Franklin the turtle and his friends want to meet

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franklin the turtle and his friends want to meet

You're already good at being Franklin. [last lines]. ["Franklin and His Night Friend" ]. Franklin Turtle: I want you to come and meet some of my friends. Bat: Okay. The new series, Franklin and Friends, has already been sold to seven "When they meet a bully, they know about it; when they see selflessness or I just really liked the idea of a turtle afraid of his own shell. As the characters moved to television, however, they became softer and more cartoon-like. Now. This is a list of characters that appear in the animated television show Franklin. Main characters[edit]. Franklin Turtle - A green turtle who is the show's lead character. He's also a big brother (a desire he had expressed multiple times in the past) Snail considers Franklin to be his best friend, even though Franklin generally.

Hockey and soccer are favoured as sports to play. Once, when Franklin and Bear went to sign up for football, spaces had run out, so they were signed up for basketball instead. Owing to the show's Canadian roots, ice hockey has an important place in the Franklin world. It is featured in several stories, including one in which Skunk is taught by Franklin and Bear how to play. Franklin also gets to meet a couple of his professional hockey heroes in the fifth and sixth seasons of the programme.

In addition to sports, the characters enjoy a number of games and activities. Franklin becomes his school's chess champion. Harriet and Beatrice enjoy playing tag and hide-and-seek. And Franklin and his friends enjoy playing knights. Development[ edit ] The development design of Franklin the Turtle for the animated TV series character, was the achievement of Canadian Animation artist and Illustrator Kurt Lehner, which he worked on during his time at Nelvana Studios in These designs were studies taken directly from the Franklin the Turtle book series itself.

Though Lehner did not continue to work with the "series" design team which was hired after the development process, at that time he was given the privilege of also designing Beaver, Rabbit and Skunk as well. Franklin and many of his friends had new voice actors in these new adventures, including award-winning American actor Grant Eubanks.

Many of the show's strongest writers and staff-members remained on board, however. These new stories saw Franklin facing a flood, worries about the old treehouse, and earning a badge in a group called the Woodland Trailblazers. For the sixth season Funbag and other animation studios joined in the development of Franklin. The most recent movie in the series is Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure. Format[ edit ] Franklin is traditionally animated with some computer aid, especially in the later seasons.

Franklin almost always aired with two minute stories, except on Canada's CBCwhich splits the stories apart and shows one at a time. The Franklin DVD and video releases include individual stories grouped together as part of a theme, rather than complete episodes.

Unlike many animated children's programs, Franklin has no interstitial segments or end-tags featuring the characters. The scenes shown in the cartoon opening introduction were changed after the show's first season. Many of these scenes featured Otter, a character who left the series early in the first season and was only seen once more in later seasons. Differences in the colouring of the cartoon can be spotted from season-to-season.

The more recent feature films, most noticeably Back to School with Franklin have a somewhat different look from the television series. The film Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure had considerably higher production values, with more colour differentiation between the various turtles, higher quality animation, an overall brighter look, and beautifully painted backgrounds. It also aired on Nickelodeon as part of the Nick Jr. It even aired on Noggin now Nick Jr. Reception[ edit ] The show was well received by critics and parents.

Joly Herman of Common Sense Media stated in a review, "Franklin is a show that takes for granted respect for elders and vice versa. There's no whining, fighting, yelling, provocation, or aggravation. Franklin ultimately sets a good example of responsible TV programming, and it is a rare show that celebrates the innocence of childhood.

Additionally, the series features a new regular character, Franklin's paternal aunt named Aunt T. Franklin page set for February 13, It also premiered in the Singapore on Mediacorp on February 15, Franklin went to the end of the pond with the candle. Granny then went to take them back to the house and as soon as they did, the lights came on at the house. Turtle," Mo smiled down to him. Mo giggled as she seemed baby crazy right now since her experience with the Turtles.

