Don flirt winner official light

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don flirt winner official light

winner, winner tour, winner profile, winner facts, winner members, Yoon Official Instagram Mino caused the crowd to scream their heads off as he was the first member to begin the series of solo stages with 'Body' and 'Turn off the light'. that included 'Don't Flirt', 'Luxury, 'Really Really' and 'Everyday'. Here's A Recap Of WINNER's Singapore Concert Last Night. Images: YG Entertainment, Kang Seungyoon's Twitter. Previous. But as with all events, there are clear winners and losers. to appreciate partying or Andrew W.K.; at bars, I imagine they order a single Bud Light and nothing more. I'll be honest—I don't really care about this at all. . In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you can shamelessly flirt and hook up with whoever you.

This concert has been a long time coming for Filipino Inner Circles, and finally they can have their winning moment. I can almost imagine myself at sunset, lounging at the beach with a mango shake in tow, lazily grooving to their album as the waves crash repeatedly onto the shore.

Which is why it was such a great treat to escape my everyday trappings for one night and let loose into a tropical paradise with WINNER. Even as I was approaching the arena, as far as the eye could see, there were fans decked out in variations of blue. I was silently thanking the universe that I happened to pull out a navy blouse in my frantic state that morning. A multitude of fans had already been waiting in line early on and even as the sun was setting, more and more fans had gathered with the same unrelenting energy.

Fans outside were also treated to live soundcheck audio, only furthering the excitement and anticipation in fans waiting to get in and enjoy the show. While I was intrigued to find out what else they had in their program, the inner concert-goer in me decided to head inside to try and find the closest possible position to the barrier in the standing area.

And boy, was I pleased that I did so. The concert started off with a literal BANG! They made their way to the extended stage where they ended the first set of songs with their opening ment.

don flirt winner official light

What surprised me the most here was when the members greeted fans in both English and Filipino! Playful banter ensues after the song ends as the members pause to take a water break. Seungyoon also made it a point to show his appreciation for the fan projects prepared by PH Inner Circles such as the banners and globe ad around Mall of Asia: This is all being facilitated by Seungyoon and the other members.

His guitar strap was provided by PH ICs! I decided that I wanted to marry Henry. The hours went by, and by 8: I need to act now, I thought. What better way to show my interest than to flip his hat off of his head?

This would be the peak of my flirting, the moment he would laugh and look into my eyes and feel the fire that I felt. Nervously, I went to tip his hat off of his head. But instead, disaster struck. My uncoordinated and nervous arm had missed the underside of his hat and instead hit his nose.

Little did I know, he had recently broken it and gotten stitches.


I practically punched his nose. He began to cry, and the stiches began to bleed. I sat next to him, mouth agape, searching for a way out of this horrible situation.

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We were never married. Trying to brush its teeth. Thick, matted fur draped onto thick, matted arms sporting thick, matted fingers. They are fine women. They will go places in life. Is he an idiot? Why does he know where Donald Trump went to college?

don flirt winner official light

Tell yourself instead, his emotions are too strong to express themselves in conventional ways. Payson, UT Warning this story is one hundred percent true no matter how crazy or wacky it may sound.

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My brother-in-law works for the state prison and he had one of the inmates approach him with a problem. He said he got bit by a bug on his The inmate showed him his ya ya, and it was bleeding quite profusely. The first thing my brother-in-law thought was that had to have been one big bug to cause that kind of damage, but he doubted the inmate would tell him the truth and sent him to medical.

My brother-in-law came back to work a couple of days later and was informed the inmate had lied to him. Apparently the inmate was kind of a loner and liked to sit on a patch of grass in the prison yard. Lately the prison has been having a small problem with gophers digging up holes in the grass.

The inmate thought if he were to mark his territory, like a dog, then the gopher would leave.

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So he stuck his ya ya in the gopher hole, and soon as he did that the gopher popped his head out and just stared at him before it latched on. The best part is that this whole experience was caught on the security cameras and you could see the gopher flying through the air as the inmate trying to shake it off. The report is now posted throughout the entire prison.

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I took a closer look and realized in horror that the bunny belonged to my neighbors.