, I have met many Christian fundamentalists who when reading the Revelations of John take note of how it describes that for a half hour there was silence as the angels went around searching for the one worthy to open the seven seals.

And so for once in their lives they too sit silently for an entire half hour to discover what that feels like. In the book of Daniel in the Bible, it mentions how Daniel on his own initiative went out and spent days fasting and waiting until he would receive a vision from God. Where are the Christians who have the faintest clue as to how to wait, to be still in their consciousness until a genuine angelic vision comes to them?

No gears, no gearshift, and no transmission. The people who work with the outer world are trapped in the outer world and the people who work in the inner world are trapped in the inner world. I knew this Zen student who was great at his Zen meditation. So here he was upset. He had to change gears from idling when he practiced Zen to first gear where you get moving again in the real world. But he had no first gear so emotionally he would get stuck.

They knew how to manipulate and adapt to the market. But when one CEO had trouble meeting the payments on his hundreds of millions dollar personal loan, he artificially and illegally manipulated the stock price to stay high so he could protect his investments. He sells his stock when its high while forcing his employees to buy more. He destroys their pension funds to protect his own investments.

Here is a guy stuck in high gear. When it comes time to downshift, his transmission does not work. He steals whatever he can because he thinks he can get away with it. No heart chakra, no compassion, no empathy, no contentment—just endless greed. In France, there is a law limiting a work week to thirty hours. At Microsoft, employees are required to work fifty hour weeks. After so many years, employees can take a year off.

But Microsoft is considering changing this policy because after their break many employees decide not to come back and do those fifty hour weeks again. They discover they like having low gears as well as high gears.

The Rosicrucian Roots of Franz Bardon -

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, was giving a demonstration of computers in Africa. But the location of the country he was in did not have the right electrical system to run his computer.

It occurred to Bill Gates that before you can give people free computer technology, you have to give them the basics of life. So Bill Gates, used to running in high gear, down sifted and set up the largest charity in the history the world—24 billion dollars.

One of its tasks is to inoculate infants in Africa and to insure they do not die of diarrhea and other causes of infant mortality. Over the next ten years, Bill Gates will have saved the lives of at least six million children in Africa. Hopefully, he will also assist them to avoid later on of dying of starvation caused by civil wars.

Bill Gates, the shark, the guy who tells his project managers that the goal is not to make money but to sell at prices so low they destroy the competition, Bill Gates somewhere along the way acquired a heart chakra gear in his transmission. When I was in a Tibetan monastery back inthe Tibetan lama told one student he was irritated with to go sit in the temple for five hours and to visualize the Tibetan letter Ah.

When I heard him say that, it was like a cultural breakthrough for me. I thought to myself, gee, I can go out into the desert and contemplate something for five hours or all day. It can be anything.

I was far more interested in Quabbalah so I started contemplating the tree of life spending six hours on each sephiroth. Now when Kalu Rinpoche comes back from spending fifteen years in a cave, he is not walking unknown and unacknowledged into a small Tibetan village in some desolate valley. No, he is a man of great dignity and honor who walks triumphantly into a monastery of five thousand monks. When you are involved with the day to day activities of doing the upkeep and work associated with five thousand monks in one set of buildings, sitting by yourself in a cave is pure luxury.

Nonetheless, the lama comes back and plays a role wrapped about with privilege and responsibility. He is honored by a community. All that solitary and internal exploration reinforces the rituals of the community. People feel strengthened by his presence. I was elsewhere—in an invisible world. Maybe after several weeks of astral work I end up writing a thirty-page article on an undine such as Istipihul. The writing is a form of art. Without that art, what I was doing has no meaning for anyone because it is so intensely subjective and private it cannot be communicated.

If someone asks me, What have you been doing for the last three weeks? In fact, it is down right dangerous to develop and explore very private experiences that cannot be shared. Now if you are with a group of Vipassana or Zen practitioners and are asked the same question after a month long retreat, What have you been doing for the last three weeks? They are working on mental clarity, mindfulness, or a state of mind free of attachment or thought.

These individuals have a communal activity. A magician has no such community, at least not yet. I explore the inner worlds in order to be more active and effective in the outer world. I slip into all sorts of incomprehensible spiritual domains to check them out, to take their measure, and to contemplate their value and meaning.

Franz Bardon | The Hermetic Nexus

But it is this world that I share in common with others that I want to make lasting changes—it is this world, the outer world, where my true work lies. Consider the late Swami Rama.

Here was a man who had a phenomenal capacity to change gears. It was shone that he could sustain all four levels of brain waves at the same time—alpha—a meditative state, beta—problem solving awareness, theta—the imaginary state between waking and sleep, and delta—the state of dreamless, deep sleep. In addition to his great yogic accomplishments, Swami Rama set up hospitals in India and research institutes in the United States.

He sought to harmonize and bring together east and west. This is very good. The man was the official, state recognized yogi of India at one point. Secretary of State who had to fly over to India, not Swami Rama or any other Swami, yogi, whatever of India, and explain to India and Pakistan why they could not go to war with each other.

