Meet the cast of young and restless

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meet the cast of young and restless

Y&R Updates Y&R Transcripts Y&R Cast List Short Recaps Y&R Store Community The Young and The Restless Appearances Page .. and Jason Thompson (Billy)! Meet & Greet October 13, Clearwater, FL Feather Sound Drive. Watch The Young and the Restless: Nick and Adam Meet at love triangles, issue-oriented plots, a multi-ethnic cast and slick productio ( more). Get the answers to these and more questions as the cast of legendary daytime drama "The Young and the Restless" meet and greet fans at a.

But we just don't really have a place for her. But I would have loved to have done it. I love the idea of sinking into one character for all that time. So, moving here, I started doing guest stars and little movies, but soaps just never really happened for me. I remember testing for Days of our Lives with casting director Marnie [Saitta] ten years ago. I was like, "This is the one! I'm going to get this one! But that didn't pan out.

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It was between me and another girl, but neither of us got it. Do you know what the role was? I think they ended up not going with the role. So, at the time, I thought maybe soaps just weren't in the cards for me. I've done all these other things: I've been on Comedy Central, I've done Showtime, so many things. And it's funny, because it has all come back around, and I finally get to sink my teeth into one character and really grow with her.

meet the cast of young and restless

It's my favorite thing about this journey. You just don't get that [opportunity] very often. I was actually a big All My Children fan. My mom and I would watch that, and I remember being in Australia, watching that show quite a bit. I wasn't an avid soap opera watcher, but I have always loved the genre. I understand the genre, and it makes me happy. Really, nothing made me happier than watching All My Children and Home and Away and Eastenders -- all the soaps from the different countries.

There's just something about getting that opportunity to tune in to somebody's family every day. It did help me, actually. Marnie was a big champion of mine back in the day, so she would always give me little hints and tips. Those were the three most important things.

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Other auditions sometimes, it's more like, "Okay, let me break this scene down. What's really going on here? They want to see that you can do the job and look good doing it.

And that's what I carried all through, right to the test. Who did you screen test with? That's what soaps do: I started watching episodes, but then I thought, maybe that wasn't a good idea because I kind of got a little in my head, thinking, "Oh, they're so good!

And this is so important, this role coming in, this chemist! I'm a big fan of her and her acting on the show So, I started to get in my head, but upon meeting Peter, everything fell into place. And we had a ball! He's an extremely charming man, and he's kind and giving. I lay it on thick, but he deserves it!

He's a wonderful, wonderful person.

Meet the stars of ‘The Young and the Restless’ at ‘Genoa City Live!’ event

He made the screentest fun; he would say lines that weren't on the page, and then I would say lines that weren't on the page, and we were laughing when there wasn't laughter. We just had a ball, so I left and was like, "I don't know what just happened, but I had fun.

meet the cast of young and restless

Isn't he just the epitome of a gentleman? I haven't told him this, but I consider him daytime's Cary Grant. Oh, I love that! And yes -- even the other day, we were on set, and he could see that my feet were hurting, so between takes, he was like, "Sit, sit, sit. I was like, "What? I think actually, one of my favorite parts of that story is the admission that your feet hurt. High heels are no joke, so I like that even soap stars have a hard time wearing them for so long.

I was in heels, and I'm 5'10" -- I'm a tall gal. Peter actually said to me once that whenever we do scenes together, he said, "It's so nice to not have to worry about blocking your light! Now that you've been playing the role for several weeks, you've gotten to know Kerry a little bit more. What are your initial thoughts and feelings about her? They kept a lot in the dark at the beginning, and I think it's because they had one idea of Kerry, and then they met me, and things sort of started to morph.

Especially with the chemistry that I have with certain cast members, I think that they sort of adjusted and realigned her a little bit. I was talking with some of the writing staff about her, and I think my instincts are correct.

I really like her; I've liked her from the beginning. She's a hard worker, and she's really dedicated to her career, and that is something I can relate to. She has really put everything else in her life aside for her career, much like in my life: I haven't been in a relationship in quite a while and because of that, great things have happened in my career, and I'm more centered and focused than I've ever been. But Alice's ultimate dream -- my ultimate dream -- is to raise a family, to be in a happy relationship, the white picket fence thing, the whole deal.

I sort of relate to that very female struggle. Obviously, men have that struggle, too, but with women, you have to take time out to be pregnant and things like that, you have to take time out to raise a family. So, all of that stuff I've brought to Kerry. She's written as this powerhouse, 'I work, work, work. I do nothing but work!

Meet the New 'Young and the Restless' Hunk, Michael Mealor!

And I think that starts to be revealed as time goes on. But what else is nice is that Kerry did not come to Genoa City expecting to fall for anybody. And I think that she is surprised by what unfolds in that case.

meet the cast of young and restless

You've been quite complimentary toward Gina Tognoni, saying Phyllis is one of the most dynamic, layered characters on television. Considering your admiration, were you intimated to work with her? Absolutely -- until I met her. She said to me, "Hey, wanna run these lines? Luckily, in my own life, while I'm not a chemist, I'm very confident in what I do and what I bring to everything that I'm good at, so it wasn't super hard for me relate to that.

I hope she gets the credit she deserves. The character is considered He is best known for his television role as Cole Deschanel on Sunset Beach, which gained popularity for the actor in the s.

meet the cast of young and restless

Geary has received a record seven Daytime Emmy Davidson is best known for her roles in soap operas as Kristen DiMera Her big break came when she was cast as character Frankie Stone on the daytime drama All My Children.

Her equally popular role of Maggie Stone, the Longoria's career began inwhen she won the title of Miss Corpus Christi, and later began Podell played the role of Dr. She has been called a scream queen due to her notoriety for playing the role of nubile co-ed Megan Halsey in the horror comedy Re-Animator.

Blake Woodruff began his acting career playing the role of the crying boy in the thriller Blind Horizon. Further more, he played Mike Baker in the He is best known for playing the roles of Chris Kositchek and Roman Brady on the long-running American dramatic serial She is best remembered for her work on television shows in the s and s.