Hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

Hiccup, no Baymax or Toothless R2: Baymax VS. Toothless, no Hiro or Hiccup R3: Hiro & Baymax together VS. Hiccup & Toothless together. Shotgun: Like Baymax and Hiro, the heroes of San Fransokyo. Witch: And Hiccup and Toothless, the riders of Berk. Shotgun: Shotgun: You. Gray: And Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless. Gray: A young prodigy in robotics, Hiro Hamada's intellect was clear at an . Met Toothless:

Hell, we've even done an army fight and a few battle royales! But now, we're doing a two-on-two. It's the kid genius Hiro Hamada and the personal healthcare assistant Baymax - Wiz: Versus the ruler of Berkh Hiccup and his trusty dragon, Toothless. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick! It is our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win in a Death Battle.

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Hiro and Baymax Wiz: Hiro Hamada was only fourteen years old when his older brother, Tadashi, showed him something that would change his life forever- Boomstick: What the- ugh, get your mind out of the gutter, Boomstick. Anyway, Tadashi showed him a big, white healing robot - Baymax.

hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

Baymax is a benevolent healing robot with the power to heal any physical wounds. But Baymax wasn't the only thing to change Hiro's life! Not too long after showing Baymax to Hiro, Tadashi died in a fire!

Man, Hiro just can't catch a break. First he loses his parents, then his brother dies in a fire! Wiz, I think we need to invite Madoka Kaname over here so these two can have a woobie-off. Hiro, being the tenacious red oni that he is, decided to avenge Tadashi's death by doing one thing: To think that robot used to be the one that would heal wounds. Oh, it still is. It just has a whole bunch of other abilities now. Baymax is also programmed to know advanced karate, be able to fly at high speeds, scan living beings in an area, and shoot his fists like rockets.

And let's not forget his ability to press buttons on a vending machine!

Yes, Baymax has been programmed to be able to make even the most precise of movements. Even though it started off rather clumsy, it now can fly through the air flawlessly and connect punches and kicks with proper coordination.

Baymax even has very durable armor, which was only pierced by a gigantic meteorite flying at extremely high speeds. That said, the healthcare robot does have a few flaws. First off, its initial programming doesn't let it hurt anything that's alive. Which kinda blows in Death Battle. Also, Baymax is really big, so he makes a pretty easy target.

Finally, he's a piece of junk without his armor. I am not fast. But remember, Baymax isn't the only one fighting here. He is controlled by year-old Hiro Hamada, one of the smartest people in the world. Just not smart enough to give his armor any powers. Hiro's armor may give him superior durability and strength to most people, but it's still nothing more than armor.

Hiro doesn't have any superpowers. However, what he does have is extreme human smarts, the ability to control Baymax and even remove Tadashi's programming turning Baymax into a killing machineand if that doesn't work he has his own robot, which can attach itself to machines and remove their parts. Hell, it might even be able to do that to humans. And if that fails, Hiro even has millions of microbots capable of taking any form he desires thanks to magnetism.

You SURE they don't have minds of their own? Even though they can be broken apart easily, they can also be reassembled just as easily. Hiro is quite the genius. How DUMB do you have to be to not give yourself superpowers?! Even I'd do that! Whatever the case, Hiro and Baymax are a force to be reckoned with and should not be taken lightly. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

Hiccup and Toothless Wiz: Berkh - a little viking island that could pretty much be amounted to the worst place ever. The weather is always terrible, the people are quite incompetent, and the worst part is the pests. While you may be used to rats or spiders, Berkh has none other than Why can't we have dragons?! I want my own dragon! Among these people was one guy who was actually kinda competent, Hiccup. Except for the fact that he was a physical weakling, kind of an idiot, and every time there was a dragon infestation he was always ordered to stay inside.

That all changed one night when he defiantly shot down a dragon in the sky - more specifically, the only kind of dragon humans knew nothing about - a Night Fury.

But then it turned out that dragons weren't so bad! Hiccup actually befriended this Night Fury after he couldn't bring himself to kill it, and he even went so far to name it! He named it Toothless. Which is honestly kind of a lame name for such a badass monster. And then Hiccup became the first person in the history of Berkh to ride dragons, and only a few years later he got everyone riding dragons, and the bond between Hiccup and Toothless only grew.

Turns out Toothless is quite the badass! He can fly extremely fast, spit out blasts of fire with perfect accuracy, and as of lately, he can even use ice in his fire breath! Toothless and Hiccup have incredible synergy with each other, with Hiccup being able to command Toothless and have him respond in seconds. Also, even though Toothless is missing a tail fin and Hiccup is missing a half-leg, these two have managed to incorporate their replacement parts into their flight flawlessly.

