How can we work together to meet peoples needs for coca cola

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how can we work together to meet peoples needs for coca cola

Operating a global business places tremendous demands on the supply chain. That's why at The Coca-ColaCompany, you'll find the very best people ensure that every link in the chain stretching from bottler to consumer is working together. If you'd like to work for this company, you'll be a part of one of the world's Coca- Cola employs about , people around the world, including many in If you 'd like to join the ranks of Coca-Cola's employees, here's what you need to know: Coca-Cola uses the STAR interview process, so you'll need to understand. We are a global family of people working together to bring your family a wide array of beverage choices to meet your beverage needs every day.

Coca-Cola Ireland also offers employees the opportunity to do some volunteer work in the local community on company time. Employees work with local charities on community initiatives such as painting and decorating a homeless shelter, cooking for the families of sick children, designing and creating a community garden for older people and participating in local beach clean-ups.

how can we work together to meet peoples needs for coca cola

Health and wellbeing Helping our employees to lead healthy and active lifestyles is really important to us. We arrange opportunities for our staff such as memberships, a learning allowance and the chance to take part in community sport and healthy living programmes. Every year, we host Move Week at the office — a week packed with fun activities that help raise awareness around the importance of getting active and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Pay and reward Offering competitive pay and motivating benefits is crucial to both attracting and retaining the most talented people to drive our business forward. We consider a number of different elements, such as pension, healthcare and additional holiday, and put together a benefits package for our employees.

Our rewards programmes are regularly benchmarked against a select peer group of our major competitors. We believe that having people from different backgrounds, with different life experiences and talents is a real bonus for our business.

That's why respecting and valuing the diversity of our people is central to our vision and values. It's also why our employment policies and practices have been developed to protect against discrimination and ensure equal opportunity and fair treatment for all, regardless of age, sex or ethnic background.

how can we work together to meet peoples needs for coca cola

Here we take on big challenges and make bold plans for the future. Our strategic planning team provides expertise and detailed knowledge to our operations teams.

how can we work together to meet peoples needs for coca cola

It might be key market information, data about consumer trends and purchasing habits, or even developments within a particular product category. Whatever the specifics of the information, it's always accurate, useful, and essential to sustainable business growth. Central to how we put ideas into practice, the team also helps plan and run big projects. The evidence goes beyond the short term too.

how can we work together to meet peoples needs for coca cola

This team helps to influence where the company goes by analyzing and predicting future market trends - so we can keep building a successful business. By providing accurate analysis and revealing insights, we add value to core commercial processes - our own included. Day to day, this means we're involved in things like evaluating the economic viability of a product innovation, undertaking financial planning, forecasting a brand's financial results or analyzing sales performance by channel.

In practice this involves talking to government, consumers, employees, the industry and opinion formers about our company story. Day to day we get involved - amongst other things - in community projects, PET recycling schemes, the Live Positively campaign and communicating the benefits of our beverages.

Human Resources HR put in place the policies, practices and procedures that ensure we have the right people in the right places to implement our overall business strategy. Recruitment, succession planning, career mobility and development, as well as our working environment, our culture and compensation and benefits all fall within our remit.

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On any given day this might mean consulting with managers around the business about their recruitment needs, learning about critical gaps within the business and planning how to fill them. Practical change management features heavily too and sometimes this means facilitating workshops and forums. Project management takes up some of our time - seeing that HR projects are running to time and budget. Legal Our Legal team supports us by advising on foreign investment, employee contracts, trademarks, and more.

They liaise with bottlers and work closely with Marketing and Media. Our expert counsel to the Company covers - among other things - new product development and launches, agreements and negotiations with customers.

Day to day our legal people work with the marketing team, helping them stay creative - but within legal boundaries. They approve all the print on every label of every product and help to write the promotion marketing that runs alongside many of our campaigns. And crucially, spend time protecting our most valuable asset: Counsel, Attorney, Legal analyst Information Technology IT provides the world-class systems and infrastructure that optimize our business processes, deliver the right information for decision-making, drive business innovation, and mitigate enterprise risks.

Day to day, this means helping the digital marketing team bring their ideas to life, working with customers like Metro and Carrefour on data scanning systems and testing and deploying desktop and collaboration tools like Blackberry and Webex. We also work with our bottlers, developing systems for gathering volume and revenue data.

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It takes thousands of people working together to keep our multi-billion dollar operation running smoothly. Aviation It's creating the best of the best. From Atlanta to London to Bangkok to Santiago, our people make a difference everywhere we work. Here we have the opportunity to make a difference and create ways to connect our executives, guests and others around the world in an expeditious, safe and comfortable manner.

We never stop looking for the best and the brightest.