Harold and kumar meet freak show cast

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harold and kumar meet freak show cast

Arriving home, Harold meets his neighbor Maria (Paula Garcés) and is Harold and Kumar are propositioned by Freakshow's surprisingly alluring wife (Malin Cast Edit. John Cho as Harold Lee; Kal Penn as Kumar Patel; Paula Garcés as. John Cho and Kal Penn in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" 12 members of the original film's cast and crew gathered there just a he could barely discern the two writers when he went to meet them Still, Cho called it one of the film's “early victories” when Chris Meloni signed on for Freakshow. Full Cast & Crew: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle () Kal Penn. Kumar Patel Christopher Meloni. Freakshow.

Kumar suggests stopping at Princeton University to buy more marijuana. Kumar buys marijuana from one of the students and they are discovered by campus security and forced to flee, losing their marijuana after it falls in the toilet. Harold and Kumar resume their drive, and when Kumar pulls over to urinate, a raccoon gets in the car and bites Harold.

Kumar takes Harold to a hospital where Kumar's father and older brother work. Kumar steals ID badges to obtain medical marijuanabut after being mistaken for his brother, Kumar is forced to perform surgery on a gunshot victim and, after the surgery, the patient tells them how to reach White Castle.

Kumar spots Maria at a movie theatre, and decides to get her attention so Harold can talk to her, but Harold panics and crashes the car. They are rescued by Freakshow, a tow-truck driver, who takes them to his house to repair their car. Harold and Kumar are propositioned by Freakshow's surprisingly alluring wife, but after Freakshow suggests a foursomeHarold and Kumar flee in disgust.

Kumar picks up a hitchhiker, Neil Patrick Harriswho is high on ecstasy. Harold and Kumar go into a convenience store to get directions and Harris drives away in their car. The duo are then harassed by a racist police officer for jaywalking.

harold and kumar meet freak show cast

Harold attempts to punch Kumar for antagonizing the officer, but ends up punching the officer instead, resulting in his arrest. Kumar fakes a call to distract the police and breaks into the station to free Harold. After Harold and Kumar flee the pair encounters an escaped cheetah. After smoking marijuana with it, they decide to ride it to White Castle, but Harold goes unconscious after hitting his head on a branch.

After encountering a group of extreme sports punks who have been harassing the pair, Harold and Kumar steal their truck. A police officer spots the speeding truck and chases them. Harold gets fined for jaywalking just when he puts one foot down on the road. Cannot Spit It Out: Harold is unable to confess his love for Maria until the very end. The crazy guy in the bushes compliments Kumar's "manscaping", which was mentioned near the beginning of the movie. The dorky pot dealer that our heroes encounter at Princeton somehow ends up clad only in his underwear in the Muckleburg police station, along with Harold.

The split-second news report about a cheetah that escaped from the zoo.

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Also, Neil Patrick Harris. Numerous, and often lampshaded. The Muckleburg PD, hoo boy. They even respond to a call about a shooting phoned in by Kumar so he can sneak into the police department and break out Haroldand arrest the nearest black man they can find, who was asleep in his home. This turns out to be shooting themselves in the foot when the guy turns out to be a high priced lawyer who, after being on the receiving end of overwhelming evidence of police brutality is able to team up with the other black man they wrongfully arrested who's a college professor to have all the cops arrested and sue the pants off the department.

Harold falls unconscious and dreams of his love interest licking his cheek. Instead of an animal, he awakens to find Kumar licking him because Kumar "thought doing some gay shit might wake him up. Harold talking the girl he has a crush on into hanging out in his apartment.

harold and kumar meet freak show cast

And then back to reality The Princeton pot dealer receives one from Kumar after first overcharging him for weed and then trying to hone in on his hot British twin action. They will stop at nothing to get those burgers.

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Harold's dream after being knocked unconscious by the tree branch. How were Katie Holmes' tits? You know the Holocaust? Picture the opposite of that! Do You Want to Copulate? Freakshow innocuously offers his wife to Harold and Kumar.

When they subsequently meet her she casually asks them both to fuck her at the same time, prompting a Spit Take from Harold. Parodied with the "Marijuana Kills" commercial in the beginning of the movie.

Earn Your Happy Ending: Harold and Kumar are extremely happy to have White Castle burgers after all the crap both of them. Harold gets a better ending than Kumar, as he gets to win over Maria and he gets back at J. Harold easily lets J. Also, because Harold lost all of Billy's paperwork, Billy might get punished or fired by Berenson for failing to meet deadlines. Even the Guys Want Him: At least two guys show some attraction to Kumar; an old man in the hospital tries to hold his hand, and one of the medics is obviously infatuated.

Two hot college girls with English accents? Fantasy completely ruined when the boys overhear them playing a game of "Battleshits". The three-way the guys are going to have with Freakshow's hot wife? Fantasy completely ruined when Freakshow offers to join them - and starts undressing. Food and Animal Attraction: The cheetah finds Harold's beef jerky. The White Castle commercial that sends Harold and Kumar on their quest.

