Stiles and scott hospital scene from meet

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stiles and scott hospital scene from meet

This scene is then parallel to another scene between Stiles and Malia, but In Season 4, Malia visits Stiles while he's in the hospital and after being locked in a room with him, the two of them start talking. Tyler Posey Talks Scott's Love Life In Teen Wolf Season 6 Meet Teen Wolf's Season 6 Villains!. In season three, Stiles goes to the hospital to be tested for a type of dementia that could Scott and Stiles have a brother moment and a heart-wrenching hug that it was Stiles who brought him back to reality, and that scene showed us that. Scott, Stiles and Allison suffer side effects from the ritual sacrifice; When the doors open she finds herself in the basement of Beacon Hills Hospital. . In the woods, Scott and Stiles manage to find the scene of the car wreck.

Although their friendship was briefly fractured due to the manipulations of Theo Raekenit didn't take long before Scott and Stiles were working together again, eventually reconciling and teaming up once again to reunite the McCall Pack. In Season 6Stiles was abducted by the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt and was subsequently erased from existence, but even despite the fact that Stiles was removed from the memories of his loved ones, Scott, along with Lydia Martin and Malia Tatequickly figured out that something was wrong based on the gaps in their memories.

Scott then dedicated himself to figuring out who Stiles was, going so far as to nearly freeze to death in an attempt to trigger his repressed memories in hopes that by doing so, he could open a rift and bring Stiles back. The combined efforts of Scott, Malia, and Lydia eventually did just that, and Stiles played a major role in helping the pack defeat Garrett Douglas and the Ghost Riders.

Afterward, when Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia all graduated from high schoolScott and Stiles reminded each other that they both loved and needed one another despite the fact that they were going to colleges on opposite sides of the country. Shortly after Stiles left, a creature known as the Anuk-itean ancient and powerful shapeshifter who was locked up by the Wild Hunt and was subsequently released when the pack brought Stiles and the other captives of the Ghost Riders back to Beacon Hillsarrived in town, causing Scott, Malia and Lydia to postpone their college plans; by doing so, they went against what Stiles wanted for them, which was for them to leave Beacon Hills and get on with their lives.

Ever since this point, Scott has struggled with whether or not to bring Stiles back into the fold, acknowledging that they need his help as well as the fact that he would be mad if he knew what they were trying to do without them but not wanting to tear him away from an opportunity that Stiles has clearly been thrilled to be taking. Stiles ended up coming back on his own after his internship with the FBI led him to Derek Hale, who had been blamed for the murder of a large Werewolf pack in Brazil and who had heard about the Hunter army led by Gerard Argent and Tamora Monroe, who had their sights set on destroying the supernatural world once and for all.

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Stiles and Scott once again led the pack to defeat the Anuk-ite and Monroe's army. Two years after the defeat of these threats, Stiles met up with Scott and Alec, a new Beta Werewolf, as well as the rest of the pack. Scott and Stiles have proved time and time again how deeply they care about each other. They've said "I need you" on multiple occasions to each other and it's become their version of saying they love each other and consider each other family.

According to Scott, the small scar on his cheek is from when he and Stiles were playing lacrosse in the McCall House when they were kids, during which time Scott dove to catch a ball Stiles threw toward him, landed on the glass coffee table, and shattered it, cutting his face and forcing him to get three stitches. The shame, guilt, and grief that resulted from this accident caused Malia to stay in her full coyote form in the nature preserve for the next eight years.

FBI Special Agent Rafael McCall then arrived at the scene with Henry Tate as well, causing Stiles to see an opportunity to track Malia later and steal the baby doll he and Scott found at the crash site in hopes of using it to track her scent. The next day, Stiles narrowly escaped being attacked by coyote-Malia when she appeared at Beacon Hills High School to steal the baby doll back, and he was present when Henry Tate once again arrived and took the baby doll from Stiles as a memento of his daughter's life.

When Stilinski seemed to disbelieve the theory that the coyote really was Malia, Stiles insisted that they couldn't harm the coyote due to the girl underneath and made it clear that he believed they were right.

It was there that they decided to use zylozine to sedate Malia before having Scott use his Alpha roar to force her to shift backa plan that was ultimately successful. While Scott tracked her down, Stiles, along with Lydia Martindetermined that Malia was so possessive of the baby doll because it was her version of leaving flowers at her sister's grave, indicating that Malia was still harboring a great deal of guilt for her actions as a child.

That evening, Stiles accompanied his father and Malia to the Tate Ranch and watched wistfully as Malia reunited with her father for the first time in nearly a decade. In Echo HouseStiles reunited with Malia for the first time since she had returned to the human world when he was admitted to Eichen House in order to protect the town from the Nogitsune possessing him and learned that Malia had been admitted as well in order to help her relearn how to live a human life.

He first saw her in the hallway as he was being walked to his room by an orderly after he was admitted, but did not get to speak with her until the next morning, when he saw her in the courtyard.

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Unfortunately for him, when Stiles approached Malia to reintroduce himself to her, she immediately punched him in the face, leading the orderlies to jump in and separate them, with the head orderly, Brunskithreatening to put Malia in the closed unit if she kept behaving this way.

During group therapy led by Druid and psychologist Marin MorrellStiles listened to Malia as she admitted that guilt makes her feel sick to her stomach, with Stiles stating that it makes him feel anxious.

Their group was dismissed early when Marin noticed the lichtenberg figure on Stiles' back and neck caused by the Nogitsune 's possession of him, the electricity he was exposed to, and the letharia vulpina he was injected several evenings earlier. Malia and the others left the vicinity while Marin informed him that he needed to stay awake as long as possible, as he was more vulnerable when he was asleep.

