Team minato meet kushina and

team minato meet kushina and

Minato seals the Kyuubi back in Kushina using some other seal, otherwise try and capture Uchiha eyes, only to be met with Susano'os of Itachi and Sasuke in battle. . Naruto would still be in Squad 7 but would be different as a character in . Team 7 meets, well, team 7. And you'll just Kushina and Minato held the two back from hurting the obviously dumb blonde. "How about we. Team Minato, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kushina, Mikoto, and Fugaku are summoned by the . "When did you think we were supposed to meet up?.

They then started to have a conversation. Both Rin and Obito openly showed their interest while Kakashi side glanced trying to seem not interested. Slowly Hatake lifted the Hitai-ate and they noticed a scare.

Minato worried that he had lost his eye. But that thought ceased when he saw the whites of his eye. What they saw shocked them, he had something he shouldn't, the Uchiha's Kekke Genki, the sharingan.

How do you have the sharingan!? Hatake had a somber look, " We went on a mission, I had just became a Jounin, we were destroying Iwagakure's supply line and I was made mission leader. We split off from Minato-sensei but Rin got captured.

I wanted to continue the mission and abandon Rin-" "What! But Minato gave him the 'shut up and sit down' look. When I was helping Obito and I got cut in the eye rendering it unusable. Then we rescued Rin but one of the Iwa-nin blew up the cave and my eye got hit making me dizzy.

I didn't noticed a giant boulder falling toward me," he looks at Obito, "but you, Obito, pushed me out of the way and half of your body got crushed.

Since you knew you weren't going to make it you had Rin give me your eye as a gift since you forgot. And that's what happened," everyone was left speechless. Obito was especially quiet. Then Minato broke the silence. The family stopped their conversation to listen to the others.

team minato meet kushina and

And hopefully this time around we'll be there for our son," Naruto looked like he was about to cry because of that last statement. I asked gramps, the Third, all the time he never answered though.

Minato noticed her distress so he brought her into a hug. But it's an S-class secret. We're not supposed to talk about it," Kushina growled. On the night of Naruto's birth, October 10th, the Kyuubi had been released and attacked the village," Kushina gave a scared look, "So sensei knew the only way to stop the Kyuubi was to seal it away. So you took your newborn son and sealed the nine tails in him.

But as a result you both died," everyone was silent, Naruto looked away afraid of them looking at him. But he looked up when he heard a cry. There's about twenty enemies. It's probably just a bunch of shadow clones though. Besides, now's an excellent time to try out my new jutsu I've been developing.

Jiraiya whistled impressed at the brat's original jutsu. Besides… it's like you said, Sensei. The leader of this mission is me. It's a rule that a team must follow it's leader's orders. Hitting the rock nin. Said in uses an earth style technique to appear in front of Obito who panics before Minito takes him down, showing he was also a shadow clone.

Luckily Minato gets their places a seal on the nin and grabs Kakashi pushing him away but not without Kakashi getting injured. Shortly after his bag hits the ground. Are you Konoha's Yellow Flash? Now I know what they meant by that. He has skills but he needs to learn how to execute them properly. I've told you before. There are also time where you have to cope with the situation. If you don't control you mouth, then you mind will become just as weak. And one more thing…Kakashi, you shouldn't use that jutsu again.

It's true that you have the destructive force and speed needed for it, but when you're moving too fast, it's near impossible for you to see the enemy counter your attack. Therefore, it's an incomplete jutsu. The most important thing for a shinobi is teamwork. Later that night "Sensei. Even thought I'm called an elite for being born into the Uchiha clan, I'm a loser. I acknowledge that Kakashi's an amazing person, but…" Obito trails off.

Obito blushes and looks away from the smirking Kakashi. In front of his father's name, even the title of "Legendary Sannin" pales in comparison. Since he spent his childhood with such a genius, he might look at you guys and consider you unsatisfactory. He was a hero who dies protecting the village.

team minato meet kushina and

Kakashi never brought him up before. Until that incident occurred… " "Incident? Both Rin and Obito turned to Kakashi in shock before looking back at the screen. The success of the mission, or the life of his comrades; of course if he followed the rules of the village, he couldn't abort the mission, but to save the lives of his comrade, he abandoned the mission. However, because of that, the Fire Country suffered great losses, and his comrades in the village blamed him.

In the end, even the comrades he saved slandered him.

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Because of that, his mind and body became weak, and Sakumo-san took his own… From that point forward, Kakashi never opened his mouth about his father, and he started to insist that the rules be followed above all else. Obito…even if only a little, try to understand him. Don't bear a grudge against him. Everyone, do you best; it was only by chance that the enemy from yesterday was scouting by himself.

From now on, they'll be team battles. Minito smiles at his effort. They are currently walking across a stream keeping their guard up.

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Kushina bit her bottom lip a tightened her grip on Minato's hand. He glanced at her and her eyes said it all 'I have a bad feeling about this'. Obito uses the fireball jutsu to burn all the bamboo shoots heading their way. The enemy nin appears and Kakashi engages the enemy, while the other nin grabs Rin.

Her scream alerts Kakashi and Obito, who stop's fighting the enemy. Obito Growls while Kakashi yells for them to wait when he sees they're about to leave, but it's pointless and they disappeared in a poof of smoke.

The enemy wants to know our aim. They won't kill her right away. Luckily on top of that, Rin is a medical ninja. Even as a prisoner, she should be treated well, as long as she provides medical treatment to the enemy.

More importantly, the problem is the enemy discovering our aim. If that information leaks, they'll immediately make preparations to guard the bridge. If that happens, then mission will become too difficult.

team minato meet kushina and

Meanwhile Kakashi is bearing his head in his palm, still not sure what he should do in this situation. Right now, rather than the mission, rescuing Rin takes priority! If this mission fails, the war will be prolonged, and many more sacrifices may occur. Could you really throw away a comrade who went through life and death with you so easily?! You must obey my instructions. Not matter what the situation is the squad is scattered, the decisions are made by one person. That's why the rule that squad members must follow the instruction of their captain exists.

Obito, you don't have any power, and that's why I'm the squad's capta-"he's interrupted when Obito grabs him by the shirt. Only you have the power to save our comrade, right?! The adults watched on not saying anything because they know it's hard abandoning a comrade but they also know this mission could end the war.

Rin gave you a medical pack because she was concerned about you. She sewed a charm into it!