Meet the spartans hooters

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meet the spartans hooters

Monster Crap Inductee: Meet The Spartans (). Monster Crap .. Leonidas says that they should celebrate as tonight, they dine at Hooters. Spartatouille. Meet the Spartans Crista Flanagan (Ugly Betty / Spartan Girl) Sean Maguire Courtney Shay Young (Hooters girl / Pretty girl #12) Dominique . Meet the Spartans () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Kim Ormiston Hooters Girl (as Kimberly Ormiston ).

Meet the Spartans (2008)

Willy Crispin Glover reveals his plot to use them all as a special ingredient in his treats. In an effort to hide from the maniacal Willy, Lucy finds a wardrobe. On the other side, in the middle of a wintry forest, she finds Mr. Tumnus Hector Jimenezwho welcomes Lucy to Gnarnia and warns her of danger.

Colin and Wes watch bad movies: #75 Meet The Spartans (Wes)

She convinces him to trap the other orphans in order to become the king of Gnarnia in her White Castle. All four go to Tumnus' house, where they discover that they are all related to one another in a copy of the famous painting The Last Supperand that the White Bitch killed their parents.

Edward sneaks off to the White Bitch's castle and refuses to tell her where the others are.

meet the spartans hooters

She flashes him her breasts, hypnotizing him into giving up the information on the orphans, then imprisons him. The White Bitch sends Silas after the trio; Tumnus apparently sacrifices himself to ensure their safety. Meanwhile, the White Bitch reveals her plans to create a new continent for her followers via a magic crystal. Edward escapes with the assistance of Captain Jack Swallows Darrell Hammondonly to find out it was a ruse as Jack, the Bitch's old enemy, needs intelligence out of Edward.

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Jack is then stabbed by the White Bitch as the magic crystal is thrown in the ocean and grows, putting the Bitch's plan in motion. Aslo agrees to help Edward, and he manages to kill Silas, but while breaking Edward out, Aslo is slain by the White Bitch. As the orphans have a pre-battle party with their allies, Susan gets drunk and vomits everywhere. Their army is disgusted enough that nobody shows up to help the orphans the next day.

The four siblings engage the White Bitch in battle and are killed.

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Peter then finds a magic remote and uses its powers to revive his siblings. He marries Margo Carmen Electra and they have a son who he then starts to train to become the future king.

meet the spartans hooters

Leonidas kicks the messenger into the Pit of Death, along with his guards, the judges of American Idol, Britney Spears Nicole Parker and several other people. Leonidas rejects her wish to join his army and they soon face the first of Xerxes troops, whom they beat in a dance off.

meet the spartans hooters

Paris Hilton eventually betrays the Spartans to Xerxes, and a mass battle between the two opposing armies ensues. However just when you think this diabolical movie is over, another six minutes is inexplicably added post credits.

meet the spartans hooters

They include George Bush jr. Everything about this movie that I was apprehensive about came true.

meet the spartans hooters

Now it seems that writers have so little imagination or skill they have to fill these films out with pop culture references that have absolutely nothing to do with the story itself. If any further proof of this is needed, there are also pointless references to Transformers, Grand Theft Auto and Ugly Betty. When Leonidas is born, he is the third baby. The first is a talking ogre baby Shrek 3 and the second is Vietnamese, which is adopted by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.