Hiccup isn't completely useless, either! He's not very fast or strong, but his armor protects him from dragon attacks, and he even has a sword that's on fire! He doesn't have a lot of experience using it but he sure isn't helpless! Unfortunately for this duo, they aren't completely invincible either. Toothless may be extremely fast but isn't really that strong physically.

hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

I mean, he got grounded by a bola and was crippled due to it! Also Hiccup has hardly any experience fighting on his own. But remember, these two make an excellent team and could even take victory. Toothless rolls over and does a little roar.

Fight ParaGoomba Hiccup and Toothless were doing a little night flight; exploring the world beyond Berkh. Somehow, they had ended up in a place which was completely unlike anything they'd ever seen before: The big city of San Fransokyo.

Wonder if these guys fly dragons like we do? But who was Hiccup kidding? He knew that no place rode dragons like Berkh. The dragon rider and his dragon flew all around San Fransokyo, just sort of looking around. What they didn't know was that they were being watched. Hiro Hamada and Baymax were watching television that night, when suddenly a news report came on. And it looks vicious! His friend Fred was interested in the idea of becoming a dragon, and now one was really in San Fransokyo.

But what really interested Hiro was the fact that the anchorman called it "vicious". Now that he and Baymax were the unofficial heroes of San Fransokyo, he knew that he had a dragon to take out. The boy genius pulled out his phone to get ahold of his friends, but they didn't answer.

It looked like they would have to do this on their own. Hiro thought for a second. Was this what Tadashi wanted? Would he have been proud of Hiro for killing a dragon? If it was to save San Fransokyo I think we should probably get out now. The duo began flying away when they heard jets from behind them. Toothless turned around and they both saw the boy-robot duo flying behind them. Uh, we're just gonna go now. They were about to fly away again, but then Hiro and Baymax caught up with them and delivered a large punch into Toothless' side.

Hiccup and Toothless were knocked back several feet. Toothless spit a purple fireball at Baymax, which exploded upon contact.

A large burn mark was left where Toothless fired, but besides that Baymax didn't seem to take too much damage. If he were about to, then his Medical Care chip would have to be removed with his karate chip intact, make him an uncontrollable monster that purely attacks with no hesitation. Also, while the armor is durable, it's not adamantium or vibranium, so it can break if stroked by a heavy blow. And Baymax is rather naA've, as he is programmed as a health care robot, but he can adapt through interactions.

Plus, Hiro is still a kid, meaning he has no experience and still attending college. He's also not the strongest and no means of having any fighting skills. But they still prove themselves. Hiro is a strategist, preferred to look for a new angle of the situation. Theirs is a reason why he is the leader and Baymax being the team muscle. Flying makes me a better Health Care Companion.

Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all! But right now, you guys want to see other fan-made fights? Well look no further than Sea Eagle. Within the site of Fanfiction is the writer. Sea Eagle is noticed for his Fight Night stories; the more toned-down, friendly version of Death Battle.

Want to see Thor go toe-to-toe with Superman? Shrek wrestling Wreck-It Ralph?

Hiro Hamada and Baymax vs. Hiccup and Toothless

Me againstaC Rainbow Dash? Sea Eagle is your guy to find friendly fights between your favorite pop-culture characters. Go to Fanfiction and search up Sea Eagle for access to his other stories as well. I really hope it doesn't hit anything important. Hey, we made it out of the storm didn't we? Finally caught a day off, and I got slapped by my own dragon.

Then they see a new, and a rather peculiar, land. Toothless cooed in amazement, never had he or his rider had seen anything like it. Looks like we found another one bud," Hiccup stated as he sees odd formations standing tall that almost reach the sky. They quickly maneuvered away, dodging the projectile. The object turned around, going back towards the newly discovered land.

Let's greet them with a complaint. He tilt along with his prosthetic, having him and the Night Fury follow the projectile. After a few seconds, it did, reattaching to the robot's arm. As it finished connecting, Bamax ' s scanner went off.

Hiro could not believe his eyes at the black creature before him, with a person wearing black menacing-looking armor on its back as if it were a common horse. The creature's eyes were slit, and its teeth bared in a snarl. Possibly containing high amount of radiation. The rider then reached for something on is right hip. After grabbing the item, the rider flipped a switch, making a blade pop out of the hilt and ignited with flames.

