Obito and rin meet again fast

Obito-Sensei Chapter 2: The Death of Kakashi Hatake, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

obito and rin meet again fast

Read Ch Beneath your mask//The Akatsukis head from the story Obito x Rin Many years later as he meets Nohara Rin his childhood love, fragments of his " Please don't disappear out of my life again, Obito" she spoke. her voice cracked and she quickly brushed the upcoming tears with the sleeves of her shirt away. Read Ch Who am I from the story Obito x Rin by GayObito (Obito) with reads. "To be very honest with you I am glad to see you again even though we 're He teleported faster than her former sensei Minato who died sixteen years. We are even for the moment, but shall we meet again we will neither run 'nor hide . His eyes! He's not What do you think is faster, your sand or my sound? You two "[to Obito Uchiha]" I swore I'd tear that mask right off your face! "[to Hyūga .

He didn't count on her not having memories and the strange visions she keeps seeing. Before Obito learns about this, Itachi steals her with the intention of blackmailing Obito for Sasuke's sake. He didn't count on developing affection for the pure-hearted girl that unbeknownst created a monster. She released his grip and stepped back from him. She had unlimited stamina like him, so she wasn't panting, but she looked squarely at him with concern and demanded, "Where are you taking me?

Itachi had found her after tracking down Kabuto's hideout.

Due to the grey coloring of her sclera that matched his, he knew he'd reincarnated her using that technique. He also knew that Obito had to be in the dark about it, for he would've killed Kabuto for reanimating her into another vessel lacking free-will. Since Itachi had already broken Kabuto's control over him using Kotoamatsukami, the only thing he saw when he saw Rin's reincarnated form was a chance to blackmail Obito for the sake of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

For Sasuke and his friend's sake, to get Obito to turn against Madara by forfeiting his master plan in exchange for the woman he had started this all for. He'd seized the opportunity and, after locking Kabuto in tsukuyomi, ran with her. She'd come willingly and Itachi hadn't bothered at the time to ask 'why'. He hadn't even spoken to her once since they had started fleeing, and couldn't blame her for her confusion.

He'd even flourish it a little to get her cooperation. He was truly blown away when she asked: He knew that she had been in love with Kakashi, and Obito with her. She'd even asked Kakashi to kill her to stop Kirigakure's plan to release Isobu upon Konoha after making her the jinchuriki.

That's why he was completely perplexed when she acted like she had no idea what he was talking about. How can you not remember Kakashi, and your team lead? Is that really my name? For some reason, Rin had either been reincarnated without her memories or Kabuto had removed them. To not even know her name, this was bad.

He felt even worse for her to be in such a situation when she was so vulnerable and helpless. But that couldn't be helped. It didn't matter how she had lost them, but she had, and Itachi had no idea how to help her. He also couldn't discard using her simply because she was clueless: Obito had to be stopped, and she was the key.

Furthermore, there wasn't time to sit down and tell her everything from the beginning to end and also have her accept the truth. Kakashi Hatake was one of your team members, and Minato Namikaze was your team leader. You were in love with Kakashi at one point. How come I don't remember anything? It might be that that guy back there, Kabuto, took them away from you.

Obito Dies and meets rin again sad moment!!!!!

I would understand these things I keep seeing in my mind. He could see his every movement. He could see what he intended to do, before he did it.

He looked so… clumsy. Like he was flailing underwater. So this was the power of the Sharingan. No wonder his clan could be so arrogant. Obito watched the man's swords come up. If he simply went on falling, he would be impaled. He couldn't let that happen. If he died here, then so would Rin.

And Rin would not die. Obito's arm shot out, and he flung his tanto at the man, sending it end over end. The former sword of the White Fang crashed into it, and was deflected into the soil. Obito landed on the still crossed blades a moment later, the steel digging into but not cutting through his thick sandals.

Chakra kept his balance steady for the one second that the Iwa ninja had to look at the child perched on his crossed blades. On any other day, Obito would have considered his expression hilarious.

But today, all he felt was dreadfully cold anger. The Uchiha punched the man in the face. Obito fell to the ground, landing painfully on his tailbone and gritting his teeth. He rolled backwards, his hand grasping for his new sword, and came back to his feet with it in hand. He was done talking. Steel clanged on steel as Obito pushed the older ninja back across the clearing.

