Mias and elle meet again somehow regina

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mias and elle meet again somehow regina

Prompt: David gets sick for the first time since Snow died (somehow, don't question it) . When Emma succumbs to the fear that she will never paint again, Regina is the Robin is a professional photographer and meets Regina on set were she's Mamma Mia AU When Henry finds his mother's old diary, he reads about. When Will I See You Again . Mama Mia. Mamma Mia .. Somewhere Only We Know .. Bad Meets Evil & Bruno Mars. Lighters .. Belle, Regina & Jeffrey Osborne Elle King. Ex's & Oh's. Ellie Goulding. Guns And Horses. Elliman, Yvonne. Happy Days Are Here Again (Woman Voice). Put The .. Gone Before You Met Me. Ain't Just a . J'ai encore rêvé d'elle. DUET Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful. Summer Elis Regina Cara Mia.

Once Upon a Time - Rated: Set in the Enchanted Forest right after Regina's halted execution and her "test" with Snow and the dagger, David confronts Regina in her cell about her reasons behind her bloody reign and he is faced with answers he did not expect. Emma is an owner of a renowned Fitness Club called Swan Fitness and is also a grad student seeking a Master's in Counseling.

Regina is one of Emma's professors and soon to be a member of her club. Will they allow their circumstance to prevent their feelings from evolving? Or will they fight to have their chance at their happy-ending? Now she's just leftovers of the what she used to be, a broken version of herself, one that wakes up every night silently screaming for help but is too damn proud to ask for it. Unexpected by Regalfruit24 reviews Regina and David been doing more then just raising henry.

What if during Snow and Emma rescue operation they awaken hidden desires in each other that lead to unexpected consequences once they return causing a bigger problem for them both to deal with? Will they both deal with the hidden truth about the affair or Will this consequence show them both the love they been looking for?

The Sequel by RegalChromaggia69 reviews It is as the titles says. This is a sequel to my previous story, "Teacher's Pet. Emma and Regina become captured by The Evil Queen and become her prisoners.

How will Emma react to meeting The Evil Queen? Will Regina see that she has truly changed when she faces her past self? What if David had met Regina first? With her family not recognizing her as a canine, will she be able to be turned back? Will they figure out who did this to her? Outlawqueen with Regalbeliever, Captainswan, Snowing and a bunch of other characters. Daughter Regina Mills is trying to find happiness in the shadow of her mother's ambition.

In a world of backdoor deals and high-stakes campaigning, can the love between a political princess and her bodyguard survive? A fun, smutty AU and family story.

Set during the Regency Period, Henry and Cora arrange a marriage for their daughter in an effort to save their family's name and estate.

But an unlikely kinship with a certain pawn broker, and the arrival of Emma Swan threaten to jeopardize Kat's tenuous relations with her mother; and bring her face to face with a power that she never dared to dream of.

mias and elle meet again somehow regina

Gold No Ordinary Love by fiend89 reviews Regina casts a curse to get her happy ending and will fight tooth and nail to keep it. What happens when a stranger who she never thought she will see again rolls into town?

Story starts at season 1. Will loosely follow canon. Warning — this is a G!

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Dangerous dreams cause her to wake up sweating with her hand in a compromising position. They avoid eye contact and they avoid each other but the universe has other ideas, no matter how many people get hurt. David gets sick for the first time since Snow died somehow, don't question itEmma can't be assed with his whining so she calls Regina.

A rash decision to help his family has lead to him nearly losing them instead, and now he's woken up to discover he accidentally broke into in the home of a stranger - single mom and ad executive Regina Mills - while stumbling home drunk last night. Can these neighbors overcome their rocky start to find something they need in each other?

When more things occur, Emma can't understand why Regina won't let her help. M - English - Chapters: Regina and her lover run away and live happily until 16 years later Cora finds them and kidnaps her grandson so she can gain more power! When the dwarves hit some pixie dust in the mines, everyone found their magic switched with someone else's. In most cases, this was fine, but there were two werewolves, a sorceress, and the Dark One to account for.

Hopefully, the town didn't get leveled before they found a way to fix this. Can something beautiful come out of this disaster or will they both return to the lives that they are desperate to change?

