Meet the robinsons bad guys name in incredibles

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meet the robinsons bad guys name in incredibles

In the first movie, the villain Syndrome (aka Buddy) has captured Mr. Incredible and told him that he has a missile aimed at this family. Wilbur from Meet the Robinson's & Violet from The Incredibles = Willet! character couple to ship.:) Wilbur. Michael "Goob" Yagoobian, AKA the Bowler Hat Guy, is the secondary antagonist of Disney's animated feature film Meet the Robinsons. Frankie, a garden structure gives him the idea to go back in time and steal a T-Rex named "Tiny".

Upon discovering that Wilbur had followed them to the past, and was now gone, they return to the future and land invisible in the Robinsons' lawn. When Doris leaves to get Lewis out of the Robinson house, she gives him control of a mini-Doris so that he can accompany her without leaving the time machine. After spying Lewis, Doris flies off on her own, while Goob ponders how to get him out of the house.

After finding a bar of frogs, he has an idea of taking control of Frankie and using him to intercept Lewis and bring him to Goob.

This fails as Frankie is too small to grab Lewis. After dismissing Frankie, a garden structure gives him the idea to go back in time and steal a T-Rex named " Tiny ". He then sends him controlled by Mini-Doris after Lewis. With the help of the Robinsons, Lewis, and Wilbur defeat Tiny and Mini-Doris is taken away by the frogs to her presumed destruction, while Doris chastises Goob for his plan. However, they seize their chance when Lewis is walking away from the Robinson family after being seemingly betrayed, Goob promising to use the time machine to take him back to see his mother if he will repair the memory scanner.

Wilbur's arrival makes Lewis angry enough to agree, and Goob flies them in the time machine to his old orphanage home. After Lewis fixes the memory scanner, Doris ties him up and takes him prisoner, and then Goob tells his story. Carl and Wilbur save Lewis, but before they can reach the house, Doris impales Carl and steals back the memory scanner, and Goob pauses just long enough to taunt them before going back to the past.

meet the robinsons bad guys name in incredibles

Goob successfully passes off the memory scanner as his own and then presents the idea of helping hats to Inventco. Sometime shortly afterward, the helping hats begin terrorizing the people, and a horrified Goob asks Doris about it.

But Doris, having no more use for Goob, sics several hats on him and presumably kills him. This future is edited, however, after Lewis uses the time machine to go back to before it was set in motion. At the point in time immediately after Goob signs the contract and makes the invention his own, Lewis appears and tells him that Doris is using him and will kill him after getting what she wants. Goob sees Doris being destroyed after Lewis promises he will never invent her.

meet the robinsons bad guys name in incredibles

Lewis then shows Goob the industrial, smog-filled future that Doris would have created, which fades after a few seconds thanks to Lewis's intervention in the past, restoring the original, peaceful future.

As Wilbur is restored into existence, he attacks Goob on sight, until Lewis pulls him and tells his future son of his association with Goob. Then Goob leaves, wondering what to do next despite Lewis getting Wilbur to offer to have the Robinsons adopt him. Edit Spy and Actress. Being the star with her costar and dog Bolt on a hit television called "Bolt", Penny acts as a spy in search for her father.

Bolt is assigned the task of protecting Penny from Dr. Calico and his henchmen with his superpowers. Bolt doesn't know he isn't really super and goes out searching for Penny because she was kidnapped in the episode.

While Bolt is going into the real world, Penny is upset wanting to find her friend.


Even when asked to continue the TV show with a look alike dogPenny still wanted to be with Bolt. When Bolt returns to Penny, he rescue her from a set fire that nearly killed them both. Penny's mother tells their agent they quit and later moves to a rural home to live a simpler lifestyle with her mother and pets. Penny isn't afraid to do the extreme to get out of a situation and often the first one to the action with no fear on her face. She's the go-getter in the group.

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Bolt, like Penny, stays in his acting role; so Bolt has superpowers to help protect Penny. The Incredibles in a Magic Kingdom Adventure. It distracts from the now. Nell Minow of Common Sense Media wrote that Bird "plays the funniest character in the film", [62] while AllMovie 's Perry Seibert described his performance as "screamingly funny". Jacksonwho had been nominated in the same category for his role as Frozone.

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Miller of the New York Post cited Edna's impact since The Incredibles as significant in spite of her relatively brief appearance, [16] while HelloGiggles contributor Sydney Bucksbaum crowned her "the real hero" of The Incredibles.

Incredible 24thViolet Parr 20th and Elastigirl 14th. Supporting Characters", deeming her "An icon in her own right".

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