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Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'bazarbandung' Yuk belanja sambil nonton Yovie and Nuno. kemeja lengan panjang omar sharif prancis. size mantep like new. motif Model pakai atap galvalum & pintu Dan juga penghalang keliling bisa jadi TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF CHINESE NEW. Sayang satu personel kita gak bisa ikut, Jonk-chan. Pas ditanya kenapa .. Yovie Yolanda. Persediaan terbatas!! .. None. Q When you meet your friends , what do you do? I want to see his paintings!! And if that's Ken's. I'm tired of being what you want me to be / Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface / I don't know what you're Wa E Wa E O (Kita Bisa) - Yovie & His Friends.

Ankadiov Subran bass and Jessilardus Mates drums.

tune your teeth:

Like group of stuntmen they performed many manouvers. Gerald was able to run as free as a bird, even without any other instruments to blocd the chords or any other melodic instruments. Formed inthey have released 5 albums. When the sky turned to dark, ABG Trio started their engine.

ABG is the abbreviation of its members: All senior players, highly skillful and experienced, they wowed everyone in front of their stage with challenging, tasty funky free jazz. Exactly what a jazz festival needed. One can be entertained and learn from this kind of show. Indonesian Jazz Festival keeps presenting newcomers. Next for us to mention is Adinda Shalahita. She has made a wonderful first impression. Back to Indoor stage, we got a friend who also supported us some weeks ago when we made the pre event, Road to Indonesian Jazz Festival at Braga CityWalk Bandung, Syaharani read the report here: Just like always, ESQI: EF gave one intimate concert where the artist and audience could be fully connected despite of being separated by the stage.

Syaharani sang the songs from three albums: Speaking of happy vibe, Syaharani and her band always know how to provide that. Special for this event, they assuredly came with more jazzy arrangement.

Girls were dominating the spot where 5 cool young boys had fun. This vocal group was formed in with a mission to emphasize vocal quality and singing technique as told by Yovie.

(12.08.2016) Penampilan Marcell untuk acara Halal Bihalal PWL.

But they are not, since they are focusing in singing technique and not just dance. Good happening crowds were found in this one. Trancing high funky dose over blues heated up the audience so high. Pure jazz delight with cool improvisation were found in each song. Electrifying, we got our energy recharged. Some of you may know Dikta real name: But hey, this man has its own group too where he could show his wild side, playing blues and funk with guitar besides singing.

Other than Dikta himself on guitar and vocal, the band has Galih bassLiuz drum and Zack keyboard. Just like the way he performed at the pre event last month, Dikta unleashed everything he has inside for around 45 minutes. This is the real Dikta. Fire in the hole! Krishna Balagita is the founder and keyboardist of it, true.

We enjoy his original compositions that are far from the pop industry he was once in. A huge party was delivered on Stage A by Laidthis Nite. It was like a Motown party where dance music, jazz, soul and pop live as one. Say hi to HiVi!

Official Theme Song of PN Limboto SUPER 'KITA BISA' (Yovie & His Friends)

This band was established in and progressing fast ever since. They have one album and several singles, plus more than 50k followers on twitter, showing how popular this band is today among music lovers. Radhini returned to this festival and took her fans to dance the night away with her. Among the new generation in the world of jazz bass, Kevin Yosua probably is the shiniest one today.

He plays both electric and acoustic just as good like a senior pro who have been doing it for decades and he surely can make brilliant compositions. Other than being most wanted sessionist, Kevin also deals with his own band. M - English - Romance - Chapters: She makes the difficult decision to leave her home for a new one, but she almost dies on the voyage. And who is this guy who keeps saving her? Harvest Moon - Rated: Reader x knb characters. Songfics, one shots, drabble.

Rated m just to be safe Prince of Tennis - Rated: Raeger, too shy to express his feelings for her, struggles as he watches another man attempt to steal her infatuation.

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Licorice, her best friend, has known all along who Akiko truly desires. S and meets the host Club She already knows Kyoya? T - English - Romance - Chapters: She is a talented swimmer but has not competitively swum in years and she sorely misses the swimming. So when she moves to Iwatobi, she meets the swim club there and falls deeply in love with Makoto. But what happens when another Artificial Mermaid tries to break them apart to have her for himself? Ace Attorney - Rated: That's right a duck.

I was cursed to turn into one.

'Inspirasi Cinta': Concert tribute for pop hit maker

And the only way to lift it is by true love. What will I do now? By the way my name is Ahiru Duck. Princess Tutu - Rated: Free x Reader oneshots! Or will you even go to sleep at all Various x Reader Have fun! No actual sex is described how ever it is hinted read at your own risk okay Reader-chan? To make things fair, they make a deal.

N will stop his ambitions on one condition: Do whatever you think is best and comfortable with". Besides, dentistry is a true hybrid of arts and science. Today, I applied her teachings as much as possible, with a few modifications here and there, and Alhamdulillah, everything improved tremendously.

I can still remember Dr Deepti's gentle advice to me when I was in second year about restorations. Frankly, at that time I was somewhat envious when seeing others progressing easily and Dr Deepti was sitting by my side, observing my techniques. So I borrowed one until the loan was overdue for more than a couple of years and I had to pay almost a hundred bucks from the library, but I honestly found the book hard to digest during that time, most probably because we weren't much exposed to minimal intervention to give treatment as minimal as possibleand all I had in mind was 'Black Class I, II, III, IV, and bla bla bla' - the 'extension for prevention' rather than 'prevention from extending' concept.

Therefore, I resorted to reading manuals the school gave us good enough for a start, but not adequate. And as I started my fourth year, I thought of the book again because I was very worried of becoming a dangerous practitioner and by this time, our lecturers are continuously emphasizing the importance of minimal interventionand she was right.

The book is superb! If you have the interest and effort, you'll discover the wonders. Thank you, Dr Deepti Saini. I hope you can join us in the clinics soon.