Turtle came into the spare room to put their little bundle of joy down. Mo smiled as she hugged with slight sniffling. Turtle smiled before they saw their son come over with Granny. Turtle smiled to her son. Franklin soon came over to see his baby sister. The baby turtle smiled to her big brother and she appeared to have a purple bow on her head. The baby turtle cooed and giggled to the mobile above her head. Since then, he's been training to crawl faster. Even though some snails are hermaphrodites in nature, Snail is a portrayed as a male character, he is voiced by a female, Kristen Bone.

Rabbit - The best long jumper in the class, Rabbit is a jolly, somewhat goofy eastern cottontailindividual. He is best friends with Fox and the two are usually seen together. He can sometimes be a prankster. He has an older sister and a little brother.

Fox - Sly and wily, and a red foxFox's daring nature sometimes causes him to get into trouble. In "Franklin is Lost," he led Franklin into playing a game of hide-and-seek with him in the woods and the two both became lost. He is best friends with Rabbit and is usually seen with him. In referencing to teenagers, Fox would be considered a Ladies Man. Fox has a crush on Badger and is often teased about it in some episodes. Fox seems to get along well with most of the boys.

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The only girl he is usually seen talking to a lot is Beaver. He is one of the people in Woodland whose parents might be married twin siblings. Badger - An American badger who is shy and afraid of public speaking. Badger is a friend of Beaver and Skunk, and uses crutches to get around. Despite this, she is apparently still capable of climbing; she can be seen in the treefort in the episode "Franklin's Picnic".

It's Hasn't been officially said on the show, but according to the official Nelvana character description of her, Badger has cerebral palsy. Fox has a crush on her but it is unknown if she approves.

Though afraid of public speaking, Badger is incredibly sweet, intelligent, helpful, kind and loves to help out. She has a baby sister. Elizabeth Turtle is Franklin's and Harriet's mother. She has no known occupation. Her occupation is possibly a housewife. Elizabeth Brown who she is based on has voiced Mrs.

She grew up at a farm faraway from Woodland. In the UK she was voiced by Joanna Ruiz. Johnathan Turtle works at a paper mill. He is Franklin and Harriet's father and Mrs. Turtle both first met each other when they were kids, and the Turtle family car was their wedding gift. He is known to fix things around the house. Franklin's father provides advice to Franklin and his sister Harriet. He and Franklin occasionally play sports, go on outings, and play golf, which Mr.

Turtle is fairly good at, although Franklin finds the sport rather challenging. Richard Newman provides the voice for Mr. In a flashback episode, Noah Reid the original voice of Franklin also performed young Mr.

She is featured in nearly every episode of Franklin and Friends. And Also In Revival Series Owl - The great horned owl village teacher. Owl is patient and resolves conflicts peacefully in the classroom. Owl allows ample time for creativity with different projects.

Owl is usually only seen teaching Franklin and his friends. However, he did show he has a playful sense of humor when he made them think he was a ghost at a Halloween party.

franklin the turtle and his friends want to meet

He is one of the people in Woodland to never have married twin sibling relatives, for his sister's husband is his brother-in-law and not his sister's twin brother.

He is voiced by James Rankin. Harriet Turtle is Franklin's younger sister, who is introduced in the fifth season in "Franklin and the Green Knight. She really looks up to Franklin and often doesn't understand when Franklin gets annoyed at some of the things she does.

Still, she and Franklin generally get along most of the time. Franklin loves his little sister and spends time playing with her and teaching her. Her best friend is Beatrice, who recently started attending elementary school, so now she also spends time with Beaver's new little brother Kit. Harriet is voiced by Bryn McAuley and can be heard speaking on the show in the fifth season and all subsequent specials.

Granny Turtle - Granny is Franklin's grandmother on his father's side. Her first name is unknown.

franklin the turtle and his friends want to meet

She is a piano virtuoso and has given piano lessons to Beaver and Franklin. She loves Franklin and spends a lot of time with him, but also has other interests. In Franklin and the turtle lake treasure she wore glasses, it's revealed her parents both died from a fire, and she is going to turn Then She wants to play pool. Before she trick baby brother Micah.

