Hawaii five steve and catherine meet me

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hawaii five steve and catherine meet me

Though Hawaii Five-0 fans were eagerly anticipating the return of Catherine in Still, Catherine expressed that while she does still care for McGarrett, she is happy now working for the CIA. There's no, 'Will I see her again?. Steve thinks he's finally ready for a future with Catherine, but nothing goes as Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to the TV series, Hawaii Five . she could see the contemplative look on his face, the one she read as him. Ever wonder how Steve and Catherine first met? I have Did they meet in Hawaii? He smiled back, "He's told me great things about you, too.

They are both in the Navy, smart, determined, single, and good-looking. It would be a good match. She knew how to work him, no doubt about it. She's known me long enough to know when I'm serious…. Now all you have to do is tell Steve and everything will be perfect. I'll see what I can do. Matt sighed, "She said she's inviting over a friend who is coming home for a few weeks. She's due in tomorrow, so Jessica invited her to have dinner with us on Friday too. He didn't do blind dates. She graduated top of her class at the Academy and is quickly working her way up the officer ranks.

Plus, I don't want to let my girl down…. How bad could it be? At least we'll get some time together and you'll get to eat some great food! He was his best friend, after all. He finally agreed to the plan and laughed as he heard a relieved breath escape Matt's mouth before he hung up. But I still reserve the right to decline. You know I hate blind dates, Jess.

Actually, he's their Team leader. Just like my Matt. Steve is good looking and down to earth. He has a great sense of humor, like you. He seems really sweet, but he also has that little bit of 'bad boy' in him that always seems to turn you on.

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And he's not arrogant. He's…" Jessica stopped as if trying to think of the word she wanted to use to describe him.

hawaii five steve and catherine meet me

Have I ever steered you wrong? Just the fact that Jessica was so hell bent on getting her together with this "Steve" guy made Catherine consider it seriously because she'd never done it before. Catherine trusted her implicitly, so that was something to consider too. She finally decided she had nothing to lose.

Want me to bring anything? I have the rest of it covered! Steve looked at the address and realized he was at the right house. He turned the truck off and glanced nervously towards the front door. Figuring he might as well go inside, he grabbed the two bouquets of flowers and the bottle of wine he'd brought and made his way towards the house.

Matt answered the door, "Hey, buddy. Jess is in the kitchen and we're waiting on Catherine to get here. Something stiffer might calm his nerves a little more, but beer would have to do. He followed Matt into the kitchen and kissed Jessica on the cheek in greeting before reaching one of the bouquets to her, "These are for you.

hawaii five steve and catherine meet me

I also brought a bottle of wine. I didn't know what you were making, so I hope this is okay. It's actually Cath's favorite," she answered with a naughty grin. Then, she shewed the men outside to enjoy their beers so she could finish with dinner. After a few minutes, she heard the front door open and knew that Catherine had arrived. She wiped her hands off with a towel to go and greet her friend.

She pulled Catherine into a big hug, "Oh girl, I have missed you! Catherine hugged her back just as fiercely, "I've missed you too, Jess. This deployment was a long one! It's so good to be home.

I'll introduce you to Matt and Steve. Seeing a similar bottle on the counter she asked Jessica, "You bought my favorite wine? You guys must have the same taste. It was interesting, Catherine thought, but wasn't ready to give in just yet. Matt made his way into the kitchen to grab another beer.

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Jessica introduced him to Catherine since they hadn't met yet either. The timer suddenly went off on the oven indicating that something was finished, so Matt led Catherine out to make the introduction to Steve while Jessica worked on getting dinner finished up.

As they made their way out to the lanai, Steve's back was turned but Catherine looked appreciatively at the man standing there. He was tall with dark hair and the strong athletic build that was typical of SEAL's. He was wearing jeans and a blue dress shirt that fit him well. Matt opened the French doors leading her outside and Steve turned around as he heard them approaching.

Steve's eyes met hers and Catherine could have sworn that time stopped for a moment. Ridiculous as it sounded, it really was like one of those 'movie moments'. She took in his strong, chiseled features, his full lips, and hazel eyes and was mesmerized. As she got closer, his hazel eyes looked green…. Whatever they were, it was a gorgeous mix that made her feel weak in the knees. She felt silly for being so affected, but she couldn't seem to help it. The man was gorgeous. Steve took in the sight of her.

He brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, gazed into her dark eyes and asked, "Can we talk? He rarely asked to talk. Either they spontaneously found themselves talking or they participated in non-talking activities.

