Step up 2 moose and andie meet the fockers

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step up 2 moose and andie meet the fockers

Step Up All In () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. is that the crews are back,your favourite characters like moose,jenny kido,and andie. SAME. let me illustrate girl moves to new city, girl meets boy, girl likes dance,boy likes .. I loved the fact that they brought back Andie (Briana Evigan) from Step Up 2: The. Tatum and Dewan-Tatum met on the set of Step Up, so it's especially Step Up: 3D's Luke is an orphan whose parents left him with the famous Andie West ( played by Briana Evigan in Step Up 2 The Streets and Step Up: All Moose has stolen every scene he's been in, Step Ups 2–5, and it's high time. Step Up 2 The Streets not only boasts the best sequel title in film Jon M. Chu's sequel went the now-common route of expunging the leads for fresh meat while The leading lady this time is Andie (Briana Evigan), who we learn via a element entirely (holdover character Moose now attends NYU).

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The resident nerd of the school, Moose, friends Andy because well she is a cute girl with no friends and he has no friends. He takes it upon himself to show her around the school.

As he is showing her around he reveals to her that he can dance too which is one of the most oddest things I have ever seen in my life. Please spend the one minute below to watch Moose can move but I never saw this coming especially out of this skinny kid with a mop top. Andy has no skill whatsoever for ballet and after upsetting the teacher he assigns her to after school lessons. I did not see this coming whats going to happen now between her and the ???

I am internally torn right now. Andy starts running into problems with Tuck because she keeps running late to practices and he thinks she isnt taking this seriously so he kicks her out of the group. So much for the family of the Now Chase, the one who convinced his older brother to accept Andy, is a secret street dancer himself and he always wanted to get invited to the Streets, but he never had a crew.

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He also never was allowed into the either so he hopes that Andy will give him an in to one of the two. This guy Chase is a player man, rich kid trying to get with Andy and use her for her street connects. Chase tells Andy that they should start their own crew.

Not so fast girl. Chase shows Andy the otherside of the MSA, people who can dance street, but whose inner talents have always been pushed down. Chase shows her 6 great new dancers and Andy suggests Moose as well. Chase gathers them together and forms a crew. Oh yeah this crew is about to take off baby. In comes the standard dance montage in every dance flick. At least this one is not taking place in the rain or anything its just them messing around and of course there are scenes in front of the mirror.

Cool they are a crew, but they are a new crew they need to be recognized somehow. MSA puts their pranks up on the internet a requirement and what do they do? They freakin punk Tuck!!! They secret video tape Tuck as he is around town as they are in the background dancing. They end up leaving raw fish all over the house leaving a stink all over. Needless to say Tuck is not amused at all I mean this fool just got served in his own house. Andy gets up on the stage and delivers this resounding speech: The streets are supposed to be about different people coming together… We call this a battle but what are we fighting for?

And right on cue as soon as they go outside its starts pouring like crazy. One guy has a turn table and speakers in the trunk of his car and everyone pulls up there cars and turn on the lights.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the fockers

I always roll with a full DJ ensemble in my trunk because you never know when a dance floor may happen gotta be prepared. Everyone follows them out in the pouring rain getting soaked and watching them perform.

So MSA starts dancing out in the pouring rain out on the streets.

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Except that its not real asphalt at all, no way they are going to sliding around on the ground like the way they were, but lets not get that in the way.

Surprise, surprise it's plain, simple, and just as predictable as the previous installments. Some of the love is authentic and admirable; helping to address some issues in the process, but for the most part is rather bland. Putting romance aside, truth is that the overall plot is very lacking in both emotion and suspense. The situation is simply winning a contest, and while that can be very tense, is rather boring in this installment.

A few twists were attempted to be put into the mix, blatant attempts to put drama into crew to get some ruse out of the crowd.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the fockers

However, the drama lacked tension and heat, issues blowing over in seconds with rather emotionless scenes. Even the backstories leading up to this were underdeveloped, and the fear they tried to instill was absent, again blowing over them with ease. Although I knew it was going to be a predictable mess, I was hoping there would be some better delivery of the inevitable conclusion.

The story isn't what you come to see in these movies though. As I, and the movie production team know, you come for the dancing numbers.

Step All In does just that, as the crew brings intense moves on to the screen. From the get go, the gang performs numbers that will have fans amazed with their bouts of strength, flipping and twisting as if it were no big feat. Dance numbers are a blend of flips, twists, and pop and lock that flow into each other effortlessly, a tribute to the fine choreography. Many of the numbers are elaborate, with the participants clothed in themed outfits that are part provocative and matching the songs at the same time.

While not as diverse as the previous movie, in both music and numbers, I found myself dancing in the seat, as I got lost in the bass filled moments. The edgy music goes along with the nature of the numbers, almost all of them a battle between the groups filled with fake punches, cheesy taunts, and hooting for support. Simple I know, but the special effects they pulled out were fun to watch and most likely would have come at you in the 3-D version. Only once or twice did I find the dancing irrelevant or misplaced, being introduced only to give the audience another filler before the main event.

For most though, the relevancy of the numbers won't matter though, because it's just more impressive dancing. Step Up All In is a fun flick to watch, and fans of the series will be purely satisfied and entertained. Again it's a movie made for those who like gorgeous casts acting out simple love and spending the rest of the time dancing. Such a simple formula continues to be successful, so there is a good chance it won't change.

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Yet it would be nice if the delivery could be tweaked in some manner to get rid of some of the cheesiness. Overall though, I would recommend waiting to see this movie at home, unless you are looking for a movie to go to as a group.