Where did jon foreman and sean watkins meet

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where did jon foreman and sean watkins meet

Sean Charles Watkins (born February 18, ) is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He is a I really got into it, and when Sara and I met Chris [Thile], we started playing with him on Saturday nights too." In a spring interview, Jon Foreman said that the album would have a summer release and the duo was. When the average music listener discovers Switchfoot, they are unlikely to realize Jon's folk-meets-classic-rock side project with Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek). The two musicians, who met when their bands shared a bill a few years ago, “ Because Nickel Creek and Switchfoot are both hard working.

Interview: Sean Watkins of Fiction Family

For the tour, we have a bass player and drummer. It's actually a really cool band. And one of them, drummer Aaron Redfield, played on one of the songs from the record, right?

Yeah, he played on "I'm Not Sure. The music video for the first single, "When She's Near," looks like it was a blast to film. How many days did the filming take? The director had a genius idea to incorporate his actual move into the video.

So the move that's happening in the video with the furniture and such is actually him moving the rest of his stuff.

where did jon foreman and sean watkins meet

It was really funny. You must still have tape residue on your clothes after what you went through. Yeah, there was a lot of tape. Now that you and Jon have been on tour for a bit, have you written any songs on the road or have you become more used to the pen pal system? We haven't written anything new on the road but we've been working on some songs we've already written for the next record.

So there's no new writing, but we've been working on stuff. I think our publicist sort of nixed that right off the bat. There seems to be a theme of family throughout your musical career—performing with your sister in Nickel Creek, your Largo Family and so forth.

So it just sounded right. I noticed that your songs are published under the name "Perfect Left. I actually came up with that a long time ago. It's a surfing term. There are basic kinds of waves—left and right—and depending on which way you stand, you like going one way or the other. A perfect left is just a term for a certain kind of wave. I was just following in the tradition of lame publishing titles. It's kind of a contest to see who can come up with the most stupid publishing title.

I think Jon Foreman's is "Publishing Schmublishing. I've been really busy, but I get in the water when I can. Speaking of your free time, I heard a rumor that you love video games. It seems like you might have quite an advantage being a world-renowned guitar picker and all. I've never really been that much into video games, but I do play Wurdle and Scrabble all the time on my iPhone. Have you ever played Guitar Hero?

where did jon foreman and sean watkins meet

I've dabbled—I've played it a couple times. The thing about Guitar Hero is that it's nothing like playing guitar.

Fiction Family: Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek's Sean Watkins make music

Actual musicians often have a hard time playing it because it's so counterintuitive to what you know as a musician. What's your favorite part about the new Largo? Well, when comparing it to the old one, it's apples and oranges, but I just think it's better all around. I love the fact that now it's like a creative compound. It's a great place to hang out after a show, too. Plus the theater just makes so much more possible, and the history of that place is amazing.

Have you played the Little Room already? The big room show is more of a variety-ish show—sort of like a small West Coast version of the Grand Ole Opry or a radio show.

where did jon foreman and sean watkins meet

When did you first start playing at Largo? It must have been back in or I'd just met Glen and he was doing a solo show. He asked if I wanted to open with a solo acoustic set. Chris Thile was in town staying with us and so I said, "Why don't we do just a little band show?

Then we met Jon Brion and he's often invited us to play with him. It's always so much fun. Your sister Sara makes an appearance on Fiction Family's debut record, and I know her solo album will be coming out very soon. Do you make an appearance on it?

The Top 5 Lost Jon Foreman Songs | AN NRT EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL | NewReleaseToday

Yeah, I played on most of the tracks on her record. Her record is SO good. Since you do spend so much time in Los Angeles, what are your favorite restaurants and other places to hang out in LA? Restaurant wise—I know everyone probably loves it—but I love Mozza. It's sort of my default place to go. I also love Hungry Catan oyster bar near my house. It's really laid back and my friends and I sometimes go there to play darts. It was such an amazing thing to discover those two places. I had been a fan of Intelligentsia when they were only in Chicago and I'd stop there every time we toured in that area.

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So to find out there was one a few miles from my house was mind-blowing. It's really cool—it's a little outdoor cafe right next to where a bunch of the trails start.

But for the die-hard listeners, the aftershow attendees and the internet junkies, there are still a few favorites that continue to exist in limbo. Only time will tell whether or not these songs will be officially recorded in years to come, but for now, here are my personal picks for the five best Jon Foreman songs that have yet to be officially recorded.

Well all that's true, thought I was running from You, turns out I was running from me. The song itself is musically in the tradition of Jon Foreman classic "Resurrect Me," although "Running From Me" features more unapologetically on-edge lyrics. The song asks some of the harder questions of a faith journey, balanced between doubt and desperate belief.

Instantly memorable, this is a melody that sticks despite only being heard through rough live recordings. On my pilgrimage, I'm traveling light and heavy, light and heavy, light and heavy.

This is my torch to carry The name of the event itself was inspired in part by a piece of art in Jon Foreman's home that TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski noticed while visiting, making the song a fitting full circle moment.

The thoughtful, lonely-leaning tune was written in memory of a personal friend of Jon Foreman's. It captures the tension between the light and dark moments in life and a soul's search for home. The song focuses on autumnal imagery to explore the death of our past as we move into healing, employing some of the most vivid, poetic language we have ever heard from Jon.

The end result is wistful and yearning, but ultimately hopeful. I believe in grace redeeming the lost cause, 'cause I've seen it in your eyes. We are miracles come to life-- these are signs in my mind that point to a good God. The simple, muted guitar part and soft melody shape a song that speaks of seeing miracles in another person's eyes.