Given his penchant for infrequent talks her thoughts jumped to all sorts of conclusions. Have you heard from Doris recently? Did something happen with Kono? Are she and Adam still safe? Is Mary in some sort of trouble? Her stomach flip-flopped a little, and not in a good way. Catherine had a feeling she knew exactly what he was about to bring up. See, this is why I wanted to talk," his head shook with regret.

I don't want to be that guy. I just wanted you to know that we were good and if you wanted to take the job you should because you'd be great at it. You're great at everything you do, not to mention beautiful, sexy…" Catherine couldn't help smile. What we had was never really… it wasn't like you and I.

It was pretty much over before it was ever a thing. You don't talk, you just gloat; first about the softball game and now this job with Billy. You're impossible," she tried to bat his arms away as they snaked around her waist.

He felt rather bad when she shot him a withering look, genuinely upset over his comments. Steve was thankful when she didn't leap from the sofa. I see now that it is. And I apologize for my Neanderthal comments. It took a lot of restraint for her to not say out loud that the one thing that truly made her happy was being with him.

It seemed far too sappy a thing to declare. And if there was one thing Steve McGarrett was not, it was sappy. Catherine wasn't sure why her thoughts suddenly spiraled back to her abduction, but she still felt foolish for having gotten caught that day.

Her car trouble and the tow truck that just miraculously appeared at that exact time, it had all been far too coincidental. And if she'd been thinking clearly she would have smelled a trap.

But her thoughts had been filled with worry for Steve that day. She realized they were always filled with worry for him, even though she knew better than anyone how capable he was of taking care of himself.

With as few words as possible, she attempted to relay her feelings. For a moment, as his eyes turned contemplative, she feared telling him that had been worse than the sappy thought she'd had earlier. Closing her eyes and giving in to his touch, Catherine was fairly certain their exchange just now was the closest either of them had ever come to saying I love you to one another.

The ubiquitous Hawaiian sun hung brightly above them as they maneuvered through the open air shopping market that was mostly a strip mall. Shops of all sorts stood in a line like staunch soldiers facing their daily tasks with an ease of familiarity. Their exteriors of neutral colors reflected the sandy beach that resided a few blocks away.

A narrow, pale blue awning adorned one shop in particular. That was the one Steve had aimed himself toward, heart pounding as the task ahead of him was causing doubts to swirl in his mind.

This is normal for you? Steve shrugged but said nothing. Danny did his best to remain unruffled as was usually the case when dealing with his irascible partner. How much did they get? Was anyone hurt in the robbery? We miss the crime scene already? Any information on the guys who did it? News to me," Danny's brow creased as he eyed his partner, finally noticing Steve's uncomfortable stance as he peeked in one of the cases.

I never really pictured you as the ring type, but okay. I guess you could be nearing a mid-life crisis of some sort. Usually guys go for a car in that case. We can go look at cars if you want, get you a nice red sporty one with a convertible top. Maybe find you a girl half your age," he rambled. At the center of which stood a tall woman with jet black hair pulled back and tired at the base of her neck.

No Super Bowl rings, no class rings…" As Danny continued to ramble, the woman at the main counter smiled at Steve. His eyes widened as he glanced over his shoulder at Steve. He thought it was a little odd that she'd refer to Catherine as his partner, though he'd gone that route before as well. It had taken him a while to finally admit she was more than just a friend and that what they had going was more than just a thing.

It had taken the memory of his dear friend, Freddie, telling him not screw things up with Catherine. It had taken his mother asking Catherine to lie for her.

It had taken a crazy man abducting Catherine to make him realize it. The mark-up here is ridiculous. I had a buddy back in Jersey, got me a great deal on Rachel's ring.

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Nina nodded, a bit sympathetically. Sterling is also quite popular again these days. The woman grinned and began to pull out some of the gold bands. The more he thought about it the odder and more out of character it seemed for Steve to suddenly be in a ring store and using the word engagement. He looked to the sales clerk again. She nodded her understanding. Danny noticed a strange, somewhat judgmental, look on the clerk's face just before she nodded and went about showing Steve more rings.

He and Steve shared a confused glance for a second and then immediately jumped apart. The ring is for my girlfriend, female girlfriend. A real, live, actually born-that-way female.

Trust me on that. Are you trying to say that what we had together wasn't real? I'm not woman enough for you? Steve elbowed him in the side. He's too high maintenance for me," he chuckled again. Steve realized he really wasn't sure what he wanted, certainly not in an engagement ring, and also not from his relationship with Catherine. Steve shook his head. Just thought I should warn you, you know, because we could be here a while.

