Goku and chichi meet fanfiction fifty

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goku and chichi meet fanfiction fifty

Alright, yes last chapter Goku and ChiChi erm "had their first "It's nice to meet you." It reminded her of a fight her and John had last night. He had called ChiChi at least fifty times already and she never answered. When Goku and Goten almost fully destroy the kitchen, Chichi decides 62 - Favs: 50 - Follows: 33 - Updated: Dec 29, - Published: Jun 13, An unexpected kiss on the cheek from Goku was her greeting from him to her. A/U. ChiChi looked over to Goku their eyes now met and for the second time her . 50 - Follows: 58 - Published: Jul 9, - [Chi-Chi, Goku] Mai, M. Trunks.

I can't wait to get married, can you Goku?! He nodded, oblivious to what he was agreeing to, "Okay, see you then Chi-Chi! Goku blinked twice, trying to figure out what she blew to him, since he saw nothing floating towards him. I can't wait to try wedding! Bulma, on the other hand, was sitting on an exercise bike, her chin resting in her hands. She felt like she'd been watching him for over an hour, even when it hasn't been even close to that long. She sighed, "Yamcha, can't we go do something fun?

I gotta throw in a little more practice for the tournament. And besides, don't you enjoy watching me work out? Yamcha watched her go before picking up the weights again, "She'll be back. She had her arms crossed over her chest, not caring if she ran into people that were in her way, "Oooo, that Yamcha! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with him! He never wants to do anything I wanna do!

I thought we were gonna make-out, not work-out! Once she was almost to her destination, she began calming down, putting her arms back down to her sides. She looked around for Goku, hoping she would run into him. I promised Goku I would look around with him, but instead I went with Yamcha. I guess I won't be adding that incident to my book of why I'm the worlds smartest girl. She lightly smacked her upper thighs with fists to relax, "Man, I have no clue where that kid is!

He could be anywhere around here and it keeps getting harder and harder to see through this crowd! Bulma looked taken aback, "Goku!

goku and chichi meet fanfiction fifty

Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you! Bulma stared at him, registering that what he just said was that he was following her the whole time…and she never thought to look behind her. She narrowed her eyes and hovered over him, "Why didn't you tell me you were following me!! I looked all over this stupid stadium for you! She quickly stood up, blushing from the embarrassment, "Goku, would you be careful! I could have fallen on my face and I could have lost my perfect complexion because of you!

You need to report to the main room behind the arena to compete in a pre-round so we can illuminate all two hundred competitors down to the best fifteen! Be there in the next twenty minutes! Goku laughed good-heartily at her, before grabbing her hand and bringing her back to reality. Cheer me on in the illumination round! He smirked back at her, "Let's just say they changed the rules. The place didn't seem to change from the previous five years ago. There were still five small arenas set up on different ends of the room and a big ball machine for contestants to pick out a numbered ball.

Hung high on one wall was a board that displayed who would be up against who. Goku looked around at all the people that were there, "Wow…I wonder who I'll have to fight," he wondered. I'm sure whoever it is, you'll beat them anyway," Bulma said, putting her hands on her hips and looking around also. He grinned at her, "You think so? Bulma and Goku both looked over to see Yamcha, trying to squeeze his way through the crowd before he finally got to them. I'm not gonna cheer for you, I'm cheering for Goku!

B-But Bulma, you know he's gonna win anyway! What if I have to fight against him?! Then you won't even have to worry about me cheering you on for the rest of the tournament! You're supposed to cheer for your boyfriend! Bulma made an exasperated sound, "Well I have news for you! You're not my boyfriend anymore! I'm through with you!

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As all of this was going on, the only thing Goku could do was look from one to the other as they took turns yelling. Over the years, he learned to keep his opinion to himself in a situation like this and mind his own business…even though he was always standing there and it was hard not to hear. Goku didn't even pay attention to the scowl on Yamcha's face. He didn't know how angry it made Yamcha to see his girlfriend just abandon him and go off with his best friend. Goku rolled his eyes, 'Gees, I get dragged into these things and I don't even deserve to know what's going on!

Bulma gave him a weird look, "Goku, are you crazy or something? I would get killed in this tournament! Bulma was about to say something but stopped and looked up at him, "You would do that…for me? Goku didn't notice though, as he saw that it was his turn to pick a ball. He dug his arm deep in the hole, hoping to get a good number. He took his arm back out after grasping a ball and showing it to the person writing who picked which number on a piece of paper.

I honestly can't live without the computer and whoever takes it away from me is getting personal! Weeks had passed since the "sex" incident, and nothing had happened to ChiChi.

She was exactly the same. No morning sickness, no aches or pains, no moody behavior; these were good signs of a non-pregnancy. It was a Monday morning, and the teacher had introduced a new student. She's from the United States! She had fiery green eyes, and wore a mini skirt with a very tight tank top. She's already moving in on your boyfriend. I'm the new captain of the cheerleading squad. These are my friends Bulma and Vegeta, and this is my beautiful girlfriend, ChiChi. She didn't like ChiChi at all.

Goku kissed back with passion, and put his arms around her neck. I'll just have to get rid of that bitch first. Catch that damn ball! Goku, switch positions with Vegeta! We have a game next week! ChiChi and Bulma sat on the bleachers, watching Vegeta and Goku run around the football field. I mean, just get a look of her! She was wearing her cheerleading uniform, and was staring at Goku dreamily.

ChiChi shook her head. He's with me, and I'm sure she's a very sweet girl. Can't you tell she wants in on him? Vegeta is ten times hotter than Goku! Plus, he's much better in bed! Just then, Goku and Vegeta came in for a water break. Great job on the field.

You did a great job cheering. Well, it was all for you. I'll show you what I mean later. I hope we can be great friends. See you around Goku. Goku couldn't wait to be friends with her. Goku walked up to ChiChi and Bulma. ChiChi and Bulma laughed hysterically. Goku kissed her passionately. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, and they both moved their mouths in rhythm. ChiChi loved his spontaneity. Ashlee glared at them devilishly. He's mine and No one's going to stop me from getting him.

Now that we're friends, I erm… lost my wallet and I'm really thirsty. Do you think you can get me a drink? You better stay away from him. If you go near him again, I'll be sure to fuck you up.

I'm a much better match for Goku. I'm a size D, and you stuff your bra. I have an ass, you have nothing. I'm perfect, and you're a worthless whore. It reminded her of a fight her and John had last night. Please John, don't hurt me! You're stuck up, worthless, and you're an ugly piece of shit! An ugly piece of shit!

goku and chichi meet fanfiction fifty

You get the picture? B-but let me tell you something. If you think I'm going to stay away from Goku, you've got to be a real dumb ass. I love him so much, and there's no way he'd fall for a girl like you! She ran away from Ashlee, tears in her eyes. Did everyone think she was worthless? Goku came back with two drinks. Well, here's a drink for you and here's one for ChiChi. She was looking at Ashlee with tears in her eyes.

All of a sudden, Ashlee crushed her lips on Goku and wrapped her arms around him. ChiChi couldn't believe her eyes. Her boyfriend was kissing Ashlee! How could he do this to her? Tears poured from her eyes. Goku shoved Ashlee away. G-goku you're breaking my heart!