Chain chronicle global ending a relationship

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As a follow-up to their original post on the Chain Chronicle Global Facebook page, goGame have now launched a petition to bring back Chain Chronicle in the West. Somewhat confusing is that the petition is directed at their own company goGame, as well as their parent company SEGA. or just want to see some closure, watch the True Ending to the game (or at least The Chain Chronicle Global group made a similar project. The university's relationship with ICE was described in a Money magazine He said he was not given a reason for the contract's end. issues that will benefit people in the United States and the whole world.” Images of children held in chain-link fence enclosures and an audio JobsonChronicleVitae.

For example, Trystan has excellent yet relatively cheap crowd-control skill and excellent survivability especially when he equips LexidaMireille is an excellent tank and a popular choice in the Coloseum, and Scherazard is a weird yet decent tanky Soldier-class. Starting from V2, there are also quests with fixed guest characters that can pretty much defend themselves just as well as anyone in your party. Cutscene Power to the Max: Very guilty of this.

Can you honestly say that the base version of the Hero could stand up to a boss like the Black Knight in a one-on-one fight? The Global version of the game, closing just a few months after starting the second continent. Unlike the game, the anime pulls zero punches in regards to the war against the Black Army. Depending on your conversation choices, your Hero can be this. And during some character quests, everyone in his party, including Pirika and Phoena. Showcased spectacularly whenever the party has to interact with Melchior the Sage.

Depending on the Artist: The horn of Nine Territories ogres. Some characters has long, jutting horns on their forehead Toka and Haruaki for examplesome ogres has small stubs in their forehead resembling a horn Bokuden and other orge Non Player Charactersand some of them has two horns on the sides on their head like Yoshino. Sometimes, the same artist gave different type of horns to multiple characters, with one of the better examples being Haruaki's and Inuchiyo's horn, and both of them were drawn by the same artist.

Depending on the Writer: Kain might either just have some unfortunate incidents or becomes a full-on Cosmic Playthingwhich is very jarring when starting the second main story, where both Marina and Michidia spend a lot of time verbally abusing him despite not showing any indication of that in the first.

It can be easy to breeze through the early stages of the game by playing with other people with powerful or rare characters since they join you in battles. Like many other games of its type, it's also possible to get a 4 or 5-star character after the tutorial, making you a powerhouse at the beginning of the game.

chain chronicle global ending a relationship

Getting taken hostage is a particularly bad habit of Phoena, at least in the first book. The fate of the Black King after the party defeats him. Only two, Ice and Fire. They deal bonus damage to each other, but otherwise have no other effect in the game. Some of the recruits and enemies. The flame sprites and some of the enemies. Nina, she was raised without emotions at all, but she develops them after the final quest in her quest chain. Book 2 revealed that Yggdra is a massive, continents version of this trope due to heavy storms and monsters preventing both easy entry or exit, although some people can get stranded in or out, like Baltro and Ernest.

Everything's Better with Princesses: Juliana, Tsuru, and Rosalia.

GoGame Is Now Asking Fans to Sign a Petition to Bring Back Chain Chronicle

The Boisterous Sisters are a combination of this and Bilingual Bonus. Rafaga Rafalgar means gust and Vienta means wind. In-universe the Wizards of the Sage Towers stand in as magical versions of real world research scientists, with a dash of Mad Scientist thrown in.

Over the course of the main story, some of them have come up with, in no particular order, a magical device to make one's voice louder a microphonea device to remotely draw magic from the surrounding atmosphere to power the utilities in the Towers a generatorand what can only be described as a nuclear-powered cannon that shoots shells across continents. Or rather, six in this case: Regardless of your choices for your team, the plot of the game assumes that this is the core group you complete most missions with.

Gameplay and Story Segregation: The plot assumes that the starter group accompanies the Hero and Phoena up to the finale. Unless you've paid attention to break the character limits of Kain, Michilda, and Marina their base maximum level is 20their usefulness tapers off before you arrive at Soul Island.

Even if you did use the Level Break mechanism to double their max level to 40, they find themselves woefully outmatched from Soul Island onward, as their low stats and lack of secondary skills make them struggle from the regular mobs in those areas. One of the many types of enemies in the game. Two recruitable Arcana, Islem and Thrax, both of whom gained free will.

chain chronicle global ending a relationship

Chiyome and Fuuko from the Nine Territories. Shaly's first character quest includes commentary about energy usage and the inevitable energy crisis, with 'mana' as substitute for non-renewable energy. In each battle, you are allowed to pick one reinforcement either from your friends or a complete stranger to have a total of 6 characters in your attacking party.

Chain Chronicle Global shutting down February 29th

Raid event bosses join your side after they're defeated during their events. The ogres of the Nine Territories of Fire thrive on this.

