The amazing race meet joey and megan

The Amazing Race Cast: Joey and Meghan

the amazing race meet joey and megan

Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena escaped elimination once -- due to Chuck PHOTOS: 'The Amazing Race' Season Meet the Teams. The Amazing Race 22 is the twenty-second installment of the reality television show The . Dave and Connor, Caroline and Jennifer, Jessica and John and Joey and Meghan were selected to race in The Amazing Race: All-Stars, made .. was superimposed over a photograph of someone else meeting President Obama. Malaysian rapids wreaked havoc on teams' rafts on The Amazing Race All-Stars Sunday, but it was another form of transportation — or lack.

The Detour was a choice between Fire or Fowl. In Fire, teams traveled with their Bushmen to a nearby village where they had to learn how to properly make fire using two sticks, zebra manure, and grass. Once they had a flame, they had to use it to light the elder Bushman's pipe in order to receive their next clue.

In Fowl, teams had to learn how to set up a trap in order to catch a guineafowlbu utilizing a series of sticks, string, and eggs. After setting up the trap properly, teams had to mimic a guineafowl and trick one to the trap before receiving their next clue. Additional tasks At the start of the leg, teams have to figure out that the next destination city of Maun was in Botswana and had to tell to a security guard at a travel agency before permitting teams to purchase their tickets.

There, teams would pick up their next clue from a jar. After the Roadblock, teams have to take their group of Bushmen in their marked cars to their next clue. Additional note Before the Roadblock, teams would choose a group of Kalahari Bushmen who would accompany them throughout for the duration of the Leg.

Leg 7 Botswana [ edit ] The second Roadblock in Botswana had teams using makoro canoes to navigate part of the Okavango Delta.

the amazing race meet joey and megan

In the only Fast Forward of the race, teams had to water ski for over a mile on the waters of the Okavango Deltahome to dangerous Nile crocodilesto win the Fast Forward. Other teams had to complete the Roadblock, where teams had to transport two goats down river to a delivery point using a makoro a traditional dugout canoe. One team member have to control the makoro by puntingwhile the other team member would look after the goats.

Once the goats were delivered and teams were returned to the starting point, they received their next clue.

the amazing race meet joey and megan

The Detour was a choice between Brains or Brawn. Up until then, we were like, "Maybe there's another team behind us.

the amazing race meet joey and megan

Coming out of the airport and seeing the cars was the worst feeling ever! We finally thought that we had gotten ahead, but it was our fault for not being more thorough with the flights. We were just so stoked that we got that flight and that the other teams weren't on it that I think that emotion took over us and stopped us from being extra thorough. Beth and Mona had checked online and we asked them if there were earlier flights.

And they said, "No, this is the earliest.

the amazing race meet joey and megan

We also asked a bunch of people and they said this was the earliest too. You clearly didn't ask the right people. But it was also 4, 5 o'clock in the morning. We were so tired. We were just relieved to get that flight, so we didn't think things through. We did talk to [the other three teams].

Joey and Meghan Edition (The Amazing Race 22 Leg 4)

They were all, "Congrats on getting an earlier flight. Even like 20 minutes later, we saw the blondes roaming around and we were like, "Oh, they still haven't gotten anything. You guys were so far behind that it was almost guaranteed that either you or Mona and Beth would be eliminated even without the U-Turn. I wasn't surprised they used it. It was very typical of that alliance to U-Turn us. They're looking out for each other.

Anything to bring our morale down, they would do it.

"The Amazing Race" 24

If I were in their shoes, I would've U-Turned just to be safe anyway. Obviously we couldn't U-Turn anyone since we used ours already, but if we still had it and were in the front like they were, I would've used it.

But you don't know that when you're racing. I'm still a little hurt, Joey! You guys were U-Turned twice. Good thing we wasted [our U-Turn]. We wouldn't have been able to use it anyway. I was hoping that some of them would gain some sense and realize that we're close to the end and should U-Turn the hockey players.

Obviously the hockey players got there first, but still. No one did that. We would've U-Turned the hockey players.

the amazing race meet joey and megan

How much time did you lose at the Roadblock? That was a bummer.

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It felt like we were 30 minutes behind. My bagpipes instructor didn't want me to do it until I could hold a note for a solid 30 seconds. I was like, "Dude, I'm running out of energy and muscle strength. Just let me try and we'll see what happens. Did you get lost? We got a little lost, but by the time we had gotten out of the Roadblock, it was rush hour, so we had gotten caught in some really bad traffic. That was definitely a setback for us.