You set these things off and sure you can put Pakistan back into the stone age but look at the cost to India—you so radiate the landscape with nuclear fallout that a quarter of the country becomes radioactive. Where is the intelligence of these spiritual people and yogis when it comes to dealing with real world conflicts?

It does not exist. Swami Rama helps thousands of individuals with their health and thousands more with their spiritual practices but he is willing to let millions die in a nuclear war with Pakistan. There are countless forms of enlightenment, as many as there are stars in the sky.

I think the idea is to develop something that is relevant to the age in which we live. Swami Rama, when he was a young student of a master, threatened to kill himself if his master did not bestow on him shaktipat. I took the liberty one time of psychically connecting to Swami Rama and asking him to pass to me a taste of this exact shatkipat his master had given him. Swami Rama sat for nine hours when he first experienced his shaptipat. I got the same thing but for nine minutes.

For a male, this is the experience of perfectly being one with a divine woman within oneself. It is sheer ecstasy. How many men awake during the night wishing that they had a loving woman to cuddle up next to? And Swami Rama stated that every night he spends some time reliving this shaktipat. Just a taste of such bliss and no wonder these yogis want to sit and do nothing other than practice their spirituality—it is more addictive than heron and like heron it slowly destroys your ability to work and genuinely care about the activities of the other world.

Christ talked about a peace that passes all understanding. But I have never met a Christian who embodies any peace of this depth. The Western world is haunted by a feeling that something is missing. A profound inner peace and the beauty of life are not radiant and flourishing within the depths of ourselves.

No wonder there is such publicity surrounding supermodels and movie stars. Just a faint image, a chance reflection of such qualities in those with outstanding stage presence produces fascination and obsession.

Take the Dalai Lama. He lost his country. But what he does have in his heart is a boundless sea of compassion. Place yourself, project your mind into his heart chakra and you can taste this.

It encompasses the universe and all sentient beings. It is palpable, inexpressible—a beauty that passes all understanding. This guy has the only genuine cosmic religion on this planet and yet the content of his thoughts and the structure of his philosophy are predominately bound by his culture and religion. Does he need an upgrade in his thought processes? To upgrade, he would need to study international economics, trade relations, and computer based educational curriculums.

I notice that one of the tools I acquired early on from Bardon training was the ability to project my mind directly into the consciousness of others such as these spiritual teachers. Consequently, I could study them from within.

To some extent, I could trade thoughts and experience what they have experienced through their decades of spiritual training. It is knowledge through direct experience without the limitations imposed by specific religious systems. I do not have to confine myself to the ideals or objectives of Wicca, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoist, or a specific hermetic tradition. I sometimes get asked how do you interact with spirits.

I interact with spirits almost exactly the same way I am able to interact with other human beings. You develop the tools through training and then you work equally within the inner or outer worlds. Nonetheless, though developing and possessing such psychic and magical tools grants an individual incredibly power and freedom of spiritual exploration, each individual still has to maintain personal harmony, purpose, and self-integration.

This is not easy when you find yourself moving within a vast, mysterious, and largely unexplored universe. And this map of the spiritual world is still largely undeveloped—countless shoals and reefs, whirlpools, and strange psychic storms and all manner of hazards remain unseen. This is in part because those with knowledge of one set of chakras or one aspect of the inner or outer worlds have not applied themselves to working with the opposite of themselves.

With a car, the purpose of gears and a transmission is to respond to a situation on the highway with economy and efficiency. We need sometimes to go in reverse. We need a certain capacity to get going from a complete stop. We need acceleration to get on a freeway and to downshift when going down a steep hill. Life requires a full range of responses to the differing situations it presents to us. You go down a straight and flat highway at a steady speed and one gear will get you there.

franz bardon meet up group in new york

But when you turn off that highway, when you go down back roads or have to make sudden transitions, it is precisely there that your tradition will break down and you may find yourself stranded. Some individuals ignore red lights. They like the gear they are in and the speed at which they are going and they wreck the lives of tens of thousands or of millions.

Salsa meetup group

Others respond to the situation in front of them, change gears invent a new gear and save the lives of tens of thousands or of millions. Magic requires such ingenuity, originality, attentiveness, and creativity. You have to monitor the inner and outer worlds with equal regard. In summary, the following points about problems in practicing magic relate to this first problem: But this is precisely what Franz Bardon is after: Such an individual must possess sufficient nobility and commitment to Divine Providence that he can avoid the abuse of power and pursues his high visions without twisting or distorting them to personal or sectarian ends.

This is an incredibly challenging task and the difficulty and danger involved should never be underestimated. More specifically, if the chakras are activated by various forms of activities, then to shift between the activities of these different chakras or gearsthe energy within our bodies has to move up and down our spinal columns.