Why yes Pirika, you are the fragment of the Will of the World. Tigre, to the point where she has a fanbase within the army due to how skimpy her clothing is. However, she says that she wears it because it lets her move faster. Male Examples are Kain and Tubalao, who decide to play strip poker, much to Marina and Michidia's chagrin.

Knight in Shining Armor: The Holy Capital provides both male and female examples of this. Phoena's amnesia kicks off the story. Phoena is said to be one.

Taken Up to Eleven in the valentine event, as her cooking comes alive as a monster due to her using a magically-enhanced chocolate.

Level-Up at Intimacy 5: Each recruitable character has their own personal quest, which gives each character more background and unlocks their abilities or gives you bonus Prysma.

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Some of these quests can only be unlocked by leveling up characters. There's an entire tavern dedicated to characters like this in the Japanese version. Loads and Loads of Characters: As of January there are playable characters in the Global version alone, and that's not even counting NPCs. The eponymous Chain Chronicle that Phoena carries with her.

GoGame Is Now Asking Fans to Sign a Petition to Bring Back Chain Chronicle - Segalization

And later on, the chronicles carried by the Black Knight and the Black King. Man of a Thousand Voices: Akira Ishida has taken Up to Eleven where he plays at least fourty-six characters in the game.

Depending on who you have for your Volunteer Army, Masochist's Meal: Pirika gets Hati, who doesn't know what wasabi is, to eat a spoonful of wasabi. The Cleric class as a whole. The Lake of Sand's recruits specialize in this, using it to power-up their allies. Played for Drama with Alvert in his Chain Story, the similarly-named Albert uses it to his advantage so he can scare villains away despite the fact that it's Alvert who's famous.

Hero can be played this way to much of his harem. Our Dwarves Are All the Same: They're called Earth Sprites here, and are still a martial and somewhat serious species who live in the mountains and mine its depths for precious minerals and gems, plus knack for mechanical engineering. While the males look like your typical Tolkein dwarf beards and allthe women of the race have more obvious feminine traits and most importantly, no beards and pointy ears. All of them also have an ability to sense or communicate with earth spirits, though the level varies between members of the race, and have a sort of symbiotic relationship with their neighbors the Flame Sprites.

Our Elves Are Different: While they're still long-lived pointy-eared humanoids, in Yggdra its elves called Forest Sprites are instead a jungle-living tribal people who're not very friendly to outsiders.

Oh, and they regularly pick fights with the Ogres of the Nine Territories. Peninsula of Power Leveling: The playerbase agrees that the best spots to grind rank and experience for your team are through the Spark of Battle and Fruits of Research quests, while the Flame Shrine is another good spot for those players further along the story.

The Demon Raid bosses are so far unavailable outside of the events they were introduced in. If you weren't able to play through to the level 60 raid which usually gives their Arcana as a rewardthen you're out of luck. Proud Warrior Race Guy: The Ogres of the Nine Territories are these for the setting. It's essentially Sengoku Period -Japan, except every one of its inhabitants have horns.

The Thousand Rivers tribe of Forest Sprites count as well, relying on battles for diplomatic purposes as well as challenging anyone they can find. Put on a Bus: The Global version of the game offers various exclusive characters Thrax, Goryou, and Robyn as an example and features, like the Black smith and the Colosseum. Up to Eleven with the Hong Kong version, which has over 40 regional exclusives.

The Japanese version has crossovers with various different anime as its regional bonus, as well as being the most advanced of all regions' versions. Humanoid Lizards are the main enemy in the Lake of Sand region. Nazuna wants revenge on the one who killed her husband, and Aurora wants to slay the monster that took one of her eyes.

Royals Who Actually Do Something: Juliana, Ashrina, Tsuru, Shuza, and Yoshitsugu. And it turns out, Phoena, who's the daughter of the Black King, and has been trying to oppose him this entire time. A man named Marcy gives exposition on both Blossum and Meivia's quests, Pirika keeps asking him who he is but is always ignored. His constant appearances are lampshaded in Meivia's second quest. There's also one with Phoena's cooking.

It will always turned out bad, with anyone who tasted it feeling rather nauseous. The world has magical mirrors used as long-distance communicator used widely at the start of Book 2 and a nuclear reactor to power a long-range artillery courtesy of the Sage Tower.

chain chronicle global ending a relationship

Yet until V2, no characters mainly use gunpowder-based weapons. Book one ends with the defeat of the Black King, and the Black Army leaderless. However the Black Chronicle that corrupted the king flies off, and is now heading back to Phoena's home continent While it's not possible to do this during the main story, it's very possible to do this to the various character side-stories that get unlocked after you gain new recruits, depending on how far you are in the main plot.

