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The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. .. She could also be heard on BBC WM with Joanne Malin on a Thursday (/siːˈædətən/ see-AD-ə-tən) is a year-old British-Iranian restaurateur from Philip formed a relationship with fellow contestant Kate Walsh after meeting. Fergus Walsh Medical correspondent I have met Sohana several times over recent months and she has always been uncomplaining about. Btw could someone publish the minutes for the meeting where the BBC I've noticed how BBC anchors pronounce the Iranian names more.

An award-winning dancer, and area manager of ten pubs, Howard describes himself as 'a credible businessman who wants to go far'. He was the first project manager on the men's team, having led his team to victory on the first task.

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He was fired in week He cited family reasons for his untimely departure, however Sir Alan Sugar implied that Adam was intimidated by him, stating to the contestants on the first episode that he had 'bottled it'. Video footage of him was shown during the first episode of The Apprentice: This caused Empire to return to the broadroom with a loss. Paula stated she had a poor grasp of costings, and had chosen Yasmina a former restauranter and Ben a stockerbroker specifically to assist with the manufacturing to ensure no mistakes were made.

She consequently brought both into the broadroom, where they were deemed to be equally at fault, but Paula was ultimately held responsible as project manager, and was fired. Mona Lewis[ edit ] Mona Lewis, 28, is a senior business manager, single mother to son Ryan and former Tanzanian beauty-queen [32] who lives in SittingbourneKent.

No stranger to confidence, Mona states "I knew I would be selected, not to sound big-headed I've succeeded in the companies I've worked for because I work hard and I'm honest. However, she won the Week 7 task when team leader. She was fired "with regret" on week eight, after a task to rebrand the town of Margate for showing lack of skills apart from selling and creativity.

Mona said after she left The Apprentice,"At no time have I ever claimed to be a creative person! The whole reason I signed up was to put myself out of my comfort zone.

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He is a former child chess champion and member of MensaJames describes himself as 'astute and shrewd and smart He is also a "sports nut" and has been a football referee since he was Prior to appearing in The Apprentice he was a commercial manager at a telecommunications company. Whilst in The Apprentice, James narrowly escaped the boardroom twice, in weeks two and three, and was observed to be very emotional by other candidates.

Sir Alan commented on his narrow escape as " [him] being so far out of that door, you don't know. He is also only the second candidate in Apprentice UK history - the first being Saira Khan in Series One - to lose twice as project manager and remain in the competition.

Following Howard's sacking in Week 10, James became the only male candidate in the final 5.

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Despite this, he was "regrettably" fired after the interview task. Since leaving the show he has said that he hopes to be involved in public appearances, conferences, after-dinner speaking, PR events, sport, charity work as well as general business. He had done some screen tests with the aim of becoming a regular presenter on a racing show.

James also started working on a book about pregnancy. His grandparents were Iranians of Sunni Baloch ethnicity. Just before his ninth birthday, his brother, sister, brother-in-law and cousin all died in a car crash and he cites this as the reason why he was expelled from sixth form. This combination of a few basic shapes combined with six standard dot patterns comprises almost the entire Perso-Arabic alphabet. Many of the letters are redundant Curiously, several letters in the alphabet have the same sound when the word is pronounced.

When Persian borrows these words, these various letters are all approximated to the same sound.

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The legacy remains in the spelling of these words when written. How do you learn the right spellings? But where are the vowels? Where are the vowels? In written Persian, these vowels are added as extra marks above or below the consonant they follow. Of course you would. You know what vowels to insert, and where. Ignore the difficulties of the script and get stuck in having a conversation. As I mentioned before, beginner phrasebooks and language guides transliterate the words into the Latin alphabet to get you started.

If you concentrate on speaking and listening first, and reading and writing later, two things will happen. Finally, remember that there are only three short vowel sounds that are missing. Second, American signals and electronic intelligence have also grown more capable in ways that are hard to understate. And it is not just us. Iran is the most watched country in the world. Russia and IAEA officially have personnel on the ground at nuclear facilities.

When the US intel community has come up short in the past, it has been most often when they were not looking and looking elsewhere rather than being focused on a target and getting it wrong. Fourth, the evidence to date in statements by the intel community supports this conclusion.

In public testimony and reports, the DNI has, over time, ascribed higher confidence levels to findings regarding Iran, even on issues regarding intention, not physical capability.

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Moreover, following the invasion of Iraq, the intel community has introduced several reforms to reduce the chances of inaccurate assessments. The real question is whether Iran believes it can build facilities and not be detected.

I cannot afford the risk of getting caught at those levels. Now apply this to the Iranian case. Iran has twice built facilities and has twice been caught, leading directly to the UNSC resolutions and sanctions. They, of course, offer a different interpretation of their IAEA safeguards obligations. If I am sitting in Tehran and hope to but a secret facility, do I feel confident that I have a high likelihood of getting away with it? That is the question, and the answer is no.

Of course, one can imagine circumstances where a country would be risk acceptant with regard to detection, for example, if they thought they were on the verge of being attacked or other situations of extremis. In summary, the historical evidence clearly indicates that the US has excellent capabilities for detection. Those capabilities have grown dramatically and are focused, along with many others, on any action within Iran. We have greater confidence today that before in our ability to assess Iranian actions, and the Iranians have little reason to believe they could get away with something.

Walsh attended the 10th annual Millennium conference of the International Studies Association.