Percy and annabeth meet at high school

Percy Jackson, Alternate Universe; High Schooling | FanFiction

percy and annabeth meet at high school

A few gods named Zeus, Area, and Hermes decided to be amused by- I mean test the Seven's strength in somewhere almost as worse as Tartarus - Highschool . This is a story where annabeth meets percy for the first time in highschool, but Annabeth soon finds out that Percy isn't who he says he is. When Annabeth goes to a new school called " GOODE HIGH", she is nervous and is trying to keep any demigod business a secret. She meets.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Annabeth meets Percy and somehow, he always manages to bring some kind of trouble Annabeth doesn't need. But then Percy saves her life, and suddenly Annabeth is trying to stop the inevitable: Percy is living a double life and he has spent the sixteen years of his life living up to his family name, and he's planning to do just that for the rest of his life.

That is until he meets the new student, Annabeth Chase. Characters are OOC purposely. Annabeth moves to Goode High and meets Percy, known to be the hottest guy to walk the surface of the planet. Wanna know what it's about? But that's easier said than done when you're a demigod. This is my first fanfic so be nice please! She does not expect the three most popular girls to take her under their wing.

High School Chapter 1: Meet Perseus Jackson, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

Based slightly of Mean Girls, here is a story of Percabeth, shopping and gossip. Percy is 18 and graduating from Goode High. And what will Percy do now that he's done with high school?

percy and annabeth meet at high school

Percy doesnt know who to go with? T - English - Chapters: Join the mortals through their first year of high school as they meet unexpectedly.

Percy and Annabeth’s story

Read as they make friends, beat enemies, anger teachers, and find joy and sadness. All characters will be included, some OC'S.

Unaccustomed, that's what I was. Unaccustomed to being in the last part of schooling. The myriad thoughts which plagued my mind then, can't be put into words, for all I'm capable of conjecturing. My half-open eyes flew to my bed-side table, and glimpsed the alarm. The corners of my lips turned upwards, as I looked at it, leaving me devoid of all the nervousness I'd felt until yesterday. So, I was starting High School, eh? A laugh escaped me.

percy and annabeth meet at high school

Weakly attempting to throw the covers off, I sighed again. My seniors had always told me of the variety of possibilities this brought with it. I'd laughed at them before, mocking them at how filmy their thoughts about school seemed to be.

Perhaps not the best thing to do, considering they said 'You'll see' and then started staring at the nearest 'Pretty-Chick's' backside.

percy and annabeth meet at high school

But, ah well, I guess it didn't go without saying that they'd somewhat succeeded in getting the whole idea into my head anyway. Clambering out of bed, I slipped my feet into my slippers. You know, the ones with the fluffy heads and all.

Once out of bed, I stretched my arms, and went over to my room's window. Pretty quiet it was, that morning.

percy and annabeth meet at high school

My lips bent into a grin. So we were the children of these three supremely-powerful-goofs, namely; Poseidon, my dad, Zeus, Pinecone face's dad, and Hades, Bastard's dad.

percy and annabeth meet at high school