It even includes sleazy-sounding porn music. There's also the Burger Shack drive-thru guy's description of White Castle burgers. Bernadette, show this young man to the door! And please bring some fresh diarrhe —dry towels! Berenson, who is Harold's boss. Despite not appearing on-screen, he has at least some importance to the plot since Harold had to threaten getting J. Lucky for them, Harold chooses not to.

Immediately after Kumar insists Harold doesn't need to go to the hospital, we cut to him sitting in a hospital waiting room. Also, after Harold insists he won't stop by Cindy Kim's party, we immediately cut to him sitting in her party.

harold and kumar meet freak show cast

Word of God says it's their favorite cut throughout the film. Good News, Bad News: Harold is knocked unconscious while riding the cheetah through the woods, and when he wakes up, Kumar tells him there's some bad news and worse news.

The worse news is that the cheetah took them in the wrong direction of White Castle, whereas the bad news was Harold's laptop had been destroyed. Harold is more upset about his laptop and asks why that wasn't the worse news. Kumar tries to explain that the laptop situation only affected him whereas being taken the wrong way affected them both equally.

Gosh Dang It to Heck! Kumar swears throughout most of the movie, but when he realizes the cops are after them, he says "Aw, fudge The raccoon dangles in mid-air for a bit when Harold flings it out the car window. Tarik, the guy Harold and Kumar meet in jail. The straight-laced Asian nerds like Cindy Kim throw such a wild party Harold and Kumar almost wish they'd stayed. The ultra macho Extreme Sports Punks are apparently fond of cheesy pop ballads. Harold and Kumar's car breaks down in the middle of the woods and they are picked up by a creepy, hideous, decrepit truck driver called Freakshow.

The scenes play out like a slasher film with Harold and Kumar expecting Freakshow to murder them at any point. It turns out he's actually a well-meaning if loony guy with a surprisingly attractive wife. It gets even weirder when his wife invites them to have a threeway with her, but when Freakshow insists on joining, Harold and Kumar hightail it out of there.

His Name Really Is "Barkeep": Rosenberg and Goldstein comment on how Harold and Kumar seem to be gaythen Rosenberg lends Goldstein their shofar bong, asking "You wanna suck on this? Played for laughs in one scene, as Kumar tries to take Harold out of Cindy Kim's party, he takes a random Asian student aside, saying "This is Harold's understudy, you can do whatever you want with him.

While a medical student rather than a doctor, Kumar in the first film plays this straight, like pretty much every medically-trained fugitive in fiction.

Freakshow from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

I've Come Too Far: When Harold gets in a police chase after stealing the skateboarders' car. I'm not going back to jail, man.

We've come too far. Just as our heroes start their journey, Kumar forgets his cell phone, but decides they've already gone too far to go back. They aren't even on the elevator yet. I Resemble That Remark! As the British twins ask to join Kumar in getting high, the dealer tries to join in, but Kumar puts him down, saying "like they want to go listen to a bunch of Phish records while you read your lame-ass poetry. The racists cops and the Extreme Sports Punks.

Also, Harold's co-workers J. The Extreme Sports Punks. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Kumar is selfish, lazy, and irresponsible, but he truly cares about Harold. Also Neil Patrick Harris. John Barleycorn and Friends: When Kumar is trying to liberate Harold from jail he is distracted by a giant bag of weed at the police station. After all they've been through, Kumar asks Harold if he'd just like to eat there instead of White Castle.

Instead, Harold is emboldened by their pleasure, and vows that they will get to White Castle one way or another. Left the Background Music On: The creepy organ music being played as Harold and Kumar enter Freakshow's home is actually being played by Freakshow's wife. After Harold and Kumar flee from Freakshow's home.

Kumar is responsible for just about everything that goes wrong over the course of the night, other than the scene where Harold slams on the gas pedal because he's scared of talking to Maria. This whole night, this whole freaking night is your fault! Neil Patrick Harris, oh so much.

harold and kumar meet freak show cast

Played for laughs with Tauriq. What happens when Harold and Kumar actually made it to White Castle and feasted on those tiny, delicious burgers. And only in the Northeastern and Midwestern US, at that. This left viewers in the South and the West Coast confused, as they didn't know what White Castle was.

Actually, White Castle has a line of frozen foods featuring their signature sliders available in grocers and vending machines since Many people probably didn't know it was an actual restaurant at the time. Harold's life would be a lot more hassle-free if Kumar wasn't always looking for weed.

Neil Patrick Harris believes he's on one. Harold and Kumar aren't convinced.

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Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: The guys are convinced he's a Serial Killerbut he's actually just a good-hearted weirdo. Kumar persuades Harold to take the hang-glider to White Castle by assuring him he used to hang-glide with his dad. When they finally do, Kumar admits he's never actually hang-glided, which prompts Harold to strangle him after crash-landing.