This leads to situations where, for example, you can have Phoena with you enjoying the School Festival activities at the Sage Tower despite her supposedly being kidnapped by ogres from the Nine Territories Each town that the party visits has a mission not directly related to the main plot, where one can grind for levels, rewards, recruits, or experience see Peninsula of Power Leveling for more details on the latter.

There are also long-running quests called "Side-Stories", that are almost complete campaigns on their own. Unlocked when one clears a specific Chapter in the main plot, in general they have higher party level requirements and overall difficulty compared to the area they're set in.

  • The closing of the game!

Stupidity Is the Only Option: Occasionally, you're given dialog options as the Hero that both lead to the same bad result. Einslotte, for the armies of the Round Table Conference, who stage a head-on attack on the Royal Capital to allow the Hero and his squad a chance to sneak into the palace and deal with the Black King directly.

Currently only available in Japan, Rijiji and Rejiji count as well. Took a Level in Badass: The Hero finally gets a 5-star card version with book 2, while Kain, Marina, and Michidia gain Ultra-Rare 4-star versions, reflecting their increased confidence and experience they gained during the first campaign against the Black King.

Several other characters gain an upgraded version in book 2. Alright, because the anime doesn't give any context, and various synopsis' beyond "This is an adaptation of a game" definitely don't help, here's the story of Chain Chronicle in a nutshell. The world has the looming threat of blackness threatening to cover the world in its evil. The Black King of all of this is the source, and it's up to Yuuri aka the player character given a face to stop him.

Along the way, you meet a girl named Phoena who has lost her memory carrying a book known as the 'Chain Chronicle', and a sprite named Pirika, as well as various other characters that you'll meet through the use of gacha roll. So now that you've gotten your merry band of RNG rolled units, fight through hordes of nameless enemies and fight the Black King.

That was a quick rundown of the start of Chain Chronicle. The start of the anime is a bit more complicated. The anime starts at the end of the story that I explained above and eventually leads into the second half of the story where the situation of the world is dire, and Yuuri must find his bearing and return to fight the Black King again. The initial problem here is the assumption that the viewer knows what the hell is going on at the start. The show thrusts you into the action without any word of warning, before continuing on with a journey that was started without the audience even knowing.

I'm not sure what went through the creators' heads when they started to make this, because everything from the world to what's happening is made to feel already established some time previous when it's barely even past episode two.

Another issue is the pacing. The beginning is very sluggish, as the show inches its way to making any form of progress before speeding up through the plot through the use of deus ex machina in order to make any form of progression happen, and the end is very fast paced as it tries to rush itself to the end.

This is due to the fact that the series has its characters in the majority of its episodes just travel from one place to another with the occasional conflict in between to make it feel like there's something actually happening, before creating a large total conflict to make it seem like everything is on the line. This, combined with the generic plotline of a hero and his band of friends fighting the evil king at the end of the journey, makes the whole viewing experience feel bland and boring to watch.

Light of Haecceitas is a mishmash of fantasy tropes traveling long hours in a fantasy setting with fantasy characters fighting the big evil fantasy guy at the end who wants to destroy everything because people suck and he doesn't like it.

Its message is typical shonen friend crap, its plot is predictable, no one that matters dies surprise surpriseand it's just Fantasy characters with shonen tropes! Yeah, that about sums them up. As the player character tasked with being the player's in-game representation and by 'recruiting' people through the use of in-game microtransactions that may or may not give you the character that you want oh how I feel that painYuuri is He fights for his friends, on the side of good, and halfway through the series, doubts himself and manages to pull off an extremely 'meh' character change that doesn't amount to anything in the end.

Aram is the other main character in this series. Despite having a character design that I'm actually quite fond of, Aram's character leaves a lot to be desired. He's basically a brasher version of Yuuri, as he holds the same morals and ideals as his friend. Does this make him a better character in any way? Does this make him interesting?

chain chronicle global ending a relationship

Will we be moving on to our last character? Then there's Phoena who's literally just there. Phoena doesn't really play much of a big part in this series and is more or less there because she's the heroine and holds the Chain Chronicle, the brick of text this series is named after. She plays a bit like a damsel in distress as she cannot fight and is stuck to the role as that one girl who screams out the protagonist's name whenever the situation for them looks dire, and only becomes relevant to the series when the book she clutches to her chest is involved.

Every other character is just one fantasy trope after another. The brave knight, the fallen knight, the holy queen, the evil bitch who's basically naked, the healer, the archer, the big scary evil guy who turns into a dragon at the end why is this a common tropethe good dragon, the songstress, old sages, pervy sage, various mages, weaponmasters, someone who actually is naked they even point this outthe conquerer guy, etc, etc.