Haruka and michiru meet

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haruka and michiru meet

When Haruka meets up with Michiru on their way to Infinity Academy, people comment that Michiru is Haruka's girlfriend and that they make a perfect couple. In Sailor Moon Crystal, Michiru tells Usagi that Haruka is both male and female. However, series creator Naoko Takeuchi has said that Haruka. In episode 4 of Sailor Moon S, Michiru and Haruka observe Mamoru from a distance during and after the concert. (They are sitting some.

haruka and michiru meet

It's better then it actually sounds. Sailor Moon - Rated: Haruka and Michiru end up as neighbors for the summer. As the flowers bloom all across the countryside, could they finally be together and stay together? Or is home somewhere that they couldn't be with each other?

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No one could beat her at anything She wished that Haruka never had her path as Sailor Uranus. What if her wish came true? The twist goes on. Will she be able to save Haruka or M - English - Romance - Chapters: T - English - Romance - Chapters: I am bad at summaries, so please read it to find out and don't forget to leave a review Sailor Moon - Rated: HXM, and some other couplings. Haruka swears she keeps seeing her over and over again even though she should be dead But will it work?

HarukaMichiru Sailor Moon - Rated: Rumors start to fly about their relationship, and thats when the real fun begins. Now theyre both stuck in a tinsy lie, or is it?

Sailor Moon S episode 106 – Haruka meets Michiru

Once, she had lost everything dear to her, so she decided to stay on her own. Then why does she care again? Why does she have to listen to that tender violin music? Why does she slowly fall in love with the famous violin player Kaioh Michiru? Michiru's making Haruka redecorate the guest room, and things only get worse when Minako decides she's going to 'help'.

T - English - Humor - Chapters: Then, the senshi set up a competition Inspired by the song The Final by Dir en Grey. Haruka and Michiru have vanished and the scouts have been looking, with eight months till the rise of Crystal Tokyo the scouts discover something. Due to her lag, the monster took its attack at her, causing her to fall, losing the grip of the rod.

Just as the monster was going to attack, something flashed between them and a pen-like object appears in mid way makes it form slowly. It was a Uranus Henshin Stick. Haruka was going to grab it, but a voice called out, "Don't! If you grab that you won't be able to return to normal life. It was Michiru leading on the opening of the garage door, who transformed into Sailor Neptune in a single flash, then she attacked the monster.

When Sailor Neptune managed to knock the monster off course and was going to finish off the monster, Haruka told her to stop, because that monster was really a human. But Sailor Neptune said, "If I don't, there will be more sacrifices. Sailor Neptune dove to save Haruka. She suffered the injuries and used her deep submerge attack to finish off the monster. Sailor Neptune was injured and she fell to the ground. Haruka went to her. Sailor Neptune said, "I might have killed him. Next time I'll kill them.

It's not all right, but since I'm a soldier I chose this. She opened her hand up, smiled slightly, and whispered, "Tails. Sure, she wasn't REALLY supposed to be driving, but thanks to her foreign license, she could do whatever she wanted behind the wheel. She did love technicalities like that allowing her to experience the great bounties of the open road. With Michiru at her side, and Setsuna and Hotaru behind her, she felt calmer already about meeting Michiru's parents.

They were living out of the city in a small development for the rich and powerful. Michiru's parents were the proud owners of a series of concert halls, instrumental societies, and art museums where the higher up members in society could go for some classy entertainment.

haruka and michiru meet

Naturally, as far as Haruka could tell, their influence was one of the reasons her darling Michiru had become a teenage wonder in the field of classical music. It helped to know people in the business. She kept forgetting about their daughter. She mustn't think that way anymore.

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She wasn't alone with Michiru making funny jokes anymore. She was, for all intents and purposes, Hotaru's father. She needed to behave like one if she wished for Hotaru to give her any respect. As opposed to her own father, the bastard. Just what did Michiru's parents do for a living, and how could she convince Setsuna to move into that line of business for her?

haruka and michiru meet

She was dressed in a rather tasteful sparkling dress that reminded Haruka of the sky. Funny, since that was essentially Uranus's element. Haruka was dressed in her favorite formal attire: Haruka assumed that Michiru had never told her parents about her, so Haruka figured it was best if she looked like a man in order to lessen the shock of her true identity.

That and, of course, she loved screwing around with people, making them think she was a guy when she really wasn't. It always sent a warm spark of joy through her heart when that happened.

haruka and michiru meet

The quartet approached the Kaioh family's door, and Michiru, feeling brave, tapped her knuckles on the door.

A minute, maybe two, passed before the door opened.

haruka and michiru meet

There, in the open threshold, was a woman. A beautiful woman at that with elegant blue hair a mere shade darker than her daughter's own locks. Simply looking at this woman, Haruka saw Michiru twenty-five years older, and knew that the future was bright.

Michiru beamed at her mother, saying in a light hearted tone, "Hello, mother. Is that—oh my God! You've grown so much since I last saw you," her mother replied, wrapping her up in her arms, pulling her tightly as Michiru pulled her into an embrace of her own. After a moment of comfort, Michiru's mother noticed the entourage of people behind her. The gears in her mother's head began to turn. Haruka could see that much already. It was when her mother's lips twisted into a proud grin that Haruka grew confused.

Proud your daughter was a lesbian? How awkward was that? Kaioh beckoned for them to enter, leading them into the entrance hall of their downright massive mansion. There was no other way of referring to it as anything other than a damn palace! Haruka felt inadequate looking at the large chandelier, the fountains lining the wall, the great statues and suits of Samurai armor lining the fountains.

What family did Michiru belong to, anyway? Why were they so damn rich!? Michiru's mother finally led them into a rather comfortable living area. She gestured toward a lovely red sofa, where the quartet decided to take their seats. Kaioh's thin smile and pale blush filled her face as she glanced at the other half of Michiru's party. Kaioh replied, in an all-knowing tone. She glanced up at the ceiling, and called out, "Yusuke!

We have a visitor! Hang on a second! Michiru's brought a guy home! This laughter was increased upon hearing the sound of footsteps beating against the ceiling as her father darted down to the ground floor, staring wide-eyed at his daughter and Haruka.

He didn't look much like Michiru. He had plain dark hair, a relatively pale complexion, not like his daughter at all.