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Jump City is attacked by a Japanese ninja called Saico-Tek. fighting a Gorgo- like giant reptile, the Titans meet Tokyo's own supernatural defense force He reveals that he had sent the first Saico-Tek to the Titans to summon them to Tokyo. Plot Jump City is attacked by a Japanese ninja called Saico-Tek. fighting a Gorgo-like giant reptile, the Titans meet Tokyo's own supernatural defense force . Saico-Tek Background information First episode Trouble in Tokyo Voice Keone Following the clue, the Titans made for Tokyo, where Daizo met them and.

The Mayor of Tokyo announces Robin's arrest and orders that the other Teen Titans must either turn themselves in or leave Tokyo at once. Starfire calls the other Titans, but as they attempt to regroup, Brushogun sends out his minions to destroy the Titans. Meanwhile, as Robin is being transferred to a more secure facility, a slip of paper bearing the name "Brushogun" fits into the armored car carrying him and explodes, freeing him.

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Now on the run, Robin co-opts the identity of a Shinjuku mugger to collect information that Brushogun is in fact real. He is eventually found by the Tokyo Troopers, which leads to a car chase. Robin is surrounded front to back when Starfire comes to his rescue. Starfire takes Robin to a shrine, where they try to kiss again when suddenly CyborgRavenand Beast Boy barge in on them.

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Raven relates from a book she found that Brushogun was an artist who dreamed of bringing his beloved drawings to life using dark magic. The spell ultimately turned against the young artist, and he was transformed into Brushogun, a being of paper and ink - capable to bring any creation he could imagine to life - until he suddenly disappeared.

Robin realizes that he didn't kill Saico-Tek because he was a creature made of ink, and he was set up to make him look like a criminal. With the knowledge they've gained, the Titans track Brushogun to a comic book publishing factory. Inside they discover Brushogun, trap-wired into a cursed printing press that taps into his powers to create the enemies the Titans have faced.

He reveals that he had sent the first Saico-Tek to the Titans to summon them to Tokyo, in order to stop the real culprit who had enslaved him: Daizo himself, who used Brushogun's power to create both his Tokyo Troopers and the monsters that they captured in order to gain a reputation as a hero.

Daizo drops in on the heroes and forces Brushogun to create an army of animated ink minions. A mass battle ensues, culminating in Robin facing Daizo. With no options of escape left, Daizo hurls himself from a catwalk into the ink reservoir of the press, taking control of Brushogun's magic and transforming himself into a hulking mass of ink and machinery, with Brushogun at the center.

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When Brushogun was freed by Robin and died, however, Saico-Tek and all of his fellows created by Brushogun's power likewise ceased to exist. Powers and abilities Abilities-wise, Saico-Tek was a high-tech version of a ninja assassin, an expert in martial arts and acrobatics. As a being composed of magical ink, Saico-Tek possessed any abilities bestowed upon him by his creator. The first Saico-Tek demonstrated the power to regenerate any damage, to the point of regrowing lost limbs; an ability which subsequent versions apparently did not possess.

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However, as a creature of ink, he is highly vulnerable to water and would dissolve instantly upon contact with it. Sentai means fighting force in Japanese. The second Saico-Tek heavily resembles one of the various incarnations of the popular Japanese superhero Kamen Rider. His name is a play on the pronunciation of the English words "psycho" and "tech nology " and also on the word "psychotic". The word saico means 'latest', and tek is obivously a misspelling of 'tech' which happens in Japan due to the fact that the word is pronounced te-ku through katagana which is basically a reverse romanization of worlds.

In the movie, after Robin captured Saico-Tek in Go City and brought him back to the tower for questioning, Saico-Tek set off the sprinkler to disintegrate himself, since he was made from paint. When the Titans questioned how he disappeared they didn't know at the time he was made from paintBeast Boy suggested he "wasn't waterproof".