Bio broly ending a relationship

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bio broly ending a relationship

A page for describing YMMV: Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly. take care of Broly when he starts rampaging in Hell at the end of the film (note that It's like a twisted, almost heartwarming fusion of Goku and Vegeta's relationships with their wives. To that end they opted to make animated movies to accompany the show. The legendary Super Saiyan, Broly is one of Dragon Ball Z's most popular .. As Trunks and Gohan's relationship develops, it becomes harder to. Created in , Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super By the end of Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, fans learn an important fact about the.

Then, Paragus decides to reveal the truth about why he brought Vegeta and the others onto the planet. Broly walks towards Goku, shouting " Kakarot! While in the walk towards Goku, Broly goes into his Super Saiyan form again.

Vegeta, stating that the "Saiyan" was his to kill, transforms into a Super Saiyan and kicks Broly on the shoulder, but the attack has no effect. He then fires a Photon Bomber at Broly, to no effect as well. Broly soon rages out of Paragus' control and becomes a monstrous behemoth of a Super Saiyanhis most powerful form. Vegeta, stunned by Broly's power, falls to the ground, eyes wide with fear, while Broly declares that Kakarot will be the first in his slaughter.

Broly attacking Trunks and Gohan Enraged beyond control, Broly destroys the strip mines and the slaves' home planet. Broly goes after Goku and Gohan in a chase, destroying forests and slaves with a barrage of ki blasts.

Then Paragus decides to reveal the entire story to Vegeta about his son and his own near-execution at Vegeta's father's hands, as well as their desire for revenge, if not for King Vegetathen his son, at least. Broly then demands that they fight against him with all their strength, or else he will destroy New Planet Vegeta in the dub, he sympathizes with their desire to not fight him, and makes clear he'll destroy the planet no matter what they decide.

The chase stops and Goku turns Super Saiyan. Gohan follows suit and then Trunks comes to help and also transforms into his Super Saiyan form.

This is when the action really starts. The battle gets intense, but remains completely one-sided. Broly rampages against Goku using his Gigantic Slam Piccolohaving both sensed Broly's power from Kami's Lookout and deduced where Goku was headed due to overhearing King Kai's conversation with Goku earlier via his enhanced hearing, shows up after Broly defeats the boys and saves Gohan from a potentially fatal attack during which, in the Japanese version, Broly tells Piccolo that he Broly is not a monster, but, in actuality, the devil.

Piccolo then gets around to handing out senzu beans to everyone. Not long after, the four warriors then decide to gang up on Broly, who stands on a thin cliff. In only a matter of scenes, all four of them become annihilated by Broly again; Goku continuously gets punched in the face, Trunks and Gohan are both brutally clotheslined, and Piccolo is kicked twice, and then blown meters away from a ki blast into a cliff. Recovering from the blast, Piccolo attempts to get Vegeta to fight.

Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

In shock, he refuses and is abandoned by Piccolo. Meanwhile, Goku is having a hard time doing anything to Broly, except giving him a good time.

bio broly ending a relationship

Vegeta soon rediscovers his inner Super Saiyan pride, transforms into his Super Saiyan form once again, and joins the fight against Broly. His efforts, however, are futile as he is blown directly into a cliff and knocked unconscious. Broly later finds his father, Paragus, attempting to flee inside a Saiyan space pod, leaving his son to die in the explosion of the planet.

Broly crushes the pod in return and throws it directly at the comet, ending Paragus' life. Piccolo channeling energy to Goku Piccolo tells everyone to channel their ki and power to Goku so he can defeat Broly.

One by one, they comply, except for Vegeta, who believes it to be a disgrace for a Saiyan prince to give his ki to a lower-class Saiyan. While gathering energy, Goku suffers at the hands of Broly; he is blown across the landscape by blasts, clotheslines, and very powerful punches. The times they are a changing. In Journey to the West, Sun Wukong becomes possessed when wearing a crown. Bardock did it first. Rather than adapting these events in order, however, Broly is relegated to the very end.

The result is Super Butoden 2 ending in a climactic battle between Broly and one of four characters: Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, or Future Trunks. At the end of movie 11, Kaio informs Goku that Broly is rampaging through Hell. Goku decides to team up with Paikuhan to defeat him and the movie ends there. Broly Reborn just doesn't have the same ring to it. The very next movie is Fusion Reborn which, curiously, does not feature Broly despite featuring the premise Bio-Broly set up.