With a softly crinkled brow, Steve shrugged. Cause I could certainly get you a list," his partner looked at him like he was a complete idiot. Which seemed to be implied in whatever you were trying to say," he waved a hand at Danny, clearly searching for more of an explanation. I did have a specific wrong reason in mind. His name is Green-Eyed monster, Steven. I mean for good this time? Despite thinking of his and Catherine's relationship as secure, that name stung.

He didn't want to be that sort of person, petty and jealous. Harrington was a good guy, a Navy guy. Steve honestly didn't think he was the sort to steal another man's girlfriend. Super SEAL suddenly ready to settle down and be married? Steve didn't bother to think it over any further before he replied, looking his friend in the eye. Danny nodded and took his defeat gracefully, though he still had his doubts. Now… let's pick out a ring.

Catherine's arms stretched outward beneath the pillow under her cheek as she woke. She vaguely recalled Steve carrying her upstairs to bed the night before. After their brief talk, which had actually yielded a slightly more solid foundation for their future, they'd made love before falling asleep. With those happy memories in place Catherine lifted her head from the pillow, belly still in contact with the mattress, and scanned his side of the bed only to find it empty.

She reluctantly crawled out of bed, pleasantly achy from last night's activity. After throwing on one of Steve's t-shirts she wandered downstairs and found coffee and goji berry energy bars laid out in the kitchen. A small piece of white paper was propped against the coffee pot. Seeing her name written in Steve's handwriting she flipped it over and read, "Sorry I left so early. Plan on dinner tonight, I have somewhere special to take you, I promise this time," she ran a finger over the scrawled letter 'S' at the bottom of the note.

The buzzing of her cell could be heard coming from the next room. Catherine moved into the living room and grabbed it off the coffee table. She sighed when she spotted the caller, not the person she'd been hoping to hear from. I'm still on the Navy's payroll, remember?

But the job prospect was more than she could've hoped for straight out of her Navy retirement. But I really wanted to show you something," his reply came. I'll text you the address. You're the best," he ended the call. Not needing to be back at Pearl-Hickam until Monday morning, Catherine had been hoping for a leisurely day of surfing.

Of course that plan had included Steve, who seemed to be missing in action. So, an hour later, she found herself at the address Billy had texted her. Catherine glanced around the entrance, unsure if she'd gotten the correct information from her new boss. She admired the old building for a moment.

It's distinctly arched windows and terra cotta ornamentation were beautiful, but she'd driven by the landmark building on Merchant Street several times before and never noticed any business offices available in the structure other than the architectural firm that had been housed there for several years. He works for the architecture firm here. We were having a couple of beers last week and Marty mentioned the top floor being vacant.

Two days ago I managed to negotiate a rental deal," Billy smiled, clearly proud of himself. There were no walls, just a few evenly spaced columns connecting to the ornate ceiling.

All of the moldings and windows looked original and well preserved. I doubt we'll be able to get permits for office walls. Before long you'll be helping this place draw in enough cash to keep us very comfortably retired someday. Now, look at this," he pressed one hand against her shoulder and guided her toward the north wall. I just want you to have the best.

The two of us working together when we once dated," he sighed. I believe we'll work great together," he eyed her for a moment, hoping she'd be in agreement. Those words helped her remember the Billy Harrington she'd first met, polite, honest and caring.

Catherine had only ever known him to be a good person and great at his job. I think we can both make this work," she nodded. Thanks, Chin," Steve ended the call and watched as Danny moved toward him with one meat and vegie kabob in each hand. Still a bit dumbfounded by his partner's declaration, Danny got into the driver's seat and held his lunch in his teeth before starting the vehicle. Why is it that I'm allowed to drive my own car twice today?

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We've got a body washed up on the north shore. A case usually took precedence over anything, but when he was hungry he was hungry. He looked forlornly at the kabob in his hand then reluctantly passed it off to Steve before pulling the Camaro out into the flow of traffic. Before he could retrieve his lunch, Danny watched Steve take a bite of the second kabob. He did his best not to backseat drive from the passenger seat as Danny aimed them toward the north shore.

They were only ten minutes into the long drive, and finished with lunch, when every so often he caught his partner glancing over at him. This is my face. But that normally doesn't stop you from saying it," Steve observed. Danny's mind shifted to the last three years of his life in Oahu with Steve as his partner.