Ginger and mary ann meet duke

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ginger and mary ann meet duke

Dawn Wells (Mary Ann, Gilligan's Island) Look at her tiny waist! . Bo Duke, Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke and Tom Wopat as Luke Duke (pictured, L to R: John. Thurston, where did we meet the Duke of Williams? MR HOWELL Ginger and Mary Ann wear bathing suits, sit on the sand, and admire Duke. DUKE. Vintage beef - bodybuilder Denny Miller as Duke the surfer, from Season 1 Episode 21 of Gilligan's Island.

ginger and mary ann meet duke

As a compromise she decided to try a little reverse psychology to coax Mary Ann along. After all he did seek me out first. You were just an afterthought. Mary Ann was beside herself. First the rejection by Gilligan and now this fight with Ginger had stirred up a cauldron of emotions inside her and none of them were good. She looked off again through the break in the trees. There was no evidence of Gilligan out looking for her in and around the huts, but there was that barbell still pulsating above the clearing.

First in view, then out of view…in view…out of view…in…out…in…"Oh to heck with it," cried Mary Ann to no one, but her towel. Gilligan walked through the jungle his head throbbing.

ginger and mary ann meet duke

One would think it the result of slamming into that palm tree in his haste to begin searching for the girls, but that was not the case. This time Gilligan's head didn't hurt outside but inside and the source of that pain was Mary Ann. Gently rubbing his temples Gilligan pondered all that transpired in the last several days. On Wednesday he and Mary Ann were simple friends and all was right in the world.

Then Thursday morning Duke arrived and suddenly Mary Ann ignored him like Brussels sprouts at a barbecue. By Friday afternoon Duke had scared the girls off and that evening the pair was play-acting romantic scenes in the clearing. And now Skipper tells him that Mary Ann is ready to drop the act and get on with the real thing…well, that was just too much for his already confused cranium to process.

40 People Answer The Most Important Question In The World: Ginger Or Mary Ann?

Howell had once declared Gilligan was "not the brightest bulb in the chandelier", but even the Professor's brain, he thought, would have trouble sorting out the myriad machinations of these three tumultuous days. In the end it was Duke who had set off this chain reaction and whether he stayed or left Gilligan saw no good way out of the mess. Or in other words there was no chance of going back to that blissfully, non-descript Wednesday.

If Duke stayed it would be because the girls had forgiven him and Gilligan knew there was no way he could compete against that. Two days of exercising had nearly killed him, anymore and the only thing he'd accomplish was to be the healthiest corpse in the cemetery.

Conversely if Duke left they could all be rescued within a week. Gilligan was still in the midst of trying to work out the significance of birds, bees, cathouses and who knows what other member of the Animal Kingdom Skipper might throw at him so he wasn't even sure how to pursue Mary Ann if he wanted to. Not to mention he had often witnessed among family and schoolmates that relationships were where friendships went to die. He couldn't bear for things to get "weird" between him and Mary Ann.

ginger and mary ann meet duke

Yet at the same time if he didn't give her more she'd be off to Horner's Corners and in the arms of Horace Higginbotham or some other cornpone Casanova in no time. If only, he considered, there was something in between friends and lovers.

He began muttering to himself, "…friends plus…no…friends and more…nah…friends with advantages…friends with bene-…aw, forget it.

Just another one of my dumb ideas that'll never happen.

Gilligan's Island - s1e21 - Big Man on a Little Stick

And Gilligan was just the guy to do it. Back on the far side of the lagoon the athletic Ms. Summers easily caught up to the Hollywood Hottie just as she was reaching the path that led back to the clearing. After meeting Duke the girls made a pact that they wouldn't compete over him, but upon seeing the Herculean heartthrob strut around the beach and flex his rippling muscles they subtly began matching each other flirt for flirt and flatter for flatter unwilling to give the other a shapely leg up in the quest for his attention.

Now, however, all pretense had been dropped and the battle was on in full.

ginger and mary ann meet duke

Mary Ann was cute, no doubt, but now she was in the big leagues where her perkiness and aw shucks demeanor could take her only so far. Ginger, meanwhile, knew she was the total man-eating package- killer looks, classiness and so much sex appeal it appeared to ooze from every pore.

The pair icily made their way down the path until they could see the barbell again over the tree line and even hear the guttural exertions of Duke as he pushed his bronzed body to its limit.

Ginger felt goose bumps rise on her arms and then the feel of two hands on top of that as Mary Ann grabbed her from behind and spun her around. They've gotten their hopes up that we'll be saved. Unlike the sultry sexpot Mary Ann's compassion was more powerful than her cravings.

Faced with the good girl in Mary Ann Ginger tried to be more diplomatic.

No sooner had I left our hut then Skipper came up from the direction of the Professor's and told me the rescue was off. This made me mad because I was off to tell the girls and the Howells about Duke and it woulda made them get over my destroying that weather balloon a coupla weeks ago. I told Skipper how Duke talked all about his muscles and said once he built them back up he could do anything.

But Skipper said muscles or no muscles Duke had to stay. I thought sometimes life is just one crushing defeat after another until you just wished the Professor was dumb! It's funny Mary Ann's always telling me and Ginger's always telling Professor we don't talk to them enough or share our feelings. Now I had a great story and all kinds of feelings about it to tell yet I barely got out the words "surfer" and "muscles" before the girls took off for my hut to meet him.

Sometimes I just don't get it with girls maybe all the times. Skipper keeps telling me I should ask Mary Ann on a date. I like her awright, but I'm going to wait till I have girls completely figured out before I start dating. I don't think that should take too long.

At the Howell's it was the same.

ginger and mary ann meet duke

They thought they met Duke in England or France or one of those continents. Then they threw me out and told me to invite him to their hut for cocktails. I'm not too bright but even I can see that's not going to go well. Skipper told me to hide Duke's surfboard in the supply hut so he won't try to surf away on it.

After that I've got chores to finish. Then maybe I'll go hang out with Duke. It might be nice having a boyfriend…I mean a friend boy…. I mean a boy that's a friend on the island.