Instead, the main villain is Janemba. Going from movie 11 to movie 12, it seems quite obvious Broly should have been the antagonist, but Toei must have relented and realized three straight movies of Broly night not be the best idea for the brand. At least on a surface level. While his parallels to Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan are apparent, his connection to Future Trunks is a bit subtle. He respects his father, but only because he has familial love for him.

Unlike Future Trunks who still loves his father, however, Broly hates Paragus despite them having a seemingly healthier relationship. Although the series consistently depicts him as a shallow character with no discernable personality or motivation, the first film actually goes out of its way to establish depth for Broly.

His backstory shows him as someone who cares about his father enough to save his life, but his power causes Paragus to fear him, creating a rift between the two. Broly grows to resent Paragus and has his mind warped by the power of being a Legendary Super Saiyan mixed with the mind control crown.

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Broly then cries out and explodes, seemingly defeated. Goku and friends narrowly manage to escape the doomed planet moments before Comet Camori collides with it. While it appears that the planet's destruction would have killed Broly if Goku's attack hadn't, Broly proclaims after launching his father's Saiyan Pod at the comet earlier in the film, "Did he really think I would die just because this planet was about to explode?

bio broly ending a relationship

The Second Coming "Not until you lie dead at my feet Over time the pod finally reaches Earth, soon after which Broly collapses from exhaustion and enters a sort of coma, where for seven years the elements expand around him.

His landing on Earth also indirectly caused some trouble at a nearby village. Eventually he is awakened underneath a thick pool of ice by the incessant cries of a nearby Goten. After escaping this grave, Broly becomes stronger than before due to the near death experience, though unable to train due to his seven year coma state.

He resumes his vendetta against the Saiyans who double crossed him, particularly Goten because of his almost identical look to Goku as a child, who it should be noted was not involved in Broly's first downfall as he had yet to be born, and later Gohan, who is now g Angry and determined Broly. Broly's sanity has been breached so heavily since the encounter on New Planet Vegeta that he fails to tell Goten and Gohan apart from their now deceased father.

Despite Goten being Broly's main target, Videl and Trunks fall victim to his brutal rampage as well, until Gohan arrives at the scene and is astonished to find himself reunited with the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly's uncoordinated attempts to take revenge are unsuccessful, and he is ultimately launched into the Sun by a Family Kamehameha fired by Gohan, Goten and the spirit of Goku, apparently ending the life of the mighty Saiyan once and for all.

This film's incarnation of Broly differs from the one in previous films however, although the original Broly makes cameo appearances in flashbacks during the film.

Come At Me Broly: 10 Reasons Why Broly Is The Best (And 10 Reasons He's Not)

In Bio-Broly, it is revealed that after the Z Fighters leave the vicinity of Natade Village in Second Coming, the people expel the village priest Maloja, whose incompetence before the arrival of the Z Fighters led to the arrangement of a number of per-year human sacrifices. Now an unemployed vagabond, Maloja wanders about until he discovers Broly's blood-tarnished Saiyan Pod. Realizing what he has found, Maloja collects a sample of this blood and turns it in to wealthy industrialist Lord Jaguar, who prepares to pay the ex-priest handsomely.

The blood sample is processed by Dr. Collie's team of scientists and a clone is born. Bio-Broly is revitalized through genetics.

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During a tour at Jaguar's abode, an island where his laboratory fortress resides, Trunks and Goten discover an incomplete Super Bio-Warrior, uncanny in resemblance to the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Before long, Trunks and Goten encounter Maloja, who confirms what he has selfishly done, before escaping to claim his reward. Trunks and Goten prepare to destroy Bio-Broly before he can be fully replenished, but the clone simply catching sight of Goten is enough to awaken both the Saiyan instincts and the personal vendetta of his source material. Bio-Broly shatters his stasis cell, only to be drenched in culture fluid which, upon becoming exposed to air, becomes corrosive.

This renders the clone a horribly deformed and slime covered mutant. While Bio-Broly doesn't have the power of the Saiyan he was cloned from, he still easily defeats Goten, Trunks, Android 18 and Krillin.

bio broly ending a relationship

Considering a new plan, which Bio-Broly plays into, Trunks blows open an overhead container of culture fluid, drenching the clone in a corrosive coat which dissolves his body. With help from Mr. Satan they learn that water is the remedy to outbreaks of the culture fluid, which plays a part in finishing off Bio-Broly, who before long emerges from the ocean, revitalized and extremely enlarged.

