Pink panther 2006 ending relationship

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pink panther 2006 ending relationship

Trail of the Pink Panther () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Actually, they (barely) manage to make a plot of some kind for about the first half of the movie. . lee_eisenberg12 February . films shown as the characters who knew Clouseau from the old films narrate about their relationships with him. The Pink Panther Strikes Again () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more But at the end of the day, it must be noted that there is one element above all earlier pictures was Clouseau's relationship with the increasingly demented Dreyfuss. .. The Pink Panther was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Their best Pink Panther movies did wonderfully what could not be done so well by anyone else, and not even, at the end, by them. (There was.

Cast notes[ edit ] Owing to Peter Sellers's heart condition, whenever possible he would have his stunt double Joe Dunne stand in for him. Because of the often physical nature of the comedy, this would occur quite frequently. Julie Andrews provided the singing voice for the female-impersonator "Ainsley Jarvis".

Graham Starklongtime friend of Sellers, once again makes an appearance in the series, albeit in a small role as the desk clerk of a small German hotel. Omar Sharif appears, uncredited, as the Egyptian assassin.

Tom Jones sang the Oscar-nominated song "Come to Me".

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The role of Olga Bariosova was originally played by Maud Adams who was replaced after filming a few scenes. Blake Edwards made a cameo appearance in the background of the nightclub scene. As a result, it is the only Pink Panther movie which has a storyline Dreyfus in the insane asylum that explicitly follows on from the previous film.

The movie was in production from December to Septemberwith filming taking place from February to June Sellers was mentally and physically in bad shape, and Edwards commented on the actor's mental state: Some of the excised footage was later used in Trail of the Pink Panther.

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There's seldom been a film that's felt as simply, utterly wrong as Trail of the Pink Panther. With this film, Edwards attempted to make an "all new" Panther escapade using deleted footage of Sellers from the previous three Panthers, with brand new scenes filmed around him to make it appear as if Sellers was really involved.

For a little while, it almost works the joins are at times seamless despite itself.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

But then you see a sequence lifted wholesale from "Strikes Again" Clouseau's mishap with a bag of groceries and things go rapidly downhill. The Sellers footage is of course very amusing, but it's painfully obvious which Panther films the scenes were cut from especially the "Strikes Again" footage, where a number of that film's supporting characters suddenly appear for no good plot reason and the flimsy plot does all manner of convulsions to fit the scenes in.

Then, 40 minutes in, Clouseau vanishes, his plane having "disappeared". Suddenly, what plot there was which was nothing hot anyway evaporates and the film wanders into would-be Citizen Kane territory.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

From here on Joanna Lumley quite lovely with a French accent wanders in as a TV reporter determined to track down Clouseau. With her arrival, the pace grinds to a halt and so do the laughs.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

It's certainly nice to see some of the early Panther notables again David Niven, Graham Stark, Capucine along with an amusing contribution from Richard Mulligan as Clouseau's even battier father, but even this doesn't really work, outside of padding the film to a releasable running time.

Even worse is that Niven, who was gravely ill at the time, is dubbed by C-Grade impressionist Rich Little. Little can be hilarious impersonating celebrities his Howard Cosell on Futurama is a blast but his attempt to seriously imitate Niven is just painful, with his own accent frequently creeping in.

It only gives Niven's scenes a bizarre, otherworldly quality, in a film that already feels mighty creepy.

Little is also roped in to imitate the voice of Harvey Korman more successfully and Sellers excruciatingwhich only makes things stranger. This second half of the film mixes Lumley's interviews with Clouseau's contemporaries with heavy doses of flashback footage from earlier Panthersall of it so much better that the new stuff.

Even when it attempts to be funny on its own, Edwards resorts to stealing these gags as opposed to the footage from earlier triumphs. Witness Dreyfus's barely concealed laughter during his attempt to eulogise his former nemesis And then remember that he did the exact same thing in "Revenge" If there is one shining light in this misbegotten dud, its the peerless Herbert Lom.

He's a truly underrated comic presence who manages to rise above the material with all his facial ticks, pratfalls and explosions of rage. The final shot of the film, with Clouseau standing on a cliff face, looking out to sea only to get pooped on by a seagull manages to sum up the whole enterprise.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

It's a blatant stand-in how could it be anything but? Having passed on "Romance" because he believed no one could replace Peter Sellers, Blake Edwards only went on to prove his point In an even less dignified way! Maybe the final comment should go to Edwards and his dedication at the beginning of this misguided, shambolic but possibly well-intentioned fiasco The One and Only Inspector Clouseau" 85 out of 89 found this helpful. Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. Bad idea, though not as badly executed as you might think Wizard-8 27 February Trying to piece together a movie with a limited number of outtakes is asking for trouble.

Actually, they barely manage to make a plot of some kind for about the first half of the movie. But when they run out of footage of the late star even desperately at one point using a longer version of a scene that actually made the final cut in a previous Panther moviethe movie collapses with the ridiculous device of trying to finish the movie by having people relating their memories of the detective.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

However, during this second half, there is one bright spot: Richard Mulligan, who plays the famous detective's father. And the scenes showing the past of the detective played by different actors were pretty amusing.