Marlin and dory meet bruce

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marlin and dory meet bruce

Here's a guide to making friends as told by Bruce from Finding Step 4_Bruce follows Dory and Marlin Dory meets Bruce in Finding Nemo. /r/allIn Finding Nemo, Bruce the shark starts crying when Marlin starts talking about .. Double down and hit her up to Finding Dory and chill?. He is one of Marlin and Dory's friends and the leader of the Fish-Friendly Sharks However, in the next scene, Bruce rings a bell and says that a meeting has.

The two sharks complain that Bruce was late and that they were hungry. As Bruce pushes Marlin and Dory closer, it is thought that Bruce has brought them so that his friends could eat them as Anchor opened his mouth to swallow the scared Marlin.

marlin and dory meet bruce

However, in the next scene, Bruce rings a bell and says that a meeting has come to order and they then say their pledge: Bring a fish friend. He then asked where Chum's friend was; when told that his friend who appeared to be a little fish named Blenny was misplaced, Bruce offered Chum one of his own friends Marlin and Dory.

The Great White then says that he had not eaten a fish in 3 weeks, which amazes Anchor and Chum. Bruce then invites Dory who is excited to go next. After Dory says that she had never eaten a fish, Bruce and his friends applaud her and Chum accidentally keeps hitting Marlin with his fin while clapping. After asking who was to go next, Bruce looks at Marlin, asking what his "problem" was. Bruce then pushed Marlin onto the "stage" when the annoyed clownfish said that he didn't have a problem.

As Marlin introduced himself as a clownfish, Anchor and Chum got very excited, which ended up with Bruce pushing Chum out of the way so to get close to Marlin and urged him to tell a joke. However, as Marlin starts to rant during his joke, Bruce starts to lose interest.

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He then murmurs to Anchor that even as a clownfish, Marlin wasn't that funny. When Marlin swims to a scuba diver's mask, he tells the sharks that Nemo was taken from him. Bruce is touched when he finds out that Marlin was looking for Nemo. The shark then breaks down into tears and confesses that he never knew his father, which in turn got him a couple of hugs from Anchor and Chum, who tried to cheer their mate up.

Meanwhile, Marlin and Dory find the scuba diver's mask and as Dory is about to ask the sharks to read what it says, Marlin pulls on the mask and Dory pulls back. This makes Marlin let go by accident and the mask hits Dory on the face, causing some blood to spill into the water.

marlin and dory meet bruce

Bruce, having just watched all of this, begins to ask Dory if she's okay, but is cut off when he smells her blood. Bruce's natural instincts kick in, his eyes go from a bright blue to a pitch black color, and just as he is about to eat his two fish friends, he is pinned to the wall by Anchor and Chum who quickly decided to intervene and save Marlin and Dory.

Finally, Bruce gets free from Anchor and Chum and charges after Marlin and Dory, shouting that he's having fish tonight.

Finding Nemo

He then goes on a hunt after Marlin and Dory, having a few close calls until Marlin and Dory swim into a room and the door closes, making Bruce slam into the door painfully. As the terrified fish look for an escape, Bruce begins to ram against the door, loosening the bolts. Just as Dory and Marlin escape the submarine, Bruce crashes through an escape latch and continues to chase after the fish, finally cornering them in a torpedo tube. In his frenzy, Bruce begins to ram the opening in a futile attempt to get to the trapped fish, nearly crushing Anchor and Chum as they apologized.

While stuck inside, Marlin tells Dory that they have to get the mask from Bruce, which had gotten caught in his teeth during the chase. Dory then finds a way to release the torpedo and sends it into Bruce's mouth, momentarily lodging it into his throat, during which Dory and Marlin grab the mask and retreat into the tube.

marlin and dory meet bruce

Angered, Bruce swings his head and successfully gets the torpedo out of his mouth, not noticing that he has sent it flying towards one of the active mines. Chum calls out to Bruce, who then takes notice. Now back to his old self while fearing for their lives, he yells for his fish friends to swim away. After this, the sharks' fates are unknown until the end, where it is revealed that they have survived the explosions.

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At the end of the movie, Bruce and his friends are shown at the reef, dropping off Dory after one of their meetings before swimming away. In it, Dory is seen playing with Bruce, in which she tickles his belly, making him laugh. Contents [ show ] Personality Bruce is a kind and pleasant shark. He is also shown to be jolly, laidback, and a jokester. However, his personality changes when his instincts start to kick in, and this makes him turn into a mindless, fish-eating shark.

Role in the Film Bruce first appears just after Marlin and Dory meet and invites them to a meeting, to which both of them soon comply. He brings them to where his friends, Anchor and Chum are waiting for him: The three sharks are running a program in which they plan to stop eating fish. The meeting begins and the sharks say the pledge.

Bruce then says that for this meeting, the sharks need to bring a fish friend. Anchor reveals his, who is extremely scared and soon swims away. However, Chum says that he seems to have misplaced his friend he ate his friend and Bruce advises him to choose Marlin or Dory as his friend and Chum chooses Marlin.

The testimonies begin and while Marlin is up, he notices the mask of the diver that took Nemo and reveals to the others that his son was taken by divers and Dory shows sympathy for him. Bruce is touched by Marlin's search for his son, as he never knew his father and begins to sob, but in comforted by his friends.