Talks of car accident and injury. Will be rated M for later chapters. Redbeauty but I won't really put their growing story, this is mostly all swanqueen. New friends, school, house and so much more. Will Regina be able to cope? Will she be able to ignore all the stares she gets, walking to and from home, and at school? Being the new girl sucks. Will she be able to handle it?

mias and elle meet again somehow regina

Better question is, have you seen the new girl? This betrayal leads Zelena down a dark path of retribution. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Growing up together in the small town of Storybrooke, they were inseparable.

mias and elle meet again somehow regina

All of their friends and family knew that there were probably more feelings than their friendship was letting on, but could their friendship be jeopardized?. What happens when Robin shares a certain secret that could break Regina? Regina vlogs and does makeup tutorials on YouTube. One day she makes the mistake of posting a video with Emma in it and now the whole internet is shipping them.

Will her repressed memories help solve the case in time, or be her downfall? Does not follow original storyline. Emma wakes up naked next to Regina. She doesn't remember what happened or how she got there. Are feelings involved or was it just a drunken accident? It will have a few differences and my own personal ending. One night to decide, one dragon to defeat, a set of memories to recover. When the stranger appears and offers her and adventure there is very little she can do to say "no" Once Upon a Time - Rated: A 27 year old Emma, who has suffered all her life and soon comes into some big money, when she discovers that the man who made her life a living hell is her biological father.

Regina is 25 years old and madly in love with her boyfriend Daniel. But all that changes when she is forced to marry Emma.

Sending her in a spiral of emotions of hatred and love towards her. With Regina as her witness they go confront the Charmings. Ruby thinks she is protecting her best friend Snow and attacks Emma, biting her not once but twice.

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This deals with what will happen. Ruby regrets it, but will be there for Emma. This is Swanqueen endgame.

mias and elle meet again somehow regina

She had become good at that again, she had always been quite good at pretending, at wishing to fit in. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Regina Mills is a warlock who lives in NY and at peace with the Clave. Their lives and everyone around them are about to change in a way that no one could predict. I suck with summaries, but you should already know that. Regina vows to do the best she can to help her student. Will Regina risk putting her job on the line?

What happens when both Emma and Regina get more than they bargained for? Henry looked at both of his moms as they both had cheeky smiles.

As she attempts to help a little boy with his own emotional problems, she finds she gets more than she bargained for in the form of an adorable 10 year old boy and his beautiful Latina mother. When Hook disappears and Regina forces Emma to go out for Ladies' Night, she isn't surprised when Emma admits that she's wanted to try something with her for a while.

Emma releases the handbrake and starts forward again, her breathing harsh and shallow as she drives away from Storybrooke, the faded town line growing fainter and fainter until she can no longer see any proof that the last six years of her life had ever existed at all. Another idea that was probably a bad idea to start.

I don't own anything. Rated T for mild language. What happens when a stranger who she never thought she will see again rolls into town? Story starts at season 1. Will loosely follow canon. Warning — this is a G! One shots of how Emerson and Regina meet, and in the worlds they meet each other in. Fate is funny that way, but which one would you like to explore first? Once more setting out to find the Saviour, Regina needs to persuade Emma to help her for each of their sake.

She soon finds this to be no easy task as she has many unfathomable things to explain about the town Emma had once called home. Not to mention answering several tricky questions about the past.

mias and elle meet again somehow regina

Emma gets caught up in the spell. Regina manages to stop adult Zelena, but when Regina sees Cora sending her sister to Oz, she feels sorry for the baby Zelena. Emma suggests giving Zelena a second chance. She has homework, cheerleading and a secret. What happens when 28 year old Emma Swan shows Regina a world she never imagined?

Rated M for future smut. Encountering the Saviour, she realises Emma might hold the key to Snow's demise.

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Capturing the Saviour to begin her twisted games, her cruel intent stirs up the darkness the blonde has only recently put to rest. When more things occur, Emma can't understand why Regina won't let her help. In this fic, the readers get to choose how it progresses see inside for details. Although it is swan queen all the way Once Upon a Time - Rated: They force the two women to marry, but the reasons for it are not what the two women believe them to be.

T - English - Chapters: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Ignores canon after that episode. Emma finds out from Rumple that Henry has a twin sister who was stolen at birth when she was unconscious after having given birth to Henry while in prison.

They must find her and bring her home. What kinds of trouble will they get into. This is one family trip they will never forget. Don't like, don't read. Emma takes a two week vacation to Storybrooke, where she meets the beautiful mayor, Regina.