My lifes a zoo meet bud and carrie

Wild times: Love keeps pair going on ‘My Life Is A Zoo’

my lifes a zoo meet bud and carrie

Life never stops when you've got over mouths to feed. Bud and Carrie have cages to clean, enclosures to shovel out, a stallion on the loose and a pregnant. Through Bud's own words we meet his partner in the zoo and in life Carrie. She was a regular visitor that came and ended up staying. My Life Is a Zoo. After a lonely winter Bud and Carrie welcome their zoo family - volunteers and With crowds pouring in, Bud and Carrie struggle to keep up. Zoo finally welcomes its new hippo -- now Bud and Carrie just have to feed him!.

The publicity stunt is only being used to get ratings for National Geographic, when there is a HUGE wasted opportunity to share the plight of captive big cats or their race toward extinction in the wild.

my lifes a zoo meet bud and carrie

Find out more about why the use of cubs for photo sessions and petting sessions is the cause of most of the abuse suffered by big cats in the U.

There less than 3, tigers in the wild and are about 15, lions in the wild today. Just ten years ago that number was closer to 50, Even the lions left in Africa are mostly inside parks.

DeYoung Family Zoo

Often the parks use the cubs as props for people to pay to play and then they are turned out into yards, when they get too big, so that hunters can pay to kill a lion as part of their Big 5 trophy game hunts.

Lions breed well so there is no reason to be breeding them in cages when there are no protected places for them to live free. The money sent to support this backyard breeder should be spent on protecting habitat and paying park rangers to protect big cats.

my lifes a zoo meet bud and carrie

As long as people like Bud and Carrie can make a living showboating with big cats, they will continue to support the trade that causes so much misery and will continue urging others to do the same by their actions, which speak far louder than their words.

When you look at the cages these wild animals are spending their entire lives in, you only see concrete, a barren patch of ground and a skimpy dens. There are no trees, shrubs, grasses or anything natural to provide stimulation to the cats.

Big Cat Rescue, an accredited sanctuary, has to turn away more than 50 big cats each year from people who see morons playing with lions and tigers and think that would be a cool way to show off too. It is sad that the media gives attention to this kind of publicity stunt that sends such a bad message.

My Life is a Zoo Bud DeYoung and Carrie Cramer

The only good coming of it might be that some people will begin to question why these clowns are being promoted on National Geographic and start people thinking about why it is that people who appear this clueless have a backyard full of dangerous wild animals.

But when an unsuspecting chicken wanders into the tiger pen and a cat hoarder dies leaving a house of feral cats in need of good homes, Bud and Carrie must step in. Things really get tense with the arrival of distressing news: Bud and Carrie will have to raise the funds, pray for a miracle or break their promise of having the first baby hippopotamus in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

My Life Is a Zoo: With crowds pouring in, Bud and Carrie struggle to keep up.

My Life Is A Zoo

Their to-do lists grow longer and longer by the minute. And Emo, an inbred white tiger needs to be neutered before he spreads genetic defects to future generations.

my lifes a zoo meet bud and carrie

Bud and Carrie struggle to prepare an operating room but it's one interruption after another - a car show by the lion pen, a pampered potbellied pig, a dog who got in a fight with a porcupine and a litter of fox kits that need their help. Finally, the operating room is ready and the vet arrives. But the surgery is not without complications. Bud and Carrie are always on the go and, on top of all their day-to-day chores, the zoo's largest new arrival is on its way from Jakarta, Indonesia.

After an 11,mile journey, Wallace, a pound baby hippo, is already proving to Bud and Carrie that he may be a kid, but he's calling all the shots! With a lot of coaxing and the help of some tasty carrots, the DeYoung Family Zoo finally welcomes its new hippo -- now Bud and Carrie just have to feed him!

To add to the stress, Carrie has just started a "no-kill" animal rescue - Piper's Place - and is hoping that a fundraising event will bring in the money she needs. The balloons are up and the cake is cut, but can Carrie raise the thousands of dollars needed to keep Piper's Place afloat? Special Delivery At the Houston Zoo a twenty two-month wait is almost over - Shanti the Asian elephant is due to give birth.