Then she always be kind of. Bison - A brown American Bison. She first appeared in seasons. Voice actor is Andrea Libman Raccoon - Raccoon is sometimes a member of Franklin's class, but his appearances are rather infrequent.

He is not part of Franklin's normal group of friends, but the two still sometimes play together. He has a little brother who has never been shown on the program. He is voiced by Jamie Haydon-Devlin.

Skunk - A very friendly and non-threatening striped skunkSkunk is frequently seen with Badger, Beaver, or Goose. Skunk once broke her arm riding a bicycle, and Franklin learned from her what it was really like to wear a cast.

At one point, Franklin and his friends thought that Skunk was moving away. It turned out, though, that she was just moving a block from her old home, which was alright. Skunk cannot swim and was upset when everyone learned about this. Since Skunk is not part of Franklin's main group of friends, she's seen less often than some of the other young characters. She has a little sister who has only been seen once on the show.

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She is voiced by Annick Obonsawin appears in season Bear - Doctor of the village and also Bear and Beatrice's mother. She's very kind and even makes the occasional house call when needed. Usually wears a white doctor's coat when she's 'on duty'. She is voiced by Mari Trainor, who also provides the voices of Coach Porcupine and the one-shot guest character Mrs. Beatrice "Bea" Bear is Bear's little sister and was introduced late in the first season. Beatrice has been portrayed by Kristen Bone and Susan Roman.

Kit - Beaver's younger brother was introduced in the most recent special. He tends to be rather shy and clingy, but seems to have come out of his shell a bit after meeting Harriet. Although he hasn't been seen together with Beaver, he seems to look up to her, as her going to back to school after summer vacation put him somewhat out of sorts. Kit is voiced by Amanda Soha. Hawk - A brown Hawk that is an expert of flying in the sky.

He appears in many books. In tv series voice by Carl Larckman actor Goose - The best diver among Franklin's friends, Goose a Canada goose is shy, and outgoing but easily startled.

Franklin learns a bit more about Goose and her family when he attends her family's migration party. She is scared of cellars just like Franklin. Goose tends to like jewelry and has been seen wearing or holding diamonds or gold in several episodes.

Goose has a little brother who wears glassesa character that has only appeared once in the series to date. She also has a 2 baby brothers and 2 baby sisters.

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In "Franklin's Halloween" she said "My sister says saw a real ghost in there last year" so in all goose is 1 of 6 geese. She is one of the people of Woodland to have married twin sibling relatives as her aunt and uncle on her Mother's side which are her mother's older brother and sister who are both twins are married twin siblings and have a daughter named Giselle.

Olivia Garratt was the voice of Goose for the first five seasons. Mole - Rotund and spectacled, Mr. Mole possesses a cheerful optimistic nature. He owns a hardware shop which catches fire in one episode, and also tends to his garden. He has a grandson, Mole, who has only been seen once or twice. Mole is a long-time friend of Mr. He is an important member of the community, helping out in a number of civic functions.

He is voiced by William Colgate.

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In a flashback episode, Young Mr. Mole was voiced by Jared Wall. Muskrat - Franklin's elderly muskrat babysitter. Somewhat like Mary Poppinsshe has a bag with all sorts of entertaining things. Having been babysat by Granny in the past, Franklin was shy of her at first, but quickly warmed up to her. She has a beautiful backyard decorated with things she made from broken glass, as Franklin found out when he paid a visit to her home in the fifth season. Muskrat also sometimes drops in on the hockey games of Franklin and his friends to provide hot chocolate and watch.

Muskrat is voiced by Marcia Bennett. Minor characters[ edit ] Jack the Rabbit - A cousin of Rabbit's, in his teenage years; making him "the big kid" to Franklin and his friends. He enjoys skateboarding, though is rarely seen in the show. He is also sometimes simply called "Jack," for a nickname. Jack is like an adult to Franklin and his friends.

He is voiced by Tyrone Savage. Otter - A dark brown northern river otter who was once Franklin's best friend.