Meet disney princess belle and prince adam

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meet disney princess belle and prince adam

In "Enchanted Christmas" Adam and Belle present Chip with a One of the Disney animators described the beast as a normal 21 year old. Once upon a time, Disney princesses ruled your VHS collection. I watched Beauty and the Beast with a trainer and spied on girls greeting the number of people we met, and if we went under, we would get a reprimand. Belle and Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast. Disney Face Characters. You have no idea how much i want to meet Belle! Disney LandDisney My Sissy and her two Sissy Friends dressed up for Disney Princess Day. Belle Disney.

Even still, the adults of the village should remember the castle, but it seems as if instead of it being ten years vacant its more like the people never knew it existed at all. Perhaps that's part of the curse also? To show the prince that he was not only incapable of love himself but that he wasn't loved by others either, to show him how quickly he would be completely forgotten.

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I always took it the curse would last for 21 years, but the prince and staff didn't age in that time. The prince was already a young man, Chip was already 5 or whatever. The "10 years" line is harder to reconcile, but may have been a flippant rounding of time.

If you are looking at the stained glass in order to discern the prince's true age, you are looking in the wrong place. Depictions of people in stained glass are typically more symbolic rather than literal about a person's status.

Besides, the attire worn by the prince in the stained glass seems to be more reflective of Medieval times rather than 18th century France when the events of the film take place. Still she would've been an evil queen, thanks to her coronation. It's intriguing to imagine Hans as a princess, assuming she still had his same villainous tendencies.

It'd make for an especially interesting dynamic if she still had 12 brothers. As the only girl, it'd make her stand out that much more. It's easy, and actually pretty fun, to imagine her and Elsa going head to head in battle. The two of them ruled over Olympus, so Hercules was basically the demigod equivalent of a Prince.

Plus, he has all the typical princely qualities; he's strong, passionate, devoted to helping people and has a huge heart. His only real downfall is the "damsel in distress" lesson.

He just wants to help, so he's pretty thrown when Meg gets sassy with him.

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If Hercules were a female demigod, she might've understood a little more. Or maybe Meg would've been more willing to accept help. Fanpop user LeentjeAL went ahead and imagined Hercules as a woman, even going so far as to switch up the gender of Pegasus too. This version seems to combine the best physical features of Meg and Hercules.

She's still a redhead like Herc, but has the long, thick ponytail that Meg does. She's much more lean, and opts for a spear instead of a sword, and is arguably more daunting than regular Hercules, at a glance. It could be because of her confident sneer. She seems to have a bit more fire in her eyes than Herc did. He always had more of a boyish charm than anything.

It was relatable for any kid. Then Simba grew up, and things got weird. As an adult, Simba was just as carefree, but for a very different, heartbreaking reason. He felt so guilty about his father's death that he ran from everything, including his life as heir to the throne.

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However, as he learned, he couldn't hide from who he really was. Had Simba been a lioness, rather than a lion, the story could've been way different. Jasmine Hopkins took to the internet to show what that might look like, and it's more unexpected than one might think.

In Hopkins' artwork, both Simba's and Nala's genders have been switched. Especially during the time when The Lion King was released, it would've been nearly unheard of to have a male character fight for a female to come back and rule a kingdom. With a live action Lion King on the way, this would be an original plot to pursue, but it's unlikely.

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His official title was Emperor, but for the purposes of this list, we'll count him. He wasn't that good at his job though. Kuzco was mean, selfish, and all around unpleasant at the start of The Emperor's New Groove. Like Prince Adam, Kuzco is absurdly shallow. He cares only about the finer things, and people, in life. As the enchanted rose reaches late bloom and slowly wilts, the first outsider is an old man named Maurice who accidentally stumbles upon the castle, being allowed inside by the servants for shelter.

However, the Beast detains Maurice in the tower as a prisoner for trespassing. Maurice's horse returns back to the village, and then takes Maurice's daughter Belle back to the castle. In the tower Belle confronts Beast and pleads with him to let her father go, offering herself as a prisoner instead, to which the Beast agrees in return for her promise never to leave.

Being prodded by his servants into believing that she is the key to breaking the spell, the Beast shows flashes of compassion for the first time despite his overall gruff manner. For instance, he feels some remorse for ejecting her father without a proper farewell, and as an atonement he lets her stay in a furnished room rather than the tower dungeon and places the servants at her disposal. When she enters the castle's forbidden west wing and nearly touches the rose, he frightens her into fleeing the castle via the woods, which he regrets upon realizing that he lost his temper, then he saves her from being killed by wild wolves.