She then informed him that, when the lichtenberg figure fades, if the McCall Pack has not figured out how to save him, she would be killing him with pancuronium bromide, a medication used in lethal injection.

Later in the day, Stiles rushed to the boy's shower room to take some of the amphetamines she prescribed him and found Malia showering there. She explained that she used the boys' showers because the water in the girls' showers was too cold and she had difficulty keeping herself warm since she returned to her human state.

Stiles, uncomfortable with the fact that she was so boldly naked, decided to distract himself by asking her why she punched him earlier. Malia snidely assumed that Stiles wanted a "thank you," which he confirmed when he replied that he did sort-of save her life.

Malia responded, "You're right, Stiles. Thanks for invading my home, for putting me on the run, for turning me back to human so that I could look at my father every day and try to figure out how to explain to him that the reason my sister and mother are dead is because I almost ate them on a full moon. Thank you so very much. Stiles was surprised to hear that Malia wanted her old life back and decided to make her a deal-- Stiles would reintroduce her to Scott McCallwho could teach her to shift back into a coyote, and in exchange, Malia would help Stiles get into the basement of Eichen Housewhich he believed had answers as to his current possession.

With help from their fellow patient OliverMalia and Stiles were able to steal Brunski's keys, though they ultimately had to break through the door to get into the basement. While studying the files in the basement, Stiles had Malia check to see if the lichtenberg figure was still on his back, and Malia informed him that it was nearly gone, scaring Stiles.

The two then began to hold hands, eventually beginning to make out with each other on the couch downstairs. Shortly afterward, the two found the body of the Nogitsune 's previous host, Corporal Rhysburied in a wall with a broken katana and a photograph of Rhys and a much younger Noshiko Yukimura.

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They were then taken captive by Oliver, who consumed one of the Nogitsune fliesallowing the Void Kitsune to manipulate him into forcing Stiles to let the Nogitsune have control over his body once again, going so far as to threaten Malia's life to do so.

After Void-Stiles escaped Eichen HouseMalia checked herself out of the facility, with Marin leading her to Scott for further assistance in saving Stiles. After several attempts, Malia finally succeeded in extending her clawsthough, in her excitement, she nearly clawed Stiles in the face. Stiles and Scott were both shown smiling proudly at Malia for her progress. Stiles keeps asking if Malia can hear Scott when he is in danger.

When they break, her eyes are glowing blue and she is focused on Scott's voice. Later, Stiles works to fix his jeep while Malia begins to sense that they are not alone.

stiles and scott hospital scene from meet

Malia sees it and takes off in pursuit as does Kira. Malia has been injured. They hear the Jeep start up and run back. Stiles chastises Malia for running away. He says he thought she was just leaving them. Malia says she would never leave Stiles — ever. She says she would leave Lydia and Kira but never Stiles.

InMaila has been sneaking into Stiles' room at night, Stiles confirmed to Scott that he and Malia are dating. In MutedMalia has been having struggles with math. But because of Stiles' support she follows math classes.

Later, Malia watches Stiles playing lacrosse. At Stiles house, he and Malia are studying math. Malia gives up, slams the book shut, jumps on top of Stiles and starts kissing him. At his questioning, Malia explains her highlighter system.

Green is for the things she understands. Stiles realizes this is the same system he uses with colored string in his detective work see Galvanize. He smiles at the thought and kisses her. It looks like gibberish but is actually similar to the computer code we saw The Mute looking at earlier in the show.

In The BenefactorMalia has been using the basement at Lydia's Lake House to restrain herself on the full moon she soon gains control with the help of Stiles.

She jumps to attack him but almost instantly returns to fully human form.

Scott and Stiles

In WeaponizedMalia is infected and goes blind briefly before being cured. In the vault, Malia lays in Stiles' arms. Stiles goes on to discuss how the bonds were just gathering dust down there and point out how many problems the money could solve for everyone.

Scott says they need to tell Malia the truth about Peter being her father. Stiles explains to Malia that he is leaving them. He gives her his jacket. He kisses her forehead and she smiles.

In the end, Stiles rushes to Malia, but she is cold and removes his hand from her shoulder.

stiles and scott hospital scene from meet

She walks away from him, out of the vault, without saying a word. After talking to Peter She starts to believe that she may be a killer like her real father. She blames herself to Stiles. In PerishableMalia tells Scott about her conversations with Peter. She also says that she won't talk about Stiles. In MonstrousMalia visit Stiles at the hospital.

After they made up, they work together to shut down the dead pool. He promised that he will give her a lift to school so she can study for math. She also says that she will watch the big lacrosse game that night and he better not suck.

Void Stiles

Later, she and Sheriff watch Stiles playing lacrosse. Together, they saved Scott and Kira and fight against Peter. In Creatures of the Nightwhile the group prepares for a senior event. Malia anxiously waits for email confirmation that she passed summer school. She is apparently waiting for an important email.

stiles and scott hospital scene from meet

Stiles arrives to pick her up and after they kissed, she explains that she has yet to find out if her time in summer school brought her grades up enough to advance to the next level. Malia and Stiles are waiting to hear from the others.

As Stiles watches the other students arriving he becomes anxious. Malia smells the change in mood in his pheromones and asks him about it. Stiles worries that this will happen to him too. Malia supports him and they have a big kiss in the rain. In DreamcatchersStiles shows Malia pictures of the victims of her mother.

In Condition Terminalafter the fight between Malia and Tracy, Stiles run together with Scott, Deaton, and Sheriff to the basement as they see the dead body of Tracy. Malia explains to Stiles that she didn't do it, the Dread Doctors did.

stiles and scott hospital scene from meet

Stiles believed her and tries to get her calm.