Mlp colts meet mares tail

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mlp colts meet mares tail

The Mysterious Mare Do Well, From what I learned as a young colt, I was found by Princess Celestia fur with an orange colored mane and tail with chocolate colored eyes. . Unlike all the other times, I didn't feel afraid about meeting her. . Well there maybe one or two, but this is an MLP story. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is an animated television series based on the My .. Her most prominent ability, "the Stare", causes any creature that meets her in the two opening episodes as Nightmare Moon, a malevolent black mare who . Snails are a pair of dimwitted unicorn colts who create mischief in Ponyville. CartoonsMy Little Pony. Follow/Fav The Tale Of Heavy Weight. By: Spirit Of Fantasy. Meet Heavy Weight, the son of a legendary captain of the royal guard, for the night, all except for one unicorn mare who had now gone into labor . and tail flowed in the wind, her coat was as pearly white as the colt itself.

Larsonthe writer of Luna EclipsedIt's About Timeand Magical Mystery Cureselected the name Star Swirl out of a list of pre-approved locations and names by Hasbro, then added "the Bearded" because it didn't sound "quite old enough". Larson stated that Twilight Sparkle "would be the kind who'd idolize the great minds of the past. Princess Twilight Sparkle, and a post by Wired 's Underwire blog have spelled it "Star Swirl" as this toy line has, [2] [3] [4] [5] though Meghan McCarthy and Larson both on TwitterThe Hub's Facebook app Ponyscopesand closed captions for Shadow Play - Part 1 and Shadow Play - Part 2 have spelled it "Starswirl"; [6] [7] [8] Enterplay's trading cards have used both spellings, and an Enterplay dog tag checklist has listed "Starswirl the Bearded" with a trademark symbol.

She calls Star Swirl "the father of the amniomorphic spell", "the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era", and adds "he created more than spells! He even has a shelf in the Canterlot library of magic named after him.

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In Dragon Questa photo shows Twilight wearing the costume. In It's About TimeTwilight searches for time spells in a wing of the Canterlot library that is named after Star Swirl and displays part of his cutie mark above its door.

Twilight says that it is the most secure section of the archives, and is eventually let into the section by one of the guards patrolling the library. Season three Spike holding the book. At the end of The Crystal Empire - Part 2Princess Luna summons a spiral-bound book that has a dark cover which shows four stars and a swirly pattern.

In Magical Mystery Curea flashback shows the book having been mailed to Twilight in a package with a letter from Princess Celestia. The letter states that the last page of the book contains Star Swirl's "secret unfinished masterpiece", an abandoned spell which he was never able to get right.

When Twilight finally fixes the spell Princess Celestia states that Twilight accomplished what even Star Swirl could not, because he did not understand friendship like Twilight does.

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Season four Star Swirl befriending Scorpan. Twilight wears her Star Swirl costume to the museum, and seven other ponies are seen wearing their own variations of the costume: At the museum, the two princesses spot a candlestick that was used by Star Swirl to light the way when he was exploring the caverns of Maretania. Star Swirl is depicted in a storybook illustration in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1addressed as "a young unicorn wizard" by Princess Celestia.

He is shown to have befriended Scorpanleading him to turn against his evil brother Lord Tirek.

mlp colts meet mares tail

It was then that Golden Heart shocked them all by suddenly being surrounded in a large and very dense ice blue aura, their eyes widened as the in labor mare looked around to her sudden surroundings. It was then that they all heard loud static noises and turned to see machines that were hooked up to the mare getting struck by bizarre bolts of ice blue lightning that appeared to be coming from the magical aura.

The nurse asked as she turned to Golden Heart who was still pushing," Miss Golden Heart, you are a unicorn, are you perhaps doing all this?!

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It's the foal that's doing it! With It's pearly white coat and it's ice blue mane and tail, it snapped It's baby blue eyes open and began to cry as the blue lightning became more fierce. The lightning suddenly blew the machines apart, it singed holes in the walls and almost struck the doctors and nurse, the newly made mother looked up in shock as the air was becoming more heavy and dense.

Is my foal really doing this?! Suddenly the foal's horn stopped glowing and all activity stopped as the little foal looked to It's new mother and slowly stopped crying. The air suddenly felt lighter and breathable once more as the baby started to coo at it's mom. The doctors and nurse looked around as they looked at each other before looking back at the foal, they let out a sigh and looked to the small foal as they professionally inspect it.

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It's a healthy unicorn colt! I have a son Can I hold my son? Oh my little colt!

mlp colts meet mares tail

The foal suddenly cooed as it turned it's head and smiled while letting out a giggle as it looked upon it's mother with happiness and love, Golden Heart let out a soft chuckle as she then snuggled with her new born colt and went to sleep with the colt in her arms. The doctors and the nurse all let out a sigh of relief as they watched the mare sleeping with her new son, the nurse smiled as she calmly walked over to Golden Heart and tucked her in with her colt.

With that business done, they all rose their heads and looked towards the room where the voice was coming from and let out another sigh as they walked out of the room to give the new mother some peace and quiet.

The three of them exited into the hospital hall way and quickly turned to a room that was right next to the delivery room.

They quietly entered and found themselves in a room that barely had any light. They looked around and widened their eyes as they saw none other than their mighty Alicorn ruler princess Celestia, watching the mare sleep with her colt through a two way mirror.

mlp colts meet mares tail

Her light color rainbow mane and tail flowed in the wind, her coat was as pearly white as the colt itself as she turned to see the doctors and the nurse watching her.

Her magenta eyes were now fixed on them as she walked towards them. Her golden attire of a golden crown and necklace with purple gems in them and golden horse shoes seemed to gleam in the dim lights with each step, her cutie mark of the sun symbolized her as the bringer of the sun as they all bowed to her.

Yes your majesty, you must have your reasons I suppose, but tell me What brings you here princess? To see that little colt come into this world,"Celestia said as she narrowed her sights to the colt. Was married to captain Mega Weight, one of the best royal guards I have ever had under my command, his power was unmatched to all others Even myself, and that colt That is his son,"Celestia explained in a serious tone much to the groups surprise.

That is the son of the mighty Mega Weight?! And after what that colt just did to that entire room, I believe that colt