If there is a weakness in some chakra or psychic function, increasing the amount of energy going through it will turn that weakness into a disaster. An individual says he wants to develop his will power. So he works with the fire element and suddenly for the first time in his life he feels emboldened to act forcefully and directly to accomplish his goals. Fear and insecurity are gone.

Fire is not afraid. It takes and consumes whatever it needs. Fire is not hesitant or timid. It destroys whatever obstacles are before it with its heat and its explosive power. But look what may happen. The individual, suddenly feeling motivated to act and accomplish his goals, may find himself acting ruthlessly instead of with kindness. He is disdainful of others rather than considerate.

And his nerves leave him feeling irritable, angry, and lashing out at others when before all he needed to do to unwind was sit down and read a book or watch a DVD.

The fire has forced a massive flow of energy through his third chakra, his solar plexus. Consequently, the suddenly onslaught of new feelings and unexpected reactions overwhelm him. A magician has to work with all seven of his chakras and with countless forms of psychic activities. Now what if two bad psychic functions hook up together?

Accounting is a certain kind of mental activity. Virgos sometimes make good accountants. They are analytical and like to get things just right.

Rules for our meetings

The CFO, the chief financial officer, should be good at this sort of thing. Corporations also require strategic planning. This is not about what is being spent. The CEO, the chief executive officer, should be good at this sort of thing. These are similar to the psychic function of answering the questions, What have I been doing with my life?

And, what am I planning on doing with my life in the future? Each supports and provides feedback for the other. What is a sure way to get a corporation to go bankrupt? Have the CEO and the CFO conspire together to inflate artificially the stock of the corporation in order to cash in on selling their shares and stock options. These are two psychic functions gone bad and working together they destroy the overall system.

I know magicians just like that. It is that they are willing to distort and twist their interpretation of it, avoiding the truth, in order to promote their current projects in life. These are con men fooling themselves.

franz bardon meet up group in new york

I remember a bulletin board on the internet where an individual was proclaiming that he never had a problem with money. Magic alone could get him a check in the mail. And then the next day his spouse posts a note that he his financial woes overwhelmed him and he died unexpectedly. Or maybe it was just that simple assumption where the accountant and the planner conspire together to imagine that what worked in the past so well will continue to work in the future.

Until recently, they have not paid any of their earnings out in dividends. They have the funds to invent or buy new products any day of the week. This is the second and fifth chakra combination I mentioned in my previous essay, Problems in the Study of Magic, Part I. It is important to be happy, to follow natural and organic modes of living that work for you individually. But there are also windows of opportunity that comes to us briefly.

You miss them, fail to seize upon them the moment they appear, and they are gone. Magic is like that.

franz bardon meet up group in new york

To train, you have to persist over many years and decades. You have to live a simple and honest life free of complications. But magic also places you in a mysterious universe surrounding by astonishing wonders and incredibly powers. These powers and wonders from time to time will be dropping by and asking you what you want to do with them. You have to be incredibly sharp, alert, and at your very best in order to respond. Again, this ties into the amount of energy that can freely move through your body and spine.

Something magnificent appears to you, something inspiring, an opportunity for work, an opportunity to serve or to love, but if you respond with a major flaw within your psyche, the force of the encounter will knock you down. It was yours to seize but you were not able to handle the energy. Magic and Family Life Let me try to be brief in outlining some other problems. Magic and having a family may not mix well. I am writing a screenplay called, The Fall of Atlantis.

Part of writing is doing research—namely, reviewing some of the major writings on Atlantis. Oliver apparently later renounced this work and became a fundamentalist Christian. Edgar Cayce and Alice Bailey, two other individuals famous for channeling, went in the opposite direction. They were originally Christians but did not let that experience interfere with their channeling. In Dweller on Two Planets, Phylos explains how during his incarnation in Atlantis he had to chose between two different women, both of whom loved him.

He agonizes over the choice he made because he felt he betrayed the women he had two children by to marry the other. Hey man, get over it and move on. But the women he left, who he considered so perfect in her love for him, left her two children in order to be near him.

franz bardon meet up group in new york

Children to me are far more important than any relationship. The women left her children for her love for this creep. You get points off for that. Family is precious and very special. You try to love those close to you as much as you can but you do not let them destroy you. And you try never to sacrifice your family for your needs for success or to indulge yourself.

Magic presents a real problem for those with families. There are thousands of kinds of magical attacks and even the very best magicians may not know how to block all of them.

And just having a high voltage magical energy around a house shared by a family can do damage to the spouse or children. If being near high voltage electrical lines statistically increases the danger of cancer, imagine what being near high voltage magical energy can do.

franz bardon meet up group in new york

Even when you are very careful to dissolve any energy you work with, there remains a residue. If you are sensitive and walk into a room, you can feel that kind of psychic events have taken place there in the past. I had a friend who could see and also tell me the name of the elemental being I had last worked with. She saw the spirit as having a connection to my aura.

Children are often sensitive enough to pick up on such things. Some can handle this very easily and some it will drive insane. Would it help in this case to practice magic outside the house?