His recently broken arm hung slack at his side, but he didn't need it: Two blades flashed out in a desperate uppercut, trying to knock Obito's guard up, but the Uchiha didn't attempt to meet the strike.

Instead, he dropped his sword and spun back. He had overextended himself: Both of his arms were up, leaving his body open. Obito finished his spin.

His hand darted out and caught the tanto as it fell. The Iwa-nin stumbled back, dragging the tanto from Obito's hand. He stared at the smaller boy in astonishment. Obito looked back fearlessly. Figures…" Blood splashed across his jacket and chin as he spoke, pouring from his mouth. He grabbed the handle of the tanto. He was too slow. A foot hammered into his broken arm, and he flew back, bouncing along the grass. A broken scream of pain tore itself out of him.

Team Tobi Chapter 1: Divergence, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

He slid to a stop and stared back at where he'd come from. His arm flared in agony, and his vision blurred, but that didn't matter. Iwa ninja filled the field. There were more than a dozen of them, all tall, heavy-set men.

Some were twice Obito's height, and all of them were certainly heavier. And they were all staring at him, with hate filled eyes.

But the slender man didn't seem to care. He was watching Obito with a spiteful smile. He spoke up, and all of the Stone ninja imperceptivity shifted as they listened to him.

obito and rin meet again fast

But he's got something we need! Take it, and the village will owe you a debt! Obito knew that the man was dead, or would be in a moment. And that he would probably soon be joining him soon. The Iwa-nin roared together, and charged. Obito watched them approach with whirling eyes, his grip tightening once more on his tanto.

He took a deep breath. The first ninja to reach Obito had a snarl on his face and a kunai clenched in each of his fists: The smaller Uchiha didn't give him a chance. The tanto swept out, knocking one of the kunai off course, and he spun between the man guard, putting his back to him. The man made to grab him, but the tanto was already shooting back, burying itself in his gut.

The taller ninja grunted in pain… and then fell as Obito ripped the sword upwards, opening a wound across the whole of the man's abdomen.

Something slippery fell from the man, who keeled over. Obito didn't spare him a glance. There were still over a dozen ninja surrounding him. The next attack came more quickly: The one approaching from the front jumped into a roundhouse kick. Obito ducked it, swinging his tanto up to take off the Iwa-nin's foot. But a trio of shuriken, thrown by the man to his side, leapt into his peripheral vision, and he twisted, interpreting the tanto between him and them.

The new angle gave him just enough time to realize that another enemy was approaching him from behind before the man tackled him to the ground. For the third time that day, Obito hit the ground like a sack of bricks. He tried to roll away, but the enemy ninja had him pinned. The man loomed over him, a tanto of his own held in his hand.

Obito made to raise his… and someone stomped down on his hand, hard. The feeling of his fingers breaking was barely worse than the sound they made as they did. The White Fang's sword fell from his ruined fingers. Obito glared up at the man on top of him, who leered down. But there was no way this would go any other way! Obito watched his death coming for his throat, a foot and a half of dirtied steel.

obito and rin meet again fast

His death, and Rin's death. These men had killed Kakashi. These men were about to kill him. And then they would kill Rin. His eyes went wide; the Sharingan was whirling so fast the three points seemed to form on continuous circle. Obito's left eye strained: The man swiped his empty hand across Obito's throat, and then suddenly stopped. He stared in astonishment at where his blade had been a second ago, and then at the boy under him.

He toppled forward, and the young Uchiha surged forward, breaking the older man's nose with a headbutt. The Iwa-nin reeled back, and Obito scrambled back to his feet. But it was good. He bared his teeth, his lips pulling back into something that by no means could be called a smile.

The blood on his face began to dry. Even with both of his hands useless, even with his head burning A couple of them looked confused, the rest, just angry. But no matter how they looked, they all obliged him, rushing in.

Two men found themselves with concussions before they could blink: A man jumped high into the air, falling like a meteor armed with a sword, and Obito glanced up at him. His eye bled again. The Iwa-nin's katana vanished, and he had just enough time to look enraged before Obito nailed him in the chin with a powerful kick, snapping his head up. The man hit the ground limply; dead or unconscious, Obito didn't care.