The glow form the sword only made the rider look more menacing. If Fred were here, he would diffidently call this guy a super-villain. Toothless flew back up and Hiccup try to make a slash with his blade, only to be missed when Hiro and Baymax moved away with a roll.

Toothless scooted upward, making the robot miss with his kick and hitting a nearby tree. The tree fell from the impact. Looking behind, he can see the red warrior and kid flying after them, with great speeds he thought only the Night Fury is capable of doing. He can't endanger the city with that creature! The two riders flew at great speeds, making a game of a Dog Fight. The chase continued in the town's airspace. The citizen look into the sky in awe, watching something that they could never believe was possible.

hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

I mean, who else would see a man riding a dragon with a kid riding a robot flying in the air. Toothless then made a quick shot of his plasma blast, hurtling it towards the target. Baymax quickly ducked in time, and the bolt blasted not too far from behind them.

That was way too close. Then that what hit him. He let loose the fist. He and Toothless quickly bolted away from the fist. Hiccup surveyed his surroundings, looking for something to help. The fist was still chasing them, coming a little bit closer. Hiccup than saw a building, he was right at it; and then he got an idea. The fists collided with the building, breaking the glass and frighten the workers in the building.

Hiro and Baymax halted right in front of the building, surprised to see that their intruder had dodged a powerful punch. Hiro then saw the workers, glaring at him because of the damage. The fist then rocketed back to Baymax, connecting back to his arm. Baymax looked upward and scanned for the target. The two then rocketed to the sky, nearly close to the clouds. The dragon sent another blast of plasma to his target.

Baymax dodged the bolt in time. Hiccup equipped his iron gronckle shield. He pointed the metallic surface towards the sun, catching its light on the reflective surface. Hiccup focused the reflected light to his targets. Hiro saw the rider fly around on his creature. But then his vision was impaired, being blind by a bright light. Baymax also saw the bright light, but due to the intensity of light, his hyper spectral cameras was also blinded, becoming blank.

Hiccup quickly changed his shield to the crossbow, setting a bolt. Hiccup had set his sight on the target. He pulled the trigger, letting the bolt fly. The bolt hits Baymax eyes, completely blinding him. Hiro quickly blinked his eyes, gaining back his vision. Toothless blasted more plasma bolts, sending and hitting the robot, shattering the armor and blasting the rocket fist off.

Hiro only watched in horror as the creature and the rider was coming closer. He braced for impact. He felt a rush of air blown against him, but felt nothing hit him.

Opening his eyes he saw the creature flew upwards and done a loop-de-loop. At the peak of the loop, Hiro saw that the saddle was empty. Looking frantically, he couldn't see the rider. The mysterious man is coming straight towards us.

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The rider was gliding right towards them at high speed, and he was carrying his on bladed hilt in his left hand. Hiro only looked in confusion, and cough by the putrid odor of the smoke. He kept his eyes on the glider and saw his thumb press a button on the hilt.

Hiro eyes widened in realization before the explosion burst, knocking him off of Baymax and destroying the shattered armor of the robot itself. Both plummeted to the ground with no way of going back. Toothless soared next to Hiccup as they both watch their opponents fall their doom. Whoa, not as gruesome as I thought it will be.

And that's coming from someone who buzzsawed an Italian plumber. While Hiro had the advantage of having of having advance technology and a genius intellect that is equal to a college professor. Hiccup's overall experience with dangerous dragons and Vikings made him more than a match to Hiro. Sure, Hiro and Baymax toke on Yokai and the microbot technology by destroying them and sending to the portal, but it was only he managed to find the different angle to change his tactics.

Not to mention he had his team helping him out destroying the microbot s. With Hiccup, it was he and Toothless manage to defeat the most dangerous of adversaries from the humongous Red Death, the deadly Screaming Death, and the rogue Bewildered Beast Alpha. Not to mention Hiccup has fell off of Toothless plenty of times as he does trust him to save him just in time; especially when it comes to their gliding. If you're wondering why Baymax didn't went to his "berserker" mode, well the one reason why that happen was only when Hiro was REALLY ticked off, that he removed the healthcare chip just for payback.

Plus, it may have been presumed that Toothless' Titan Wing form would be necessary when facing dangerous foes, such as how he was able to blast one of the Bewildered Beast's tusk off.

Plus, by our personal opinion. Toothless has more maneuverability and fire power compared to Baymax. Hiro just fell out of proportions. Thanks for reading Fanfictions very first Death Battle. And a special thanks to Sea Eagle for allowing us to rewrite one of his Fight Night stories for everyone's entertainment.

And thanks for reading.