Grumpy cat and lil bub finally meet up

Catsparella: I Met Lil Bub!

grumpy cat and lil bub finally meet up

Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub are two of the most beloved cats on the internet at Cat has been around for a while, Lil Bub is quickly climbing up the ranks. cats finally met face to face last year at the Internet Cat Festival that was. This is the one we've all been waiting for, friends. Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, two of the biggest celebrities in the feline world, have finally met. was Lil Bub's survival strategy because she's not able to survive in the wild. Bridavsky's veterinarian summed up her prospects in the starkest terms, . first puss-to-puss meeting between Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, who was just he says, “and then there was just a collective 'aww' when they finally met.”.

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People like them because they comfort them, make cute noises, and do funny stuff. So when people are feeling depressed, they can click on cat videos and immediately feel better. I believe that YouTube flourished because TV was getting more and more scripted.

But I also think that they like the way the cats make them feel. This film is really a post-Warhol film examination of fame. She really does have an effect on you when you meet her. So what was his original reaction to your request to make this feature documentary that focused a lot on Lil Bub?

I think that helped it out a lot. He was very involved in making the film and had definite ideas about what should be included. I was surprised about how much of his life was on camera, and how Lil' Bub is really his savior. The film is as much the story of Mike Bridavsky as it is of Lil' Bub.

He has two jobs at the moment, one is managing his cat and one is running this recording studio.

grumpy cat and lil bub finally meet up

I think the cat might take up more time than running the studio. Did you realize at the beginning of this project how much money there was to be made with these cats? We started to realize the money-making potential when we started talking to these people. I think the Nyan Cat is the most lucrative. Nyan Cat definitely tapped into something.

‘Lil Bub & Friendz’ directors Juliette Eisner and Andy Capper On the Internet Cat Phenomenon

Were you guys cat lovers before you entered into the world of Lil' Bub? Well, one of the most real moments in the film is your meeting Lil' Bub for the first time.

And there were many, many cute cats. I really enjoyed Pudgea cat that I had never heard of but that turned out to be one of my favorite cats in the film. Pudge is a reluctant star. Before I saw your film, I was not aware of cat-prejudice.

grumpy cat and lil bub finally meet up

Pudge is a pure-bred. The juxtaposition of the two cats is interesting. I hope you enjoy it along with the photos and videos. Do you feel like a celebrity?

Getting used to talking in front of large groups of people was the biggest challenge for me but it was good for me. Lil BUB and her famous tongue of course! How did you come to get Bub? One, that She was found in a barn and secondly that multiple people had her and passed her along until she finally somehow ended up with you.

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Which is the accurate version? If so, do any of them now regret their decision to give her up given her current fame? Yes, the two people who had her before me were and still are friends. And the lady that had her right before me is the sister of one of my closest friends.

They made the decision not to keep her, and felt it was the responsible choice. How many cats do you have in addition to BUB? Who is she closest to? With her osteopetrosis a rare bone disease and Dwarfism, is Lil BUB expected to live a normal lifespan? We thought that time had come before using the Assisi Loop. Why did you take her in even if you thought at the time she may only live a few months? She very obviously needed taking care of, and I was thrilled to do it, even if only for a few months.

grumpy cat and lil bub finally meet up

I had just moved into a new apartment, with no other cats in it my cats live at the recording studioso it was an ideal environment for a helpless half-pound kitten with no teeth. The Assisi Loop has saved her life.

grumpy cat and lil bub finally meet up

Does BUB ever get annoyed, upset? She licked him non-stop making cute grunting throughout.

grumpy cat and lil bub finally meet up

Does BUB have cat friends or ferneries? For the record this was a friend-requested question! After a short chuckle, Mike responds without thinking twice. What is it that attracts you to felines?