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Site: junkgenie.info | Category: Harry Potter | Rated: Fiction T | Chapters: 6 at the end of this one harry meets dudley linkffn() I particularly love stories where Dudley sees Harry with Ginny and is really jealous. Searching either the site or Google "site:" search yields nothing useful. I found it by searching for "fanfiction harry potter 'safehaven' It started with Harry living with the Dursleys. I know at one point, he meets up with Ginny and they go into his rooms and I'm pretty sure that is left to the imagination. Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past Ch 1, Harry Potter By S' TarKan . It's quite interesting seeing this different kind of Harry and Dursley's who act She winds up meeting and falling in love with Percy Weasley of all people.

Chapter Sixteen-year-old Harry Potter stepped through platform nine and three-quarters, breathing in the smoggy London air, which settled in the pit of his stomach like a rock. He was followed closely by a tall, gangling, redheaded boy and a bushy headed brunette who were engaged in an impressive row over whether or not the effects of an Everlasting Elixir would in fact be everlasting. It says so right there in the name! Honestly, how could anyone possibly live long enough to know?

Maybe it wears off after a century or two! Harry spotted the large, neckless man almost immediately. As they locked eyes, Harry felt an uncomfortable shiver of foreboding tickle his spine. And so it begins, he thought warily, fighting the urge to run screaming in the opposite direction. Harry inhaled nervously before replying. Hermione gave a tentative wave while Ron looked determinedly at his feet.

Do you understand me? As if to underscore the seriousness of his point, Uncle Vernon clutched his left arm, let out a strangled howl of anguish, and collapsed in a massive heap on the ground. He leapt to his feet and tried to make a dash for his bedroom, but Ron and Hermione were too quick for him; grabbing his arms, they pulled Harry into the foyer just as the front door opened. Petunia Dursley, whose horsy face was splotchy and tearstained, could hardly stand and was being half supported, half dragged through the doorway by her son Dudley.

Upon seeing Harry and his friends, she let out an audible gasp and narrowed her already beady eyes while Dudley instinctively grabbed his wide bottom and started backing slowly towards the nearest wall.

Before Harry could stop her, Hermione hurried towards the cowering Dursleys, her extended hand leading the charge. Maybe a changeling baby? Like how every now and then your grandmother throws her sister a bone, just because they grew up together?

Teddy leapt out of the way, twisted to avoid a tackle from Lily, and ended it by swooping Albus up in his arms for a hug, which turned into a group hug once he dropped to his knees to let his squirming captive down. Clearly none of you lot missed me at all while I was at Hogwarts! When he stood up, James was still clinging to his neck from behind and so was lifted in the air. Shaking his head, Harry followed after them. Sighing, he plopped down in a seat with two empty ones on either side and waited for the children to either fight it out or have their parents step in.

Ginny cleared her throat, and her children immediately stopped yelling. Besides, I think you ought to sit with your great aunt and uncle.

Petunia, who had been gazing at the adorable but bad tempered child with the beginnings of fondness, immediately scrunched up her face in dislike. His shoulders were shaking. She gave him a flicker of a smile, then looked pointedly in front of her oozing an aura of discontent. Scowling, James folded his hands and did a mean but accurate impression of Albus. James went quiet, thinking it over. Ginny silenced any further bickering with a delicious meal of apple porkchops and mashed potatoes with rosemary.

One of the Dursleys at least started to look content. But the other two went back to staring at Teddy and making little digs about his appearance.

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It was too late to do anything about his clothes, but he could fix his hair. James pointed and laughed. I liked it better pink, Teddy.

He crossed his arms over his chest and faced the Dursleys, who were silently gaping at him. Dudley looked a little green. Guess it looks that way to muggles though. Petunia set her fork down as well and wiped her mouth primly with a napkin. They both looked at their son and, reluctantly, Dudley stopped shoveling potatoes into his mouth.

Petunia gave a little sniff, and threw a superior look towards Ginny. That way you adults can…talk and…do whatever it is that adults do.

But with Teddy paying they could each get the gigantic chocolate vanilla twists and have a race to see who could finish theirs first. Teddy shot one more sympathetic look over his shoulder at Harry and Ginny before taking off with the kids. That meal could have gone much worse. So once again, thank you. Then he caught sight of the ostentatiously large car parked outside through the window. Alright, shall I head back in and make a spectacle of myself for their entertainment, or do you think I should get going?

Have you been at home at all since you got back from school. I was there for like four whole hours before I ran off to visit Ron and Hermione. Just make sure you give your grandmother a hug, alright? A nice big one? I suppose you got it second hand?

It was clear the blunt little boy had not gotten on her good side.