Professor layton and the last specter ending a relationship

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professor layton and the last specter ending a relationship

Professor Layton and the Last Specter at IGN: walkthroughs, items, End of the nearest plank; Small pile of rocks in the center close to the. For Professor Layton and the Last Specter on the DS, a GameFAQs with Last Specter (which establishes characters and relationships while the final game of the prequel trilogy will not be released until the end of the year. The previous Professor Layton title, The Unwound Future, ended Layton and Luke's adventures. Professor Layton and the Last Specter rewinds.

Go east to an empty scene. Check the right closed window of the leftmost house, the first bush on the right side of the road and the furthest arch in the distance for hint coins. Continue onward to the North Pier.

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Tap the end of the pier, the yellow boat beside the path, and the woods at the top-right for hint coins. Investigate the sign on the shack for Puzzle Go west to arrive at the dam.

professor layton and the last specter ending a relationship

Tap on the door, making Layton remark that the water in Misthallery flows out of this dam. Check the door of the small building, the third protrusion from the left of the dam, and the steps below the big door for hint coins.

Tap the forest to the right of the dam repeatedly for Puzzle Go west once more to finally arrive at the entrance of Barde Manor. Keats is here if you missed any puzzles. Check the top of the left gate post, the center of the fallen gate, and the part where the roots branch at the bottom-right for hint coins. Go north and check the trees. In order to advance, you need to solve Puzzlewhich additionally gives you the "scrubbed" puppet action after solving.

Tap the center of the windmill as well as the top of both fence posts for hint coins.

As you approach the manor, Layton catches sight of a silhouette passing by a window in the manor. Before you do anything else, tap the bush hanging from the spire, the windows directly above the door, and the chimneys to the right for hint coins. Knock on the door. An old man who claims to be Seamus, the manor's gardener, will be at the door, and he won't let you in. After the confrontation, Luke says that all of the Barde family's servants were let go when Mr.

Noting the poor condition of the manor's garden as well, Emmy speculates that Seamus is no gardener, and is actually holding Arianna captive! You must find an entrance to the manor somewhere around here. Go left to arrive at the bottom of the thin tower.

Emmy suggests using this tower to enter the manor, since it is connected to the manor via a tall passage. For hint coins around this area, tap the left bush repeatedly, the lone window on the tower and the top of the tallest tree in the background. Go left instead of entering the tower.

You'll arrive at a misty lake. Luke says that the water from this lake flows to the canals of Misthallery. It used to be carried by pipes to the town, but the old system was replaced, and the unused, rusty pipes are left behind. Check the boat near the distant building, the small branch sticking out from the trees at the left, and the flowers in the bottom-left corner for hint coins. Tap the water below the pier repeatedly to get a collectible item, the Shiny Scale.

Mysterious tower[ edit ] The hint coins throughout this tower are hidden in some really innocuous places.

professor layton and the last specter ending a relationship

In the lower tower, tap the mushroom beneath the third golden bowl, a dark spot at the right side of the central column, as well as one of the top steps on the column for these hint coins. Climb up and check the dark red brick at the left close to the pillar, the top step of the lower part of the tower, and a dark spot at the left edge of the pillar to get three more hint coins. Tap the pillar itself repeatedly for Puzzlesthen tap the tree branches to remove them, letting you ascend some more.

At the top of the tower, there seems to be no visible passage into the manor.

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However, there are some markings painted on the wall. There are four numbers: For hint coins, tap the dark spot below the center of the window repeatedly, the moss directly below the "2", and the moss on the left column of the window. If you may recall, there were four golden bowls at the bottom tower. If you go down to investigate them, they turn out to be gas lamps which can light themselves up. These lamps must have some connection to the tower and its secrets!

Trial by Fire[ edit ] There are four alcoves here, each housing a lamp. The tower's secret seems to be connected to these four torches, somehow.

Search the tower for any clues that will help solve this puzzle. Answer The clue you're looking for is at the top of the tower. The numbers on the wall indicate the order in which to light the torches.

professor layton and the last specter ending a relationship

For example, you must light the torch with a "1" below it first, and the one marked "4" the last. Enter it to reach the corridor leading to Barde Manor. For hint coins here, check the cobweb above the further window, the lights and the middle panels of the closer window. Check the door for Puzzle to unlock it. You will also get the "tasted" puppet action which, if you were following the walkthrough or just solving every puzzle available to you, should give you all the actions you need to complete the first puppet theater.

Go into the manor. Layton will notice a painting of Arianna and a boy on the wall. Luke says that the boy is Arianna's brother, Tony. Tony supposedly lives with Arianna, but he's nowhere to be seen here. Check the chandelier for Puzzle After that, tap the top of the center window, the top of the orange pillar, as well as the web on the blue painting for hint coins.

Go right and investigate the toys. Puzzles range from mini math tests to word twisters to mazes to rearranging blocks. Level-5 designed the DS game with a good amount of puzzle diversity. Although, the types of puzzles in The Last Specter should be familiar to people who played the other games. The puzzles have an outside of the box trick to them that Professor Layton fans will probably pick up on quickly.

If you get stuck you can spend hint coins earned by tapping the background for clues. Players still have to tap everywhere, but a helpful fish reveals some of the hidden hint coins. The fish collects coins in its own mini-game where players place bubbles that make your gilled friend bounce in the opposite direction. Another new mini-game is toy train where you have to drag and drop train tracks so a train can visit all of the stations.

Puppet theater is the final and perhaps simplest mini-game, which has players pick words to direct a play. Misthallery is divided into several sections, although many require the plot to progress to a certain point before they can be accessed. In order to move about Misthallery, players tap a shoe-shaped icon on the bottom-right corner of the touch screenand then the arrow representing the direction of the path they wish to take. The puzzle is solved via input from the bottom touch screen, while instructions are provided on the top.

Initiating a conversation or investigating an object in the main game will often lead to the player being asked to solve a puzzle. When a puzzle begins, the player is briefly presented with the puzzle's name, number, and value in "Picarats", the game's system of points as well as an estimation of the puzzle's difficulty.

The player has an infinite amount of time to complete each puzzle, and they have access to an in-game memo pad function to aid them in solving each puzzle. If they do not wish to solve the puzzle at the time, they can hit the button labelled "Quit" in order to exit the interface without losing any Picarats.

If a player needs more help, they can also purchase a fourth "super hint", a more detailed hint that costs two hint coins. Sometimes, this will involve tapping a button labelled "Input Answer" and writing a word or number that solves the given puzzle. Other times, they might be asked to circle an answer or tap an area on the touch screen, and then hit "Submit".

Still others are solved automatically once the player finds the solution by interacting with objects on the bottom screen. Deducted Picarats and purchased hints are not reset if a puzzle is restarted. If the player submits an incorrect answer, they will be asked to repeat the puzzle, and a varying amount of Picarats will be deducted from the maximum possible for that puzzle.

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Fulfilling certain criteria, such as clearing all levels in a minigame, unlock additional puzzles in the Bonuses section. Players are also capable of connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in order to download additional puzzles in the "Bonuses" mode, which can be selected from the game's title screen.

professor layton and the last specter ending a relationship

These puzzles to be are made available each week following the game's release. In order to play these minigames, the plot must have progressed far enough to have unlocked each of them, and more difficult levels require the completion of puzzles in the main game. The toy train must pass through every train station and reach a defined end point, and in harder levels, it must be timed to avoid cars and other trains.