The Beast and Belle come to appreciate each other when she brings him back to the castle and tends to his wounds. He strikes up a friendship with her, by giving her the castle library and learns kindness and manners from her.

Eventually, the Beast falls in love with Belle, and placing her happiness before his own, he releases her to tend to her sick father, a decision that disheartens him upon realizing that she had not yet returned his love which means that the curse remains unbroken.

A mob from the village comes to storm the castle and kill the Beast, led by a rival suitor named Gaston. Beast is too miserable from Belle's departure to respond to a challenge from Gaston, although his servants manage to beat back the villagers.

meet disney princess belle and prince adam

Upon seeing Belle's return to the castle, the Beast's mood is roused and he duels Gaston upon the castle rooftops. The Beast uses guile to make up for his lack of weaponry, and remains unfazed by frequent taunts from Gaston, who proclaims that handsome appearance is the entitlement to Belle.

The Beast eventually overpowers Gaston and intends to drop him until the hunter begs him not to. Not wanting to sink to Gaston's level of behavior, the Beast decides to show mercy and spare Gaston on the condition that he immediately leave the castle. Belle then shows up on the balcony and the Beast climbs up to meet her; however Gaston refuses to accept defeat and stabs the Beast from behind. Gaston loses his balance and falls from the castle roof to his death, but Belle manages to grab the Beast and pull him up.

The Beast, knowing he is mortally wounded, expresses his appreciation to Belle for returning and being able to see her one last time, before falling unconscious and apparently succumbing to his injuries. Belle is able to tell the Beast that she loves him before the final petal falls. Then, Belle's declaration of love for the Beast breaks the spell and transforms him back into the prince. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Main article: The Enchanted Christmas In this film, which takes place not long after the Beast rescued Belle from the wolves, much to Beast's frustration, Belle wants to celebrate Christmas and throw a real Christmas party.

Beast hates the idea of Christmas, for it was the very day almost ten years ago when the Enchantress cast the spell on him and the entire castle. In contrast to the animated film where the Prince is depicted in stained-glass windows wearing royal regalia and armor before being cursed, the Prince in Enchanted Christmas is dressed simply in a white shirt and black breeches prior to his transformation. While Beast sits most of the preparations out, a treacherous servant plots to have Belle thrown out of the castle: Forte the Pipe Organ, since he is far more appreciated by the Beast while under the spell.

Unknown to Beast, Belle writes him a special book which he doesn't see until later on. She also meets Forte later on in a chance meeting. Forte tells her that Beast's favorite Christmas tradition was the Christmas tree. Belle becomes frustrated, for no tree she has seen on the grounds has been tall enough to hang ornaments. Forte lies to Belle, saying that a perfect tree can be found in the woods beyond the castle. Reluctant to go against Beast's orders that she never leave the castle, Belle leaves nonetheless in order to find the perfect tree.

When Belle does not arrive to see Beast's Christmas present to her, he begins to suspect that she isn't there at all. When Cogsworth, having been ordered to retrieve Belle, explains that the household cannot find her, Beast becomes enraged. He goes to Forte to ask for advice, and Forte lies that Belle has abandoned him. Beast manages to find Belle and saves her in time from drowning after she fell through thin ice.

Still believing that Belle disobeyed him by breaking her promise not to leave, Beast locks her into the dungeons to rot. But when Forte goads him into destroying the rose to end his suffering, Beast finds Belle's book in the West Wing and reads it, coming to his senses and realizing that all Belle wants is for him to be happy.

meet disney princess belle and prince adam

Releasing Belle from the dungeon and asking for her forgiveness, Beast prepares to join in the Christmas festivities. But Forte doesn't give up and even goes as far as to attempt to destroy the entire castle with Beethoven's 5th. Losing his balance and his pipesForte falls from the wall he is leaned up against and is silenced forever.

Later, the castle and servants are arrayed in Christmas decorations when Belle and the Beast do their famous ballroom dance from the first film. The story flashes forward to the first Christmas after the spell is broken. The Prince and Belle give Chip, Mrs. Potts' son, a book to read, which he loves. As the Prince and Belle come out to the balcony, he gives her a rose as a gift.