Namida usagi ending relationship

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namida usagi ending relationship

Namida Usagi #05 (Spanish). Los estudiantes de una clase se ven sometidos a una macabra versión del “juego del rey”. Todos reciben en sus móviles la orden . Namida Usagi has 92 ratings and 7 reviews. Vedendo la (Namida Usagi~ Seifuku no Kataomoi~ #10). by Nice ending to a seriously good series. Loved it !!. The last Chinese scanlations of Namida Usagi is up a few days ago and I Then , Narumi has finally arrived but the school festival has ended.

They spend Christmas together.

Namida Usagi #09 (Spanish)

It is the first time he called her by her first name at the top of a beautiful hillside night view of the city. Thanks to some alcoholic drink, Momoka got drunk and teases him.

Then, she calls him by his first name which made him blushe over it. Then, they met his mother. At his room, Momoka changes into his clothes because she spit out her drink when his mother asked how far they have gone. Narumi tells her that he will wait for her when she is ready to do it. Then, there are some heart-warming thanks to the parents for giving birth to them.

She wonders what kind of gift she is going to give to everyone as a sign of her thanks. She decides to write letters to them. After the birthday celebration, Momoka gives her thank you letters to them. They were quite touched by what she wrote.

namida usagi ending relationship

Soon, the others leave to let the couple by left by themselves. Alone, Momoka nervously laughs off over this situation about there is no need for the others to mind them. To her surprise, Narumi tells her that he was the one who asked them to let them be alone. She opens it and it is a ring which she thinks is cute.

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It has a heart-shaped gem. Momoka decides to try it out. She puts it on her little finger but unfortunately, it is too big. Can I first make a reservation?

Namida Usagi ~Seifuku no Kataomoi~

I want to be with you, Momoka. She felt that his hands are quite warm. Then, they hug each other. Narumi happily tries to comfort Momoka who is crying tears of joy. Her letter to Narumi: Narumi, do you remember?

The first time when I was seated beside you. Without a trace of awareness, we had started to fall in love. Narumi told her that he has a girlfriend. Tears of first love was written by Minase Ai in August and ended in February with a total of 58 Chapters10 volumes. He doesn't really talk to the other classmates. I mean, judging from this sypnosisyou can tell where this is going along.

Namida Usagi Seifuku no kataomoi chap 25 English

People like him is normallly the kind of person everyone like to start rumors about. Soin a super generic manner ,there was rumor going on that he enjoys lying on his back for some supernatural reason which is totally rubbish.

In reality,he was actually just taking pictures of cute puppies in that sort of position. With that discovery and as well as many other events which leads to clearing the misunderstanding about Narumi, Usami starts to fall in love with him as time went by. Howevershe was unable to confess or at least spend time with him because he moved away but surprise surprise returned to start highschool in the same school as Usami.

This time around, he completely changed his looks from the scary looking guy girls dare not to approach to one of the most popular guys in school.

Now you probably thought that they were finally going to confess to each other but I hate to break it to you -they didn't at all.

namida usagi ending relationship

Instead ,there was a whole love triangle thing between Narumi,Usami ,Narumi's bestfriend and childhood friend. It was an expected move from the author and nothing more. PlusI need to bring this up but why is it that in Shoujo Manga, the male characters who have a childhood friend they think of as familystarts dating implying that they will always be with them. That 's something I don't really understand. If you want someone to be by your side forever, you shouldn't let that person feel imprisoned to their own feelings for another and forever doesn't exist in life's dictionary.

I can understand why the author did what they did so that the story can have more chapters but it has been too damn obvious until Narumi's little sister had to do something to let the ship sail. I mean, even a kid knows what's up with those 2.

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Ok sure it's sort of a sign that they were meant for each other and shit like that but it was kind of unnecessary for me. AlthoughI do have to appreciate that we get to see our main characters childish personality which is great and all. When the ship DOES sail,I feel there is this aura of awkwardness between them that doesn't feel right. Hopefully ,in the future chapters, their interactions will become more natural and a positive and healthy relationship will blossom until they have a happy ending of getting married to each other.