Naruto and his mother meet

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naruto and his mother meet

Since Sarada had never meet her father she follows Naruto to meet Sasuke and find out the truth about her biological mother. When she meets Sasuke he says. The latest ep has Naruto meeting his Mom. Problem is the make it as this is his first time he met her, but if anyone remembers he already meet. Minato was so happy that he was meeting his son for the first time and he was a "Just wait until we tell your mother she is going to flip.

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Minato could not believe what he just heard. He was just staring at Naruto.

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He could not believe that he was looking at his son and he was not even born yet. Naruto just counted smiling and said "Hi Dad.

naruto and his mother meet

Minato got up from his desk and walked to Naruto and gave him a big hug. Naruto did not know what to do because he never got hugged before by a parent. She will not believe that she will be meeting our son before you are born.

naruto and his mother meet

Now how many parents can say they meet there son before they were even born. There is an unknown man out there after your wife and son" Said Kakashi. Minato turn to Kakashi and said "Yes sorry.

Now why is he after my wife and who is he? We also don't know why he took us with him to the past because he could of just come by himself but he waited for us to come to him then he took out this object and the next thing we know we were waking up here in the past" Shikamaru said to Minato and Sarutobi. Naruto was thinking really hard on who it was but he could not think of anyone at the moment.

Are you saying that this happens more often? We don't what it to change the future. Well as a father I have the right to know what is happing to my son" Minato said to his student Kakashi.

I will get to know who is always after my son and why they always go after him" Minato said to a ton that made no one to question him. Naruto didn't know if he should tell them about the day he was born or that he had the Kyuubi inside him.

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She is so happy about the baby. Everyone turn to look outside and they show a big cloud of dust. We must get there before anything happens to her. Then everyone else was right behind him. Trying to get there before anything happens to Kushina and baby Naruto.

Kushina was walking down the street on the way to the grocery store but as she was going to the grocery store she started to think about baby Naruto. However, with skill and training, a Shinobi can master more than one nature transformation, for example Sasuke was proficient in the Lightning and Fire styles from an early age.

naruto and his mother meet

As is typical of a high level ninja, Minato could harness three different elements: Fire, Lightning, and Wind. Interestingly, Kushina could use both Wind and Water styles, presumably as a result of her home village. Strangely, Naruto was only seen to master one element without the help of Tailed Beasts or the Sage of Six Paths and that was the Wind element that both of his parents had an affinity for.

Despite not appearing very often in Naruto, Kushina became a very popular and well-rounded character and this may be due to the fact that Masashi Kishimoto partly based her on his own wife.

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Itachi manages to complete the test without outside aid and is later told that he received the second-highest score of all time, only being bested by Minato Namikaze. The Japanese myth of Yamata No Orochi whose own name should sound familiar to Naruto fans, bearing in mind the creature was serpent-like features a princess called Kushinada who is saved by the god Susanoo, with the two eventually becoming husband and wife.

Although the story itself mirrors how Kushina and Minato fell in love, the name Susanoo is mostly associated with the Uchiha clan in Naruto, rather than the Fourth Hokage. Indeed, voice artist Toshiyuki Morikawa has played the sword-wielding villain in the Advent Children movie, as well as a variety of video games including Crisis Core, Dissidia, and Kingdom Hearts 2. Although able to turn his vocal cords to both protagonists and antagonists, Morikawa is known for mostly playing powerful and authoritative types in animation and video games.