Within moments he is solidified by the ocean, and with this, Goten and Trunks strike the clone with enough energy to shatter him into pieces. Power Broly's power while in his restrained Super Saiyan form was strong enough to be barely sensed by Goku all the way from King Kai's planet, with it being even more potent when Goku warps to the starting path of his energy, with Goku being in shock at the amount of power that was used, and in his Legendary form, Piccolo was able to sense Broly's power all the way from Kami's Lookout.

His power is something else, something even Goku or Vegeta couldn't get around. It is rumored if Broly was a Z Fighter, he would've been the strongest unfused character. Broly has a fighting style that is much different from most fighting characters in the whole Dragon Ball series. He often uses grabs, stomps, clotheslines and uppercuts as opposed to quick furious punches and kicks, yet he is still swift enough to evade any oncoming attacks The fighting style he has is like of a wrestler.

He seems to favor a fighting style which resembles wrestling to a certain extent. In the video game Budokai Tenkaichi 3, the Strategy Style Z item, Broly Style describes his fighting method as "doggedly pursuing the opponent. His energy attacks are also one of a kind.

bio broly ending a relationship

They are all a light green shade in color and there are three main types of attacks that he uses. One type is a small, single ball of energy, which he controls much like somebody would control a toy remote helicopter or an airplane. He uses this to make it a lot more difficult for his opponents to escape from his attacks. Another type is a large number of these blasts all thrown at one general target at the same time. Broly uses this attack to blow up cities, as well as to aim at enemies that he wouldn't be able to hit very well with the single ball of energy.

His third, and most dangerous and powerful, energy attack, is the one that starts off as a compact sphere of energy, but upon hitting its target, it changes into an enormous sphere of energy with huge destructive power. Broly has used this attack to destroy planets as well as to counterattack. Techniques Blaster Meteor — A technique where Broly surrounds himself in ki and launches homing energy spheres at his opponents.

He uses Goku's body as a trampoline by stomping on him, severely injuring him. Raging Blast in his base form. Delta Combination — A rush attack used in his base form in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

When approaching, he punches the opponent into the air. Broly then starts "juggling" with the opponent with barrages of punches and kicks, creating a triangle shaped pattern.

Energy Shield — A technique Broly uses to shield himself from oncoming attacks within an aura of ki. Broly first displayed this skill when he was a baby.

The shield is very durable, as shown to withstand a Supernova from Frieza, Planet Vegeta's explosion and withstanding the intense heat of lava. Eraser Cannon — Broly's signature attack, it is a powerful, green energy sphere. It is also known as the Blaster Shell in the Budokai series. He used this technique against Goku during the battle on New Planet Vegeta. Eraser Blow — An attack where Broly blasts an opponent in the abdomen with an Eraser Cannon at point blank range.

He used this move against Gohan in Broly - Second Coming. Explosive Grip — A technique in Supersonic Warriors 2 where Broly punches his opponent upwards, then ricochets them off the ground and creates an explosion that severely damages them. Flight — The ability to fly with the use of ki. Gigantic Slam — A technique where Broly jumps upward and rushes down at his foes with considerable force, using his own body and Energy Shield as a weapon.

bio broly ending a relationship

Gigantic Spike — A technique in Supersonic Warriors 2, where Broly grabs his opponent's face and drives them head first into the ground. Gigantic Hammer — A technique in the Budokai Tenkaichi series where Broly punches his opponent, then kicks them upside the head, slams them onto the ground, and finishes the attack by using an uppercut. This attack was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and is Broly's ultimate blast in his Super Saiyan 3 form.

Gigantic Press — A technique where Broly rushes at and tackles his foes with considerable force while using his Energy Shield. Omega Blaster — A far more powerful version of the Eraser Cannon technique demonstrated in Broly - Second Coming, which begins as a small green sphere and immensely expands when in contact with a solid object, alternatively known as the Gigantic Meteor.

It holds the power of seriously damaging planets or destroying them outright. Planet Geyser — Another technique in Supersonic Warriors 2, where Broly fires a small energy wave at the ground, causing a geyser of ki which blows away any nearby opponents.

Revenge Demon — A technique used in his Super Saiyan form in Broly - Second Coming, where Broly punches his opponent in the face twice before grabbing their face and throwing them to the ground.