He turned just in time to find a kunai inches from his forehead. A drop of blood leaked from it. The kunai hit him in the forehead. And went straight through. A man behind Obito screamed briefly as the knife struck him in the throat. He gurgled as he fell, scrabbling at the weapons hilt.

Obito didn't give himself any time to wonder what had allowed him to escape an impromptu lobotomy. Nor did he give any of the other ninja any time to figure out what the hell they had just seen. His eyes tingled, and the tanto that had disappeared less than a minute earlier fell into existence right in front of his face.

He caught it in his teeth. The man he was rushing, who had thrown the kunai, stumbled back, eyes wide. Obito leapt on top of him, bearing him to the ground under his knees, and drove the tanto up to its hilt into the man jaw, and out through the top of his head. Blood splattered across Obito's face, mingling with what had come from his eyes, but he ignored its warmth. The rest of the Iwa-nin watched, horrified, as he rose from the body of the man he had just killed.

Bending slightly, he took a kunai from the man's pouch: He turned his head to the side and opened a pouch on his shoulder with his teeth. A spool of ninja wire lay within, and he bit down on it and teased it out. They all threw them at the same unspoken moment.

The rain of steel and needles passed through him, not even ruffling his clothes with their passing. Many of the Iwa-nin had to dive out of the way of their comrades weapons: Obito began tying the ninja wire around his hands with his teeth, securing the kunai there.

As the Iwa-nin watched in astonishment and fear, he finished. His right hand came back down: Obito glared at him, and the man's head twisted out of existence. He didn't have time to scream before it vanished, and his body fell to the soil, copiously spurting blood from his empty neck.

More liquid trickled from the Uchiha's left eye, but he paid it no mind. Every single man present took several steps back. One turned and ran. None of them were as lethal as the last one had been.

Two men dropped their weapons, their fingers unable to hold them. Obito took a step forward. All of the other ninja took another step back. Rin sat on the ground, watching Kakashi's body. She stroked his head, running her fingers through his hair, and looked out towards the entrance of the dome.

She hadn't heard anything since Obito had left, aside from some brief yelling. She had no idea what was happening outside. But it had been more than ten minutes, and she was starting to think that Obito wouldn't be coming back. She had resolved not to.

obito and rin meet again fast

But that didn't stop the occasional quiver of her lips, or the palpitation of her heartbeat. She'd lost both of her teammates in the same day: And now, they were going to fail their mission, and more Konoha shinobi would die because of their own deaths. The sheer unfairness of the situation made her clench her hand. She stopped when she realized what it was doing to Kakashi's hair. She moved her hand to her knees… and then stood up. If she was going to die, she wanted to see Obito one last time before she did.

And he might still be out there. She turned, before looking back at Kakashi's body. Rin sucked in a breath and whipped her head back around, closing her eyes tightly. Then, there was a near silent rush of air from behind her. She turned back around, and found Minato Namikaze standing there.

He stared at her, and then down at the body of his other student. Minato just closed his eyes. He looked at her, and his face grew alarmed. He stepped forward, drawing her in. I'm here, Rin," he said. She looked up at him, unbelieving. The Yellow Flash smiled: He just wrapped his arms tighter around her. Minato normally sounded carelessly cheerful: Rin just shook her head. Minato grabbed her shoulder, and bent down to her level.

But he hasn't come back! Rin tore herself out of his grip and stumbled to the floor, holding her head in her hands. For a moment, the tomb was silent. Only Rin's weeping disturbed the quiet. Minato stared as well, his eyes wide.

Obito Uchiha stumbled into the shattered dome, covered head to toe in bright, fresh blood. His eyes were the same color, the Sharingan scanning everything.

A broken kunai was wound to his right hand, the fingers of which were mangled, by steel wire. His left arm hung completely limply, twisted in a manner that was wholly unnatural. He found his sensei first. A small smile broke out on his face, and he fell to his knees.

obito and rin meet again fast

Slowly, his eyes fell upon Rin, who stared back, mute. Obito sighed in relief.

obito and rin meet again fast

And then he collapsed, unconscious before he hit the floor. I didn't expect to get this out so quickly, but the response to Chapter One was more than I'd expected. I couldn't help myself. Probably not what you were expecting, huh?