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He could arguably be the best goaltender in the history of two franchises. In the event of a tie, regular-season record determines the higher placement The Jackets quickly adapted to the Ohio model of pro-sports futility. But in their leading scorer was, you guessed it, year-old Jaromir Jagr. 5. Dancers perform during the closing ceremony of the Asian for the celebratory performance to bring this event to a grand close! NDTV Sports: # AsianGames: Olympic Council of Asia lets off Indian . NDTV Sports: # AsianGames men's kabaddi final - At the halfway stage, Iran lead vs India. 23rd All India Forest Sports Meet Government Of Telangana Event Result Event:: ATHLETICS M Race, Category:: Senior Veteran, Gender:: Men. 1, GOLD .. 2, SILVER, IGNFA, IG, MOHIT GERA, Sec. 3, BRONZE.

They were thoroughly prepped, including on how to make proper presentations, and filmed throughout the process so that they could also review themselves at the end. But Oliver was determined to not let his disability stop him from living his life worked in a PR company, started table tennis and swimming and even won the gold medal in the state freestyle 50 m championship! It did, however, take him a while to arrive at football coaching. And when he did, he faced the doubts and incredulity of senior coaches.

Again, Oliver persevered, boosted by the news story about Manchester United hiring Sohail Rehman, a wheelchair-bound coach. There was still the final matter of his application being accepted. AIFF had never received one from someone with a physical disability. It was none other than Henry Menezes who sought special approval to let Oliver join. Oliver, in turn, passed the D-license coaching certificate, becoming the first physically-challenged person to do so. He now wants to take up coaching at the grassroots, and eventually, coach a professional team.

These are the kind of stories that bring home the impact of the D-license, its wide availability, and its connection to the growth in grassroots football and coaching. WIFA have written to all the districts, giving them until the end of He and his team are responsible for finding a national team coaching, sacking him, finding another and so on. Now we have pro-licensed coaches, why get them from outside and pay them more? Why not encourage the talent here?

It was less than 10 in ; the number shot up to around 30 a year later, says Moras. Text and image courtesy Mint Apart from championing the cause of the D-license in India, Henry realised that another major area that needed work was the gap between school teams and professional clubs, which is where a lot of the potential talent is lost without a clear career trajectory. And gasps when I say — I think that in the next years a lot of young, talented players will emerge.

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How is WIFA handling that? You should know by now that with Henry at the helm, there will always be a road-map, whatever stage of the process it is in. He admits that 35 districts are too much to monitor. At the moment they are working directly with only 6, with future plans to expand. The final plan, which he surmises will take years, is to make clusters — 5 clusters of 7 districts each.

Rural administration is weak so they are trying different ways to improve it. AIFF has put up a technical and grassroots office at Cooperage out of their own coin for the same purpose.

There are districts that are learning from us — start the grassroots, start the grassroots leaders course, start coaching education. When we have coaches, children will come to them. It becomes a business for them also, and to monetise that they will start working harder, and automatically you have centres, and things start to grow from there. Palghar, Nasik, Solapur, for example, are doing quite well with this system.

Our aim is to see that every kid in Maharashtra gets an opportunity to play. There is also a strategic framework in place to encourage and provide infrastructure, education and awareness for girls. It was recently launched at Cooperage with more than girl participants.

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Also at Cooperage is the Mirror Girls Soccer League which had its inaugural edition in Octoberand is currently underway for edition number two with over competing teams.

It is the first Corporate Social Responsibility programme attached to a football state; so for the first time a project like this is going through official channels, including creating funding avenues and opportunities.

One of its main aims is to inculcate the values of cleanliness and gender equality through the medium of sport, in this case, football. When asked to elaborate, Henry gave two examples. For the first, kids will be asked to dip their palms in glitter and then asked to wash it all off with just water. Funds are of course crucial and it is heartening that inWIFA signed a crore deal over a period of 10 years with Sporting Ace, a private agency, for football development within the state of Maharashtra.

But it is also the responsibility of individual states to ensure that enough local and grassroots level activity is undertaken in order to aid these efforts by the football organisations. The bigger states of Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala and Karnataka have some of these systems in place, but it needs to become widespread, and for that Indian football also needs somebody who has vision broader than simply inter-district as means of players then getting jobs. One of his personal suggestions is to introduce scorecards for the districts to harness pride and competitive spirit.

We conduct football festivals and competitions, invite participations — so it is a combination of state associated, district associated where state and districts give exposure and the pride of representing their clubs and colours. There will be seven participating state associations with a one-year time limit to implement the recommendations of this delegation. The formula for the ranking that follows is based on playoff success.

Ten points for winning a playoff series and an additional 20 for hoisting Lord Stanley. In the event of a tie, regular-season record determines the higher placement playoff series wins in parentheses. No series wins; heck, no playoff wins. Both incarnations of this terrible franchise made the playoffs once and were promptly swept.

They are the Cleveland Browns on ice. Inthey beat the Pens on their way to the finals. Columbus Blue Jackets 0.

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The Jackets quickly adapted to the Ohio model of pro-sports futility. The six professional teams in the Buckeye state have one trophy since It was in basketball. New York Islanders 1. Since knocking the Penguins from their quest for three straight Stanleys inthe Islanders have won one playoff series. The curse of continues. Not one of them ever won again. Wayne Gretzky tried to right this ship, taking over as owner and director of operations. A few years later he gave up, proving that he is not as good an owner as Mario Lemieux.

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They are the 49ers of the NHL. Both teams were s dynasties, winning four championships. Both added one in the s. Both made it to the finals once this century, and both lost. Toronto Maple Leafs 4. The last time they won a Cup was in At least the Hockey Hall of Fame is in Toronto, where fans can go to see some good players. More like Minnesota Mild. If this franchise folded, no one would notice. There really is nothing at all to cheer for in Buffalo, is there?

Another team that had a brief relationship with the great Jagr. Six playoff series wins, and three of those were last season. The Pens squashed their dreams last year and proved that Tennessee is the Ohio of the south. A steady but unspectacular franchise.

They have the indignity of letting the Rangers win the Stanley Cup for the only time in 78 years. Still the gold standard in terms of all-time history, but the luster is fading. They won it all inthe last time a non